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Forever 21 goes plus size!
bloomie79 wrote in fatshionista
Yes, you heard me. Forever 21 is launching a plus size line called Faith 21 which will be sold in a few shops in May and online. Can I say how much I LOVE the fact that they will be selling plus in their stores rather than creating a separate plus size store. Although it'd be nice if they just expanded the range of sizes of what they currently have rather than create a whole new line.


There is also another article on plus size fashion (or rather the lack of it) as part of the whole series and it is one of the best articles I've read on plus size fashion in a long time http://www.latimes.com/features/lifestyle/la-ig-size1-2009mar01,0,2345629.story.

You automatically popped into my head when I read the article since I love your outfits and so much of it comes from F21.

While it's nice that they're doing anything at all, by the looks of the article, they're only carrying up to a 2x. Don't their clothes run small to begin with? :\

(Deleted comment)
I thought the article on the size 14/average woman was interesting. Size 14 is a size that I occasionally question as plus-sized (though I wear it), but when put into the perspective of how much money goes towards plus-size fashions and the dearth thereof... it makes more sense.

Plus size 14 is about 2" all around bigger than misses 14 and it's shaped differently. The terminology is screwy, but there's no overlap between the same-numberedn sizes, generally.

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I am guessing juniors plus, but I'm not sure.

Yay!! I was just walking past there yesterday and wishing with all my heart they'd have plus sizes because I love their "straight" size clothing.

Well, I'm glad for you upper-end inbetweenies, but nothing's changed for my size-26 ass, alas.


I'm about to get a loan to buy an overlocker and some effing lycra and just DIY. Anyway, it's no big deal, because it's not like we have access to f21 in Australia.

Well, I'm stoked. Especially considering that while some of their stuff is crazy small for what the tag says, other things are apparently made of MAGIC FABRIC that works and stretches and defies that L on the tag. I have some high expectations, here.

for those of you that dont think a 2x will fit, you might be surprised. if if, at a size 20, can fit a lot of their size "large" things, i imagine someone at a size 24 or 26 could fit some of their stretchier size 2x things.

Now I know why my post got denied! I am so pumped for this, I love that they kept the same idea on the plus sized clothes, rather than going all loose Lane Bryant on us.

This is interesting to note:

"Faith 21 will offer tops, jeans, tanks, leggings and skirts in a junior plus size as well as XL, 1X and 2X."

So let's not get all up in arms about the sizing until we actually see a size chart. It could be a standard plus size 1 and 2X.

that wording is super confusing, i agree, but it would make sense for them to do juniors since their other clothes are in misses sizes

Some of their things run large so a plus size 1 and 2x might fit. All we have to do is wait and see an actual size chart. It's still nice to know that they're creating the line with these sizes.

It's not like f21 doesn't get nearly half of my spending money as it is.


hell to the yeah! I am so excited about this. Especially as I've decided Old Navy can't have any more of my money until they stop acting like pricks. bankruptcy here I come.

fuck yeah! this is just in time for spring!