fatalie (definatalie) wrote in fatshionista,

Shape discrimination ad controversy in Australia

Over the sea in Australia, fat acceptance hasn't really hit it's strides yet. But lately I've found myself talking about it more and more with people, so something is definitely happening. To my surprise tonight on The Gruen Transfer, a tv show on the ABC (our national broadcaster), an ad created for "The Pitch" was blocked from airing. The Pitch is a segment that sends briefs on a topic to two rival advertising agencies and asks for a solution.

The topic tonight was about ending "shape discrimination" and the ad in question that was banned from airing basically compared a fat joke to a gay joke and two racial jokes, with the [intended] takeaway message that fat discrimination is exactly the same as discrimination based on race or sexuality and that all discrimination is ugly and harmful.

You can view the ad by The Foundry on a special site created by The Gruen Transfer's production company, Zapruder, along with a 15 minute panel discussion of the ad only available online - http://www.antiprejudicead.net/landing.asp

The other ad approaches the issue from humour (using the headless fatty footage) and plays it very safe - you can see it on the ABC website here- http://www.abc.net.au/tv/gruentransfer/thepitch.htm

The most interesting part of this is that people will be talking about fat discrimination tomorrow. I honestly never thought it'd happen in Australia this year.
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