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American Apparel Circle Scarf
raspberry_swirl wrote in fatshionista
 Anybody out there have one of these?

They offer this guide for the smaller folk, but I don't have any ideas of how to wear it as someone who is about twice the size of the model. I might just send it back, but I figured I'd throw it out there for suggestions or recommendations first. Helpez-moi!

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I don't have one, but wow those are some cute ideas! I think you could rock any of them, maybe excepting the ones where it's an actual top/skirt/dress - depending on its size relative to you, of course. The doubled scarf with hood looks incredibly exotic to my country-American eyes.

I say go for it - try some of the ideas out and post pics!

Unfortunately, even doubled as a scarf it's too small for me, whereas I fit into it as a skirt just fine (although it's rather stupid looking.) I especially wanted the capelet and the shawl to work, but it's just not long enough.

ive been wanting one! hmm it's too small even for a doubled scarf? it looks so big! man now im scared to order one

It fits as a doubled scarf, but it just looks like it's choking me. I'm also 5'7" and have a big frame, so if you're smaller it might be fine.

Hmm....what about making one that's the right length for you? I can't imagine a few yards of jersey knit would cost that much and it looks like it would only take one quick seam to make.

Someday I will learn to sew, and I will do that ;)

I want to tell the fashion industry, "Try as hard as you want but fat people will ALWAYS exist and we will wear clothes! Muahahaha! Now make some clothes for every size so I don't have to destroy you. Much obliged."

That's what I get for trying to shop at AA; I am wearing some lovely leggings from them that magically fit me they are pretty notorious for glorifying tiny teenaged bodies.

I had never even considered this as a possible form of apparel. Now I'm wondering why the fuck I haven't stitched two ends of jersey material together before.

omg thank you i was looking for this!

I don't really have any advice, but I just have to say that I love the idea of wearing it as a scarf with a hood. It's very Little Edie.

It's very Little Edie.

Love the reference! There was this girl in my class and one day she had her t-shirt slung over her head and I said, "Oh, hey there, Little Edie" and she was so perplexed.

I'm sure I'm in the minority on this (as I am in so many things) but I think you should return it. You have such amazing fashion sense and there are so many incredibly beautiful scarves and wraps in the world, it seems a shame to have to work so hard to make this jersey tube work for you.

Haha, no worries, I'm with you. I'm going to get one custom made from ddelicatetbone and let this one go :)

Thankyou for posting about this,
I had been thinking about buying one
but I think I might just diy it

you look cute with it! it's a shame it can't be made better by aa.

DIY seems like an awesome way to go!

You are so rad and so fashionable -- you're too good for those evil people at AA anyway. Dov Charney is gross.

(Deleted comment)
Can I ask what size you are? I've been thinking of getting one, to wear as a capelet/shawl.

I wear and 18/20 generally and am about 5'7", 235

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