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mrsjoon wrote in fatshionista
Hi fats -

Much apologies for a topic that I am sure has already been covered. I can't find any info in the tags about Evans. If you know where past posts are - please lead me there.

I live in the US and I recently saw my fellows fatshionista's post about Beth Ditto. Well the article featured her love of Evans apparently and so now I am intrigued. I normally don't tempt myself with overseas ordering because the shipping costs are killer. After perusing the website there are a LOT of items I love.

My questions are: Is it worth it? What are the quality equivalents in the States? What is the sizing like? As I understand - I am a size bigger in UK sizing right? Do you have favorite items from Evans?

Any info is so appreciated! And again - I'm sorry if all this has been covered. Kindly point me in the right direction and I won't need any responses. :)

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Yeah, uh, I have no idea what's up with "impeccable quality!" because I bought a pair of trousers there a month ago, and the seam in the crotch just came apart of its own accord. And I've worn them like 5 times. For that quality, their prices are ridiculous.

Did you contact them for an exchange or refund?

It literally happened this morning, so no, I haven't.

You should, they are good at exchanges, I've found.

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