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mrsjoon wrote in fatshionista
Hi fats -

Much apologies for a topic that I am sure has already been covered. I can't find any info in the tags about Evans. If you know where past posts are - please lead me there.

I live in the US and I recently saw my fellows fatshionista's post about Beth Ditto. Well the article featured her love of Evans apparently and so now I am intrigued. I normally don't tempt myself with overseas ordering because the shipping costs are killer. After perusing the website there are a LOT of items I love.

My questions are: Is it worth it? What are the quality equivalents in the States? What is the sizing like? As I understand - I am a size bigger in UK sizing right? Do you have favorite items from Evans?

Any info is so appreciated! And again - I'm sorry if all this has been covered. Kindly point me in the right direction and I won't need any responses. :)

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I'm sympathetic since I want the spectator flats SO BADLY! However, after my first (and last) $$$$ overseas shoe ordering (and returning) experience (Duo), I do not think I'm going to risk ordering them.

I know weren't those shoes AMAZING? Most of the other items featured in the Beth Ditto article weren't really my style but there's something about that hoodie dress, the black dress and those incredible flats. They are calling out me!

The clothes that I bought from Evans are of impeccable quality. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They fit wonderfully and are made of good material. Honestly, I think it's worth it.

Great - thank you so much. How did you find the sizing?

I love Evans! Every time I'm in the UK I stock up on clothes there. I think their fabric quality is amazing in most things.. and their designs are so so cute. I really wish they would open up a store in NY!
Their stuff fits me amazingly , better than any of the US plus size stores -- because I am apparently the perfect shape for their clothes.
They say if you are a US 18 you are a UK 22 (size up 2 sizes) but I basically have found that not to be true for me. Their jeans are cut differently from a torrid or LB and I find I actually take the same size or 1 size up.

I would use their detailed size guide http://www.evans.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StaticPageDisplay?storeId=12553&catalogId=20554&identifier=ev1%20size%20guide
and measure yourself!!!!

Thanks for the input. I will check out their size chart and be very careful to order the right size. I do not want to have to return things!

When you say your body type is the perfect shape for their clothes - may I ask what your body type is? I'm bigger than you (a size 24/26), but I'd love to know what kind of body you feel like is suited towards you.

This is really strange because I don't know a single person, myself included, who likes Evans. The quality of their clothes is mediocre at best and their sizing is wonky. I've never liked the style of their clothes and I think they're prices are too high.

Anytime I've been tempted inside one of the shops I leave frustrated and unhappy.

Oh no - that is too bad. I appreciate your input though.

(Deleted comment)
I live in the UK and *adore* Evans clothes. I find they cut generously, so be aware of this, but the cut is impeccable and they use wonderful fabrics!
US shipping is reasonable, I think, at only £7.50....which is what? $10?
I promise you, if you try them, you'll love them!

Oh that's great! Thanks so much for the info. Yes, around $10 for shipping - which I suppose is not so bad (Duo's shipping is terribly expensive, but super fast). I'm really excited to try something new. I'm so tired of the same old Lane Bryant and Old Navy fabrics and styles. Every once in awhile I find something different at a place like Bloomingdale's or Macy's - but I need more variety! I literally have a closet full of the exact same jeans from Lane Bryant and I'm just bored of them.

I'm a pretty solid 26 right now with big boobs, a very big belly and no ass - what size do you think I should try at Evans?

In my experience, I'd say the clothes are about the same quality as Lane Bryant, that is to say, a bit over priced for what you get. I do have a really cute shrug from them, but I'd say the majority of the clothes from Evans are also about the same stylish wise as Lane Bryant, which is to say, not so much. When I was in the brick and mortar stores in London in January, I didn't even find anything I wanted to try on.

That said, I really liked their shoes. I had a great pair of wide calf boots from them once, that I eventually had to give up because they really were a bit too big in the foot. I'd buy more shoes from them, but there doesn't seem to be a perfect consistency to their sizes. In some styles I took a seven and some I took an eight.

I've never placed an order on their website. Most of my Evans purchases have been in store, by a friday sales post or eBay. I'm not sure I'd think it worthwhile to order from the website, but you can sometimes get a great deal on eBay.

I bought the absolutely most amazing winter jacket from them a few years ago. But beyond that I haven't had a lot of luck, either ordering online or visiting their stores when in the UK. But my sister bought a ton of stuff from them when we were in Ireland last fall, so I guess it all depends on personal taste.

I will say of the orders I placed online (probably around 6 total) I never received half of them. Chicago mail is the worst in the country and I've heard that Royal Mail to the states can be pretty bad (there isn't any tracking, I believe) but it was totally ridiculous. After 2 orders were supposedly lost in the mail, I placed an order and after a few days they cancelled it on me. I asked why and they said they didn't ship to the states, even though they had a few weeks earlier and it still said they did on their website. I don't want to be paranoid but it really seemed like they refused to either ship to me specifically or Chicago generally because of all the problems. I totally understand as they were probably losing a lot of money if this stuff was actually being lost in the mail but they obviously lied to me. Between that and the hassle of only receiving my stuff half the time, I haven't even tried to order form them since. When I did receive my things, shipping time was quick, about 5-7 business days, so pay attention and if you don't receive it in 2-3 weeks definitely contact them.

You can actually track UK > US mail with special delivery, but it is quite expensive, which is why we always ask for a Proof Of Postage certificate, sonwe can claim back the cost of the parcel should anything go wrong. Anyone not obtaining this is just asking for trouble!

I think Evans stuff is overpriced and weirdly sized!

The waist to hip ratio on their jeans/trousers is such that I can only imagine that they are designed for people with no defined waist (and skinny legs), since anything that I can manage to get over my hips, is about 6 inches too big on the waist band! In Lane Bryant right fit jeans, for example, I take a Blue 6, which fits me perfectly, yet in Evans I'm lucky if I can get a size 30 pair of jeans over my thighs, and even then I would have to take the waist in a lot!

I couldn't buy a button up shirt there, because they're cut fairly straight up and down again, so the size that fits my hips, swims every where else! And yet bizarrely, I've also tried shirts on which fit my hips perfectly, yet won't button shut over my chest!

Edited at 2009-06-16 08:41 pm (UTC)

I haven't ordered any clothes from them yet, but I can tell you that the shoes are totally worth it. I have wide feet,and their shoes are great. They are trendy and made with quality materials. I haven't seen anything clothing wise to make the cost bearable yet, but I am sure that will all change when Beth Ditto's line comes out.

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