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Colored jeans?
too tired
iamfancypants wrote in fatshionista
Hello! I've been lurking around and posting comments here and there, but I figured I'd introduce myself. My name is Danielle, I'm nineteen years old, and I just finished my freshman year at Mass. Art yesterday. Finals are done, finally. Booyah. I'm around 5'7, 215lbs, and I'm usually a size 16 on the bottom (sometimes 18) and an xl or 1x on top. I also have a question:

Does anyone know somewhere where I can get some colorful jeans other than Torrid? I know delias has a ton, and I'd be able to juuuust skirt by on their 19, but I wasn't sure how low their low-rise is. Has anyone had any exeriences with delias jeans?

Just trying to get a look at my options. I don't have many jeans right now and I'm trying to expand, and I am all about color right now. I'm excited to come home from college and vacation the hell out of New Hampshire, and some colorful jeans would do the trick. Right now I'm in the process of packing all my things till I go home friday, so I'm just kind of bumming it in plain old t-shirts, but once I get laundry I'd like to post some OOTDs.

Thanks so much!

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I have a pair of Purple/Eggplant Delia's Morgans. They're size 19 while I normally range from 16-20.

Even though they're supposed to be skinnys they aren't at all :/ But otherwise they fit wonderfully!

what kind of fit do they have? are they just straight legs or kinda slouchy? Those jeans are a little bit more money than I'd want to spend (I'm extra cheap. ha) but there are some good colors I've had my eye on that I might shell out. :/

Kinda slouchy, since you're my height (I'm 5'8") If I get time I'll take a pic tomorrow :o

And I got mine for $20 on clearance :D

For a while, Wet Seal had Zana-Di brand colored 'skinny' (more like straight leg to me) jeans in red, purple, black, and another color I think. I don't see 'em on the website anymore though.. Maybe try ebay?

ah! found 'em at Deb. thank you!

I personally don't have any experience with Newport News, but I really like their styles. Some items come in women's sizes, and some straight sizes go up to 20. It's hit or miss, I've gathered. But these jeans come in like 20 colors/washes.

Skinny jeans
Bootcut jeans
Classic fit
All come in plus sizes

However, Low rise flare jeans only come up to a straight size 16. =( (If these fit me I would totally buy all of them)

Depending on where you are in NH there's a bunch of outlet stores you can check too! (I know Laconia has a Lane Bryant outlet, google and I bet you'll find more stores that do as well.)


Measure yourself carefully. I have to order a size down from what my measurements suggest in their skinny jeans to get a skinny-ish effect. The legs have a nice, narrow fit, but the ankles aren't *quite* skinny enough. It may be better in smaller sizes, though. (I'm a size 22, 23-25 @ alloy.)

I'd go so far as to suggest that you buy in two sizes at once and see what works. Their sizing in unpredictable, but I like the clothes and the prices are really decent.

blah most of their color jeans don't seem to go up high enough in size. oh well! thank you though!

Target's got a rack of colorful skinny jeans, but they do it by odd numbers. The highest size I saw on the rack was a 17. That might be good if you're between sizes.

I can't speak to the quality or customer service as I've never ordered from them before, but Woman Within has a line of jeans by Mainstreet Blues that comes in a ton of colors, and lots of different fits, as well.

I was in Rainbow yesterday and they had colored skinny jeans.

delia's morgan skinnies are not skinny by any stretch of the imagination

I don't know if they have them near you but Delias and Deb both have neon jeans

I was just looking at Kiyonna's website and saw what I think are very cute colorful jeans. http://www.kiyonna.com/plus-size-clothing/Premium_Denim They are more expensive than others, I'm sure, but I have always been VERY happy with Kiyonna's quality.

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