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mrsjoon wrote in fatshionista
Hi fats -

Much apologies for a topic that I am sure has already been covered. I can't find any info in the tags about Evans. If you know where past posts are - please lead me there.

I live in the US and I recently saw my fellows fatshionista's post about Beth Ditto. Well the article featured her love of Evans apparently and so now I am intrigued. I normally don't tempt myself with overseas ordering because the shipping costs are killer. After perusing the website there are a LOT of items I love.

My questions are: Is it worth it? What are the quality equivalents in the States? What is the sizing like? As I understand - I am a size bigger in UK sizing right? Do you have favorite items from Evans?

Any info is so appreciated! And again - I'm sorry if all this has been covered. Kindly point me in the right direction and I won't need any responses. :)

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I think Evans stuff is overpriced and weirdly sized!

The waist to hip ratio on their jeans/trousers is such that I can only imagine that they are designed for people with no defined waist (and skinny legs), since anything that I can manage to get over my hips, is about 6 inches too big on the waist band! In Lane Bryant right fit jeans, for example, I take a Blue 6, which fits me perfectly, yet in Evans I'm lucky if I can get a size 30 pair of jeans over my thighs, and even then I would have to take the waist in a lot!

I couldn't buy a button up shirt there, because they're cut fairly straight up and down again, so the size that fits my hips, swims every where else! And yet bizarrely, I've also tried shirts on which fit my hips perfectly, yet won't button shut over my chest!

Edited at 2009-06-16 08:41 pm (UTC)

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