g. (ginoushka) wrote in fatshionista,

Boot stretching question

Hi fatshionistas!

Forgive me if this has been covered before -- I looked at the "boot" tags and didn't find quite what I needed.

I recently acquired a truly fabulous and cheap pair of Doc Marten 14-hole boots online. My feet are quite small -- size 6.5 Women's US -- but my calves are on the larger side. The boots fit my feet great, but they just barely fit my calves, even with ample adjustment of the laces. I really love these boots and would ideally like to keep them. I'm wondering if it would work to take them to a cobbler/shoe repair shop and get the leather stretched. I've heard about people doing this with boots, but I've never actually talked to anyone who's gotten a pair of boots stretched. Would getting them stretched potentially damage the structure or aesthetic of the shoe? Or would it fix my problem?


Tags: boots
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