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Hair Decisions..?
i_am_me_only wrote in fatshionista

Hey all!
I've been considering cutting my hair dramatically shorter but i have no idea what to do...any ideas or picture suggestions? I don't want to keep my hair...lol

Current hair predicament:

Normally my hair is semi-wavy and it is extremely thick...

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more layers & some bangs?

you can check out curly girl if you're looking to max your curls, i <3 them. but then, i'm curl-biased :)

Concave bob, bb - it's easy to look after and hella cute.

Here are some short-to-long styles - and of course, you can do a side fringe (which is my bob fringe of choice). And even with a wave, they still look great.

(I love bobs, can you tell?)

If a concave bob is the same as an inverted bob, ITA! You can keep some hair long around the front to frame your face, and then the sides are short and the back even shorter. This helps you get more volume at the crown, which I think would be a good look on you.

I recommend against bangs - aside from the side-swept version that it looks like you already have.

FWIW, I like your hair very much as-is, but I do think it would be even better if you could get more volume at the crown.

Speaking as a curly-haired person, I think a concave/inverted bob would be the absolute kiss of death for the OP's style. She'd have to straighten it every day to make it look right, and there's a good chance the stylist would cut the back too short. It also seems like it would run an extreme risk of causing triangle hair.

Maybe youre right. I have wavy hair and have worn this style with success in the past, but my hair is not as curly as the OP's. When I had my inverted bobs, I did use a blowdryer to quickly straighten the front, but the sides and back looked great without any fuss. I really liked the way that hairstyle only required intervention in areas that I could easily see and reach.

I've got a little more curl than the OP, and I adore my inverted bob (no picture just yet; still at work). I wear it curly because I can't be bothered to do anything more than occasionally blow-drying it with the diffuser.

I did have to walk the stylist through it -- she seemed utterly convinced that I wanted it shorter around the face for some reason -- so I had to be very clear and firm with her before she finally twigged on to what it was I wanted.

I think this is just one of those things where YMMV, but I wouldn't rule it out!

I am not sure how to include these in my comment (anyone? Can you just add html to comments?) but here is a pic of the short hairstyle I got about a year ago. I think we have similar face shapes, although my hair may be curlier than yours (but when it's short, it looks more wavy than curly). I loved this cut!



(Deleted comment)
Thanks! I wasn't sure if you could add html to comments or not and since there's no preview button I didn't want to just try it.

Here are the photos:

There is actually a preview button, it's just hiding *g* If you hit "More Options" it'll take you to a screen that has a preview button on it :)

Also, your pictures seem to have run away.

That is so strange. I can't see them either, and I didn't move them! Picasa fail.

They are here, anyway: http://picasaweb.google.com/thewsg/UntitledAlbum

(Deleted comment)
that's so funny i was just about to post the exact same picture! i looove that cut. it's adorable and fun.

i really like your hair, you are cute. :)

my hair is thick and wavey... here is the cut i have. i think yours might look cute like this.


i've been modeling my haircuts off of katie homes' bob.

Thank you everyone who posted!! I will be posting pics of the new haircut soon!...It's really short, but I like it! Thanks again!

i would start here short hairstyles and continue on. I found my new hairstyle there, it's the 2nd one on the right side but a little shorter. My friends love it and I will be posting it soon.

I have similar hair texture to you (judging by the picture!), so I would recommend against anything much shorter. In my experience, shorter, curlier hair puffs out badly, but that might be my hair type.

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