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Keeping bra straps in place
historychick49 wrote in fatshionista
I'm hoping y'all can help me with a problem that I have - specifically, keeping bra straps ON my shoulders. I have sloping shoulders, and while the straps on one or two of my bras stay up beautifully on their own, the rest don't. I've tried shortening and lengthening them, and no dice.

However, I don't want to use lingerie tape - that seems kind of a temporary solution to what looks to be a permanent problem. Instead, I have this image in my mind of a detachable, kind of horizontal bra strap that you can hook or attach to your bra straps in back to keep them straight. I think these exist, but I'm not sure! Do they? I have no idea what they're called, so I can't even google them. I've already looked at such sites as Victoria's Secret, Torrid, Hips and Curves, and Curvy Girl Clothing, but of course no luck.

So, my question to you is: do these things exist, and if so, where can I find them?

ETA: I know that racerback bras stay up just fine - I have one and it's very comfortable. However, the edges of the straps tend to show on several of my wider-necked tops. I also want to be able to wear the bras I already have, rather than investing in several new bras right now.

ETA 2: Evidently falling-down straps is also a hallmark of a too-big bra band. Looks like I'll have to go in somewhere for a fitting.

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you are me. not only do i have the same problem, but i've envisioned the exact same miracle product. if you find it, let me know.

See below - lspooreeyorick gave two different products that do what we need.

I saw that infomercial when I was in the States! Strap Perfect, ha. Helps your posture, too!

Sure -

And sometimes I'll just tie a piece of ribbon around the straps, if a particular bra is giving me trouble.

You are awesome, thank you!

I have the same issue, and short of wearing strapless bras or flash tape I haven't found anything that can work. So I am looking forward to people's comments on this thread!

My boyfriend made me a strap for my bra out of a soft cotton drawstring from his sweatpants. It goes in back between the two straps and holds them in place. The first model was just tied, but now I am pinning it ...the next new and improved model I am going to sew snaps onto. It's a cheap and easy way to hold those straps up and it is SO great not to have to pull them up every 5 minutes or just live with the straps on my arms and looking sloppy.

I wanted to add that the drawstring he used was flat and not rounded.

I also saw something just like this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, among all their gadgets. If you've got one close by, you should check them out.

I think there is a BB&B around here, though I'm not sure where it is - I'll have to look it up. Thanks!

Totally OT, but I love your icon. May I steal with credit?

Absolutely! I didn't make it, though - __alt_icons did.

Have you checked that the bands of these bras aren't too big? Straps that fall off the shoulders are one marker for too-big band sizes. (I'm amused that the pic on the bra supporter site shows a bra with the band too big and riding up.)

If the band size is right and the bra configuration supports it, you could just cut the straps in back at the band and reattach them further toward the center of the back/bra.

No, the bands aren't too big - some of them are stretching out, but as I normally buy bras that fit comfortably on the last/biggest set of hook closures, I just take it in a set and they fit again.

That's a good suggestion, cutting and reattaching the straps themselves. I'll have to look into that.

I think pinsandbeetles is right, though, that it's a hallmark of a too-big band size. Just because it fits you doesn't mean it's the right band size — the falling down-straps could mean you need a larger cup and a smaller band size. Might be worth it to try on some bras in one band size down, one cup size up.

I agree. I used to have the slippage problem until I went and got fitted. I don't think these bra straps could fall down if they tried and they're set pretty wide on my shoulders.

Exactly. If the band falls off the shoulders, dig in shoulders, back rides up, etc. then your bra doesn't fit, even if one thinks they do.

Here's a DIY way to make one of those insta-racer back/cleavage boosting clips:

I haven't done it yet but I plan on it.

I tried a product called Strap Perfect and it was anything but. Impossible to put on, uncomfortable and has a habit of riding up the straps in the back until it's sitting at the base of your neck - and pushing all your back fat up there with it!

I've found the bras that come with no-slip rubberized stripes on the underside of the strap stay up the best.

I bought some things called, I think, Strap Tamers from Target. They work ok, but only hold the strap in one direction. There is a product called Strap Trap from the UK which seems more like what I'd like. I also have a dress that has a little piece of ribbon with a snap on it to hold the strap in place. I intend to do that in one of my dresses.

I actually bought it. I haven't used it yet (my straps tend not to fall down) but wanted it to make a neckline (backline?) work on a dress I bought recently. It was less than $3 at Target.

I didn't even think to look in local stores! I went to Wal-Mart this morning and they had this two-pack thing - one clear strap connector, and one nude thingy to make your bra a t-strap. (It's basically a length of bra-strap-like material with a hook-and-eye closure that you loop around the bra straps and hook closed.) The two-pack was $5, so I got it and am wearing the clear strap connector now. It seems to work! My straps aren't falling down, and it's not uncomfortable - I can feel it, but it's not annoying or anything. More in a review soon. :)

I also suggest a fitting. I have sloping shoulders, too, and I could never get the stupid straps to stay where I put them... until I got a fitting, and realised that I wasn't a 40C (like the inexperienced salesgirl told me at the first fitting I went to a couple of years ago) but a 36 DD.

The straps stay put now (AND I have much better boobage). =D

Nope. I'm a 42C-ish. I went to Lane Bryant (as the only shop around selling bras in my size that I could afford) and tried on a bunch of different sizes and different styles. I could barely get a 40C or 40D to fasten, and then it dug very painfully into my skin. 44C/D was just a bit too loose, and I know they would've stretched out into way too loose. 42D fit well, depending on the style - it fit better on a balconette than a plunge, for instance. So I'm still a 42C/D.

Darn. ._. So much for that idea, then.

No, it was a good idea, and definitely works for some people. I'm just not one of them right now. Thanks, though! :)

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