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DEAR TORRID: A love/hate letter.
theoryofgravity wrote in fatshionista
Hi folks! Recently your mods received a missive from Torrid's newish representation on LJ, torrid_inc, asking about promotional opportunities in fatshionista. That's not going to happen, not least because we're trying to be stricter than ever with any kind of promo posting (and any flexibility on the subject historically has only been extended to support small, fat-owned and/or fat-friendly businesses). BUT, it did occur to me that this is a great opportunity to make our multitude of voices and opinions heard to a major US plus-size manufacturer, and to do so in a space and environment controlled by us, and not by some third party organizing a focus group.

So this here is an open letter to Torrid. If you've got a Torrid-related opinion, be it props or grievance, please share it in comments below. This will likely be a crazy jumble of contradictory statements from lots of people, and that's okay. Companies still listen, and as frustrated as we often are by limited or undesireable plus-size "options", this is a chance to speak up. We know Torrid's listening, so let's tell them something.

My contribution is dress-related, unsurprisingly:

Dear Torrid,

I hate your tube dresses and halters and your prints occasionally make me retch. Please bring back appropriately-sized Stop Staring! dresses, or another variety of retro-styled, well-made, predictably-fitting dresses.

Also, please learn from past mistakes and don't ever pull this shit again.



Your turn.

ETA: To clarify the series of events here - Torrid emails the mods asking to do promotions in fatshionista. The mods say NO. I, individual mod, think that it might be interesting and useful for everyone involved to make a post inviting members to share their feelings about Torrid, since we now know Torrid is taking notice of goings-on in fatshionista. This big SHARING CIRCLE may even have measureable benefits for us as consumers if Torrid sees fit to take our suggestions to heart. Everybody wins.

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I don't know why special needs is demeaning.
Differently abled?

I tread lightly because I will not impose onto others what they themselves would like to be "known as". (for lack of a better term)

We do use "special needs" in our family.
Because, my son(s) have special needs! Go figure.

I truly did not mean to get into an argument with you.
Accessibility IS very important to me.
As I can see it is for you.

Yeah I think we're both incredibly passionate about the same thing. I don't want to argue either! :( I hate the term "special needs" though my master's is considered "special ed" - terms that indicate (to me) that reasonable accommodations, accessibility and inclusion-formats are special which could then be argued as unreasonable or burdensome. Rather all of this is quite reasonable, often beneficial to able-bodied folk as well, and more about differentiation than anything else. I've been fighting a losing battle on language with special ed teachers who also call their students "my little guys/girls" - again incredibly inappropriate. As if children with disabilities were precious snowflakes and not simply children with disabilities living life as barrier-free as possible.

I also gag at "inspirational" stories of any flavor; I think specializing, inspirational-storifing, etc. turns people with disabilities into simple mirrors to reflect able-bodied culture and all that able-bodied people can do (see, if crip can, then surely I can too!) rather than inverting the idea that persons with disabilities are incapable of anything.

But I'm also a fiercely independant blind cripple....so take all my language stuff with a grain of salt.

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