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Toronto - Shoe Store Review: Shoe Avenue
initial_c wrote in fatshionista
So I just came back from Shoe Avenue in Toronto (at Danforth & Main).

In total, I spent about $470 for 3 pairs of shoes (including taxes). I know. It's a lot of money. They're not designer shoes. They're not the most beautiful pairs of I've ever seen. They're just decent looking...

But, I have to admit... They're the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've ever worn. EVER. The owner of Shoes Avenue, Max, was very nice. He took measurements of my calf and foot and everything. Looking at my feet and after speaking with me, he instantly told me that I was wearing the wrong size. Apparently, I'm NOT a size 10WW as I thought. Apparently, I'm a size 9 or 9.5 but a triple E (or even a 4E for some shoes) in width (funny how this sounds like I'm shopping for a bra.) Because most shoes don't accomodate my width, I just simply bought the next bigger shoe. But even 10 wides usually don't fit me because I've got pretty wide feet.

He has a good collection of shoes for wide widths. I've never gone into a shoe store feeling like I had MANY choices. He even had boots that could fit my fat 22" calfs. He gave me a custom-made boot from Quebec that was a size 10-4E shoe! I was impressed. It was actually TOO big for my calfs. I thought Max was a really great salesperson. He showed me options. He gave me a deal. He never made me feel pressured to buy or not buy. He was attentive. And best yet, he knew he knew his products. I'd definitely recommend his shop to anyone needing to buy wide width shoes. Especially if they're in the area as it's always good to try on shoes instead of ordering online or in a catalogue. Sometimes, it's nice to try it on yknow. And yes, the shoes are expensive. For example, that size 10/4E boot costed over $250. But this is how it came down to...

If you're like me, you probably have like 5 shoes sitting around that you bought because they were OKAY. I know I do. I bought shoes that I SETTLED for. Ones that pinched my feet and hurt. And in the end, I NEVER wore them. They just sit there collecting dust now. They were cheaper but they don't fit. And since they don't fit and hurt, they just sit there. If I had taken all that money for those 5 shoes, I could have bought one NICE shoe that fitted properly a LONG time ago. Well, I finally decided to invest on good shoes. Shoes I liked. Can walk in. And actually get some use out of. In the end, I settled for these three pairs of shoes:

Since I recently threw out a pair of oxfords due to wear-and-tear & old age, I knew I needed something like that again. Oxfords or Docs or something like that. A simple black shoe that I can wear in the winter time. When I first saw it, I thought it was an UGLY shoe to be honest. But after putting it on, it was incredibly comfortable. It was very wide enough to accomodate my feet's width. The inside is covered with sheep skin for warm. Outside is pure leather. There's a non-skid rubber sole that's actually pretty thick. So I know it'd be pretty good for those cold winter days when there's snow on the ground. Retail price was $150 but Max sold it to me for $135. It is made by Foot Thrills in a size 9.5 4E.

I also threw out my most comfortable pair of work shoes recently, a pair of Mary Janes - also due to old age. I knew I needed something around the office to wear... I really loved the fact that the left one by Ros Hommerson(left) since it's pretty trendy looking. Fake croc leather. The Trotters(right) weren't as pretty but were pretty comfortable. In the end, I decided to purchase both. Both also retailed at $150 and Max sold it to me for $135.

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I think I might check this out when I'm in town in May, Thanks

Wow, that sounds like a great experience! I really should get something like this done -- I know my feet are wider than the shoes I buy.

I actually really like the shoes on the right. They somehow have a vintage look to them, like shoes from the 30s.

I agree. I adore the shoes on the right!

oh man, those are all so cute! Especially for wearing to the office, they seem perfect. I like the last pair the best. So pretty. :D

Based on my personal taste, I think the shoes are very cute. I'm glad you found something that works for you.

I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with spending good money on a good product you know is going to last you for years. It's better money spent than cheap shoes you never wear. :D

These are lovely shoes! Having shoes that fit makes a huge difference.

I had my foot scanned on this really nifty machine last fall at an upscale shoestore in DC (Comfort One in Dupont) that sounds a lot like the one you went to. The machine not only looked at size, but also captured how my arches are shaped and how I shift my weight. I discovered that the reason I can't wear heels is that I normally put most of my weight on my heels, so having to shift it to the balls of my feet is ridiculously uncomfortable and I fall easily. Also, I discovered that I don't have wide feet, but rather I have very, very low arches and need good support for them or my feet go practically flat when I put my weight down (making them seem wider to me). I also found out that my feet were slightly wider than I'd thought (39/8-8.5 rather than 7.5). Seriously, folks, it is worth it to go get your feet measured right.

yeah I say Kudos! for taking up the opportunity. I can think of 3 pairs of shoes off the top of my head that I bought just like you said, cuz they were okay
so have fun and enjoy that you got this chance :)

hmm.. I haven't noticed a place like this in my area but since two of you had such good experiences I should start looking

Some better thasn others


Not a fan of the first pair but the second two are ok (i quite like the trotters). I have just gone for a pair of lizzy green shoes from DUO (see getting into the summer spirit i thought i would treat myself.

OMG Asian Pear, is that you??? ;)

I also had a great experience with Shoe Avenue. Max is very enthusiastic about finding you the perfect pair!

I got some really fantastic boots in 8W 18" calves, Ros Hommerson's. Even my "thinner" friends loved them and wanted some for themselves! They totally don't look like bizarro super-wide boots. They just look classy.

I will definitely go back there for my next pair of quality shoes or boots. They're not cheap, but the price is worth it if you want something well-made and stylish.

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