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Seven outfits, plus a swim suit!
self; summertime
kattarino wrote in fatshionista
Hi to everyone. I've been saving up a couple OOTDs to share with you. My name's Kate, I'm from metro Detroit. I'm turning twenty-one later this month, I'm 5'2 and 210ish which makes for interesting proportions. I usually wear somewhere between XL - 1X in tops and 18 in pants.

Warning! There are a lot of photos below and a potentially NSFW photo of me in a bathing suit, if that's considered risky.

So this is a very typical bum day outfit for me.

Necklace: Found it in my grandma's drawer
Striped shirt: Gap
Oversized cardigan: Gap
Jeans: Old Navy
Moccasins: DSW
Watch: Target
Leather bracelet: Gift from Montreal

Close-up of me and that excellent necklace.

Detailed shot of bosom area.

I'm still trying to be okay with this jacket.

Jacket: Torrid
Tank: Old Navy
White shirt: Target
Jeans: Old Navy

Close-up on the earrings. I bought them at this cute little shop in Cadillac, Michigan which is now closed.

The problem with my house is every full-length mirror has poor lighting. So most days I have to resort to standing on the edge of my bathtub to look into the mirror. Unfortunately, the shower head never matches. :(

Oatmeal long shirt: Old Navy
Striped shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Old Navy

Another close-up. I'm wearing another grandma hand-me-down classic - the gold ring on my left hand.

(It's dark & blurry! Sorry!) I finally can wear these boots, after struggling to find something neutral enough to wear with them. They are a bit crazy. But every time I go out in public with them, I always get compliments. They're good conversation pieces.

Sweater: Kohl's
White shirt: Target
White tank: Old Navy
Skinny jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Piperlime

Close-up on tops:

Sweater: Kohl's
White shirt: Target
Tank: Old Navy
Watch: Target

Close-up on the motherfuckin' BOOTS!

MFin' Boots: Piperlime

Bought this excellent sweater at Kohl's. Makes me feel like a school teacher, but in a good way.

Sweater: Kohl's
Gray dress: Gap
White skirt: TJ Maxx (actually was a sundress which had a wonky boob area, so I made it into a skirt)
Gray leggings: Target
Plaid shoes: TJ Maxx

I just got back from studying abroad in central France. They don't wear color there, at least not during the winter season. I didn't know that fact before going, so not only did I stand out for being a fat American, but I wore too much color. This'll show 'em.

Cardigan: Target
Dress: thrifted from Salvation Army
Leather belt: Target
Jeans: Target
Moccasins (not featured): DSW

Close up of belt and sweater-ness.

Belt: Target
Red ruffle sweater: Target
Floral dress: Thrifted

This one I posted on the Fatshionista Flickr group, but I'll repost here for those who didn't see.

Pink linen blouse - Kohl's (?)
Black skirt - TJ Maxx
Black & gray striped tights - Target
Black pumps - TJ Maxx

Bought it at Kohl's today, am pretty much in love.

That was epically long, but I hope you enjoyed. I adore what you all post.

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I adore that swimming costume. I would wear it ALL THE TIME!

I have to agree... the swimsuit is so adorable!

I love all the cardis as well.

metro detroit, represent! :)

your comment about french clothing preferences made me laugh. your motherfuckin boots are pretty motherfuckin awesome! i like your style :)

Ahhh, I was wondering where all the Detroiters were on this group. :)

OMG booooooooooooooooooots! I need them! =D What size ankle are they?

Ankle size: 12"
Calf size: 15"

They're by a company called Sugar (, but they're definitely not on the website anymore. I bought them off of Piperlime, but you might have some luck finding them on eBay or elsewhere?

I like your style! My favorite outfit is the colorful, thrifted dress and red ruffle sweater.

Also, that bathing suit is trés cute on you!

we're around the same size, and age AND both French/English double majors (I was creeping on your userinfo...), AND AND I love all your outfits. major props.

Your bathing suit is to die for! <3

I love your second outfit! It's so cute.
I agree with everyone else, the bathing suit is adorable!! ♥

I really LOVE the red ruffle sweater!

I totally love that Torrid jacket!

This! I love that outfit, the proportions really seem to work well for you.

Also, I like your glasses.

Super cute. I really like the first button down Gap tank. It's really cute.

You are adorable

you really showed the French!

Thrifted dress with ruffled sweater love! And the bathing suit looks like it belongs to a chorus girl in a 40s Holloywood musical - gorgeous!

You are a total cutie patootie. I LOVE YOUR HAIR.

That said - I'm not feelin' the boots with those jeans.

Yeah, I'm trying super hard to find something to match those boots with. I guess I'll keep looking for something better! Thanks, though!

We're size twins, or very nearly. I'm 5'0 and like 215.

I LOVE your style as well. Especially the first two outfits and the "Take that, France" outfit.

I love the grey Torrid jacket and think it looks fab on you. As does that burgundy cardi from Target. I wish they still had that in stock. I'd be all over it. I'm loving the secretary chic of the skirt & blouse outfit, too, and the bathing suit is fabulous on you.

I love the jacket in the second outfit (the one you're trying to be ok with). It's adorable! I like all your outfits and I love your hair!

Those boots are amazzzing. I'm pretty much going to come steal all your clothes.

i LOVE the outfit with the thrifted dress (it's fantastic!) and that swimsuit is super cute.

Nice to see someone else from Michigan :) I'm on the east side of the state in Kalamazoo (near Grand Rapids).

My fav outfit is actually the jacket that you are trying to like. I think the proportions work for you. Not crazy about the striped shirt .... The boots are way cool but I would wear them with tights and a longer solid color skirt or dress.
The swimsuit is cute but I think you could definately work something a little younger and sexier... has some great plus size swimsuits and cover ups and they always have something on sale.

I totally love the jacket in pic #4, it's the perfect proportion and the color is divine. Love it.

I'm especially loving the first outfit! I'm pretty much obsessed with oversize cardigans, and I love the stripy GAP shirt!

I love your style, and the relatively consistent color families... I look at these pictures and just know that there is tons of mix-and-match in your closet. There's a pinch of the darling in all these, too... You are half Gap model and half Peanuts kid, in all the best ways.

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