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Silver jeans
rosewater wrote in fatshionista
Has anyone worn Silver brand jeans? I'm in love with the look of these, and they're finally reduced from exorbitantly expensive to merely expensive. I'd have to order talls because the regular isn't on sale, so I'm expecting some alteration costs, but I'd like to know in advance if they run really small, big, alarmingly low-rise, etc.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks! How much do they stretch? I am usually an 18W in jeans that have just been washed, but a 16W in jeans that have stretched out for a day, so I'm wondering whether to buy my usual 18 or size up...

I haven't tried those exact jeans from Torrid, but I did try on the Silver Suki jeans at the Buckle in a 36 (which I believe is supposed to be an 18, though it fits more like a 16). They were VERY low rise. So low rise they didn't even cover my entire backside, though the legs fit just fine. I don't know if these are the same cut as the ones I tried, or if they modified it for the plus size line. I've had good luck for the most part with denim from Torrid, however, so I would give them a shot if you like them.

I love my Silver jeans. (And I agree with the statement that the 36s fit like a 16.) Mine seem to ride a little low, but I don't mind. The stretch and shape is perfect for my wide, flat-ish bootie. I think they give it a little shape. They are the most expensive pair of jeans I've bought, but worth it.

I don't know if you have one, but the Maurice's near me carries Silver jeans (which is bizarre to me, but a nice surprise). Someday I'm going to go try them on, but I haven't yet because I know if I like them I will want to buy them, and I don't have the money at the moment. If you had a store that carried them nearby, you could try them on and then order from Torrid at the sale price... if you don't, of course, that idea doesn't work.

To echo above, Silver jeans run 1-2 sizes smaller than the norm, and will fit a flatter booty a little better than a rounder badonkadonk. :) Or so was my experience when the store I worked at carried them.

I love Silver jeans, but they do run a little small. I had to go a size up(usually an 18, needed a 20.) They are very comfy, though. This is coming from someone who *hates* jeans. I'd definitely try them on first, though.

When they come out of the dryer all tightened up, I do a few stretches and squats and I'm good to go for the day. They stretch back out.

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