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mrsjoon wrote in fatshionista
Hi fats -

Much apologies for a topic that I am sure has already been covered. I can't find any info in the tags about Evans. If you know where past posts are - please lead me there.

I live in the US and I recently saw my fellows fatshionista's post about Beth Ditto. Well the article featured her love of Evans apparently and so now I am intrigued. I normally don't tempt myself with overseas ordering because the shipping costs are killer. After perusing the website there are a LOT of items I love.

My questions are: Is it worth it? What are the quality equivalents in the States? What is the sizing like? As I understand - I am a size bigger in UK sizing right? Do you have favorite items from Evans?

Any info is so appreciated! And again - I'm sorry if all this has been covered. Kindly point me in the right direction and I won't need any responses. :)

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This is really strange because I don't know a single person, myself included, who likes Evans. The quality of their clothes is mediocre at best and their sizing is wonky. I've never liked the style of their clothes and I think they're prices are too high.

Anytime I've been tempted inside one of the shops I leave frustrated and unhappy.

Oh no - that is too bad. I appreciate your input though.

I use it for basics, generally, but at this stage Evans and New Look are my only clothing options in the UK. I don't get much choice in the matter. I'll like one fancy piece out of a hundred.

Basics are ok with me. I just need some variety in my life. Do you have a US store equivalent that you know of so I can compare the quality?

Honestly I've never ordered anything directly from a US store, I wish I could help :(

(Deleted comment)
yeah same here. they sometimes have some okish stuff, but my local shop never has anything nice like i sometimes see on the website.

And why is it that they think that all larger women want to have cute cartoon characters or glittery pictures on their tops??? Ive never, ever understood that!

I agree! I have a pair of jeans from there that I adore, but for the most part, I feel like a lot of their stuff just isn't worth the price. It's a little like Lane Bryant for me in the US too...sometimes you get something fantastic, but you have to sort through all the crap to get there. I'm just not a fan.

Yeah, uh, I have no idea what's up with "impeccable quality!" because I bought a pair of trousers there a month ago, and the seam in the crotch just came apart of its own accord. And I've worn them like 5 times. For that quality, their prices are ridiculous.

Did you contact them for an exchange or refund?

I find some things I love and some things I hate. At the moment, their stuff is almost all kind of horrifying to me. And I've never tried on an Evans skirt that wasn't a seriously weird shape.

I do, however, have a couple of seriously nice dresses from previous years.

That's odd, you're the first person I've ever heard say that about Evans.

Just my personal experience with Evans. *shrug*

I'm with you on this, I always have a look round the shop when I pass it, but I havent found anything I would even consider wearing for years.
Its all cut to fit an apple shape and the lengths vary with no warning! One tshirt I tried on was hovering around my belly button, and another in the same size AND STYLE just a different colour was halfway down my thighs. What gives?
And as for quality, its appalling for what they charge.
A few years back I got a nice evening dress from them. It didnt even last as far as the pub before the (knee length, so it wasnt even me catching on it) hem came down. Later in the evening one of the spaghetti straps decided to fall off too.
The shoes fall apart after a couple wearings too.
I just dont get it when people say this shop is brilliant! Its the worst I've ever seen, on every count.

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