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I really want to cut my hair short.
miss_pinstripe wrote in fatshionista
As in, really short. Not even necessarily a bob--just really quite short, at least so that it doesn't cover the back of my neck. Doing my hair in the morning is really, really irritating. I live in Houston, so it's always hot and humid. My hair dislikes humidity, so in order to keep it from frizzing (which gets annoying during my classes), I have to straighten it. That takes time in the morning that could be spent doing much more productive things. Like drinking coffee. ;)

I asked two of my friends. One was adamant that I should not chop off my hair. "Not everyone can pull off short hair. It doesn't look good on everyone, and it won't look good on you." Another was fairly neutral. Basically, he said, "Eh, chop it off, I guess. At least you'll finally know what it looks like, and I won't have to hear you complain about it anymore. Plus, if it's a disaster, at least you'll be able to grow it into something suitable before you start working at the high schools next semester."

I mean something sort-of, kind-of, vaguely like this. The length, anyway.

I've been whining about cutting my hair short for a few months now, and then I saw this woman's epic pictures in the Fatshionista Flickr pool and thought, "That really does looks good! Maybe I CAN pull it off!" Except for the mini 'hawk. That I'm not so sure of. Haha.

But, anyway, my avatar is me recently (the length is accurate), and here's a picture that shows my hair color a bit better (it's from awhile back, so it's shorter). My hair is this shade, since I dye it from my natural blonde.

So, yes? No? Something else? I'd really like some opinions if I chop off a significant amount of my hair. :)

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I think the short "messy" do would look really good on you! I LOOOOVED my hair short, as there really is a lot you can do with short hair. I had mine about the girl in the picture's length and spiked it out, or wore it just messy and loose, or slicked it down.

Also, if you ever miss having long hair, the good thing about short hair, is if you want to wear a wig, you just throw it on!! :)

I think your friend who said to go for it because you'll stop wondering and you can always grow it had the right attitude.

However, short hair is NOT less work than long. If anything, it's more, because you have to do it every single morning (no ponytails). Also, you won't have the option of pulling it back when it is frizzy.

It isn't necessarily putting work into doing my hair that bothers me. It's that spending 30 minutes to straighten my hair properly in the morning does next to nothing other than de-frizz it. There's next to no change otherwise, so I feel like it's wasted time. It looks no different after than it did before. It just keeps my hair the same when I go outside.

Plus, using heat on my hair everyday ends up frying it eventually. Not a terribly good long-term solution, really.

Man, that has not been my experience at all. When I had my hair supershort I washed it, ran my fingers through it, it was dry in thirty seconds, and I was done. Now that I'm growing it, the longer it gets the more work it is. And it takes what seems like forever to dry now.

I agree about the attitude, though!

I am pretty sure the fatshionista doing your modeling (user lives in the Houston area as well. You might want to ask her directly how the short hair reacts to humidity. Also, you could conceivably go to the same hairdresser!

My personal experience, as someone with wavy and very thick hair, is that short hair can get really poofy in humidity and requires magical potions on the daily (pomade and the like). You hair looks to be finer than mine, though, so YMMV.

i want to do the exact same thing!! and everyone keeps telling me "no, don't do it!" but i am sick to death of having long hair. i want it almost exactly like the first picture, too :)

My stylist is adamant that short hair can look good on everyone, but most women have memories of a terrible short cut and keep their length long out of feaaar.

So, my advice? Do it. But be sure you have a stylist whom you can trust to not give you a terrible cut. I actually think the cut you posted would look really cute on you. Anything messy and pixie-ish. I especially like this, this, and this. Something cut short, and messy-brushed towards the front. And be sure to get your stylist to recommend appropriate product, because if you have wavy/poofy hair, those cuts aren't likely to look great freshly showered.

Ooh. I particularly like the first and third pictures. I might actually go with that!

Many thanks. :)

I cut all my hair off when I was fifteen and basically regret it even now as it refused to grow out for years! I have the same problem with my hair being really frizzy, but I've found some amazing products that sort it out, even in summer! Using a deep de-frizz conditioner every couple of days, and running Frizz Ease through it every morning with some leave-in conditioner really works. I keep a little bottle in my bag for top-ups during the day if needed. Also, for the super-humid days I've found that gels and products designed for Afro-Caribbean hair are amazing for controlling frizz breakouts.

I think that a short cut would really open up your face and accent your gorgeous lips and cheekbones! Keeping your hair so blocky around your face is really hiding your features. If you don't want to go short, you might want to try layers that will remove some of the weight from the bottom of your hair and blow dry your hair around a round brush. This might help with the frizziness that you mentioned.

I'd second the caveat that short hair is more work than long. Unless your hair is cut as closely to the scalp as possible, in a very short pixie cut (and I spent several years with this kind of haircut, only to come to the eventual conclusion that I didn't like that look for me), short hair takes some styling to make it work, to get it to have some texture, cute angles, bits that stick out/fringe out, etc. The super short pixie cut, on the other hand, was incredibly easy to style. All I had to do was put in a little gel, run my fingers through my hair and I was done. But, as mentioned parenthetically above, I eventually concluded that I didn't like that look on me.

That said, short hair can be a lot of fun. I've always found that the first few months after I cut my hair short, I seem to have a newfound confidence and flirtiness. My recommendation would be to have a consultation with a trusted stylist and maybe try going a little bit short at first, and then if you like it, go shorter the next time you visit your stylist.

I say go for it. I have wavy/curly hair and live in a place with decent humidity (though it's got nothin' on Texas), and the day I decided to go with an A-line bob was the best day ever. It doesn't touch my neck, my hair is super cute and flippy naturally, and the best part is that if your cut is a total disaster, hair grows back. I love the photo of the short cut you found, and think you should go with it 'cause I think it'll look nice with your cheekbones. Also, when/if you get your hair cut, ask the stylist about a really easy product to use. They might recommend a pomade or something that'll make it look tousled but styled. Good luck!

I have wavy/curly/frizzy (oh god the frizz!) hair that I keep cropped pretty short. The one problem I've found is that I either have to keep it long enough (chin length or so) that the weight will help with the frizz, or short enough so that there's nowhere for the frizz to go. In-between I get a huge ridiculous pouf of mess.

My face is shaped a lot like yours, and I'm ALL about the short hair. The short, messy pixie 'do is awesome. I've got 5yo twin boys right now, so I don't even have the 5-8 minutes making that cut look great requires, but as soon as they start school? I'm seriously thinking about going back to it.

I used to wear mine with a bit of bang in front, and then I took it really short through the crown to get lots of height. It worked great.

(So um, yes - count me among the votes for: Go For It! grin.)

I think that a short cut would look great on you, but I agree with the above posters - sometimes short hair is more work than long. I had long hair for years and years and I finally started wearing a bob of sorts a few months back. It's the best thing I've done style wise but it's a lot more upkeep for me than my long hair ever was. Sometimes I let it do what it wants though and that's okay too.

Anyway, while your hair seems like it's naturally straight you must remember that the weight of your hair is pulling it down, making it fall flatter than it might when it's short. You may end up having to use the straightener even with short hair to style it exactly how you want it.

I've had short hair for a long, long time. Like, since I was 3. I find it hard to believe that it would be more work than long hair. Yeah, I wash it every morning, which takes about 2 minutes. Towel it off, rub in some gel, and I'm done.

I say do it and that style is super cute.

one of the reasons your hair might be so fizzy is because you use so much heat on it. if your hair has natural curl to it, why fight it? i know once i did, i finally loved my hair, and haven't looked back.

that said- if you want to go short, do it! it's hair, it grows back. but as other commenters have said, short hair cuts like that take a ton of upkeep and require a great stylist, especially if you have textured hair. i could never figure out why when i wore mine short it would never behave properly without heat treatments, something i absolutely can't do because it makes my already constant migraine worse, until i moved to minneapolis and had a stylist point out that my hair is actually curly, and i needed to go with that. so keep that in mind when choosing a stylist and a cut, and choosing a product to work with. i love the deva chan line for cutting frizz, and they even have one for short styles and heat treated hair.

I just got my hair cut into an angled bob from fairly long. Best thing I ever did! I get compliments all the time on it, and it almost always looks "fixed" as opposed to longer hair which it took a LONG time to get so it looked styled. And yep - hair grows!

I think it would look great on you. My face is crazy-round, and I recently went from shoulder-length to about the same length in that pic, and it looks and feels wonderful. I live in a hot, humid climate, too, and I am infinitely more comfortable. All I really have to do to get ready is run my fingers through my hair and MAYBE put a barrette in if I'm feeling lazy, but it looks even better if I devote 5 minutes to some styling wax. I ran into a couple friends at the mall today that hadn't seen me in over a year, and neither one of them (the guy OR the girl!) would shut up about the vast improvement. Haha

I agree with eliagem, that anyone who's not attached to long hair should try it short, and this means YOU! :D I think I'm too attached to mine.

Consider going shorter incrementally? I might start with an inverted bob (or even a pob) and then go more pixie-ish from there - depending on how I liked it. The bob/pob might still require some straightening, but ONLY on the sides/front - the back will be short enough to take care of itself.

I LOVE having short hair. I agree with what everyone's said about it requiring more work than long hair, but yeah, it's nothing like 30 minutes ironing it every day - you just need to have product and know how to use it. I also agree with what everyone's said about having a good hairdresser - someone who knows how to cut makes all the difference. I say go for it!

I think you would look nice with short hair. My friend has short hair that gets frizzy in humidity. She uses a straightening iron and apparently it doesn't take her long at all in the morning because of her hair length. I'm not good for suggestions in that area - I have thick hair which is naturally straight when it is short and wavy when long.

I recently had my hair cut VERY short. I used to have short hair years ago, but for some reason I was apprehensive this time. Stubbornly, it took me about a year to go through with it. I just didn't think I could pull it off. I wish I would have done it a LONG time ago. I pretty much get it cut every 4-6 weeks - so that stinks financially.

Go for it!

i'm in the 'do it to see what it's like and if you don't like it grow it back' camp, and that's after having some bad short haircuts :)

just be sure to remind yr stylist that you don't have naturally straight hair, as that can make a difference.

do it! do it! do it! i cut my hair off last year and haven't looked back since. you would look AMAZING with that haircut you posted! you wouldn't believe how much more it'll show off your face... and yes, even though you have to do your hair every day, you're going to find that it's way less of a hassle than straightening long hair... admittedly, there are some mornings (like today haha) where i just wake up with bedhead, throw some pomade junk in it... and good to go! make sure to post pics if/when you do it :D

Have you tried a CHI straightener? They are expensive, but it is the only thing that de-frizzes my hair and keeps it from puffing. It takes me about 15 minutes to straighten it from actually curly, and 30+ from the wavy mess that it becomes when I air dry.

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