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Fatty Motorcycle Gear
formletter wrote in fatshionista
Fat motorcyclists, where are you? And more importantly, how/where do you buy your gear? If you're a gal, do you wear women's or men's gear? Brand recommendations? What is your experience with fit and sizing? Any tips for the very short?

Also, please verify my suspicion that this little number is gorgeous, especially in cream.
Could such a light color be an acceptable choice for a riding jacket?

I'm 100% beginner, but with several longtime biker friends, so I hope for this riding endeavor to outlast my more transitory fashion impulses... In other words, I do want cute gear, but I want to tap into the biker version of "classic" when selecting it, so I don't wake up hating some rather expensive purchases in three months.

Request for fatties who aren't bikers: Get on some websites and pick out some stuff you consider stylish. I'll take all the help I can get!

Thanks to all.

(Hope this isn't old news. Didn't see biker gear in the tags.)

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i do not ride motorcycles, but that jacket is lovely.

OMG, that jacket is GORGEOUS.

I am 5'2" and size 22, and I have a Triumph 3L ladies' jacket that *just* fits. Motorcycle jackets should be snug, but this is a little too tight. It would fit a size 20 very well, I think.

(I'm not really a motorcyclist, but I occasionally jump on the back of my sweetie's scooter.)

I'm going to try to embed a pic, my apologies if it doesn't work:


Thanks so much for the feedback and pic! (I had computer trouble so I didn't get to thank you in a timely manner, but better late than never.)

I not a biker but biker jackets are perfect for MN springs and falls so I've had a couple. I've always gotten mens ones because with my measurements (not much in the way of waist definition compared to bust) they simply are a better shape. I

was investigating getting a new one and although I haven't gotten one yet I'll probably get a men's again, and probably, once again a classic one rather than your more modern style (and yes, it lovely bit it'd last about a day with me in cream). Of the places I was hunting on line http://www.leatherup.com/l/Motorcycle-Jackets/11.html looks like it has some interesting stuff for reasonable prices and it looks like they're designed for serious riding (several of them have removable armor)as well as more fashionable pursuits.

I'm looking forward to others' suggestions.

I like that all white jacket, its so sophisticated.

I'm not a biker gal BUT a few days ago I seen this lady come to work with a bad-ass biker jacket. I found a link to it, I think some of you will like it too, best of all it comes in a 2XL. Check it out, I mean seriously you can't go wrong with leopard printed flames, and cute garter belt accents on the sides (suppose to clip on to your belt loops). :D


Comes in zebra print also...

I ride in nylon, though I also have a custom-made leather jacket. I find the nylon to be much more practical, and mens/womens doesn't matter one whit. Pants are where I've had trouble.

I'm not a biker, but damn that is gorgeous. Source? And as for picking out stuff I think is stylish - you mean as far as riding jackets go? Because I don't have a bike but I can sure as hell dream. I even know what I would wear..


OMGawesome. I am a big fan of yellow. Thanks!

This is totally the post that made me delurk--I'm a moto junkie!

First what size range are you looking for? There really isn't a lot available for bigger sizes. I'm roughly a 20 and my trackgear is custom, I still can't find anything off the rack that works for me for track leathers. I can only really use womens gear. Whenever I've tried men's the fit has been horrible. If its big enough to go over my hips then the shoulders and arms are HUGE.

My daily gear is from Olympia and I can't say enough good things about them. The Airglide jacket goes up to a 24/26! (totally unheard of in the moto industry)I have both the jacket and the pants. The pants only go up to an 18 but they work for me --I can't wear them with the liner or as overpants but it will do.

Tourmaster/Cortech has some jackets that go up to a 20. I have the LNX in a 16 but sadly, its too small for me now.

Newenough is a great retailer. They have a Teknic jacket on clearance for the super low price of 79 bucks. It comes in an 18 in the khaki or pink. I read somewhere that this jacket runs a little big but I haven't tried it

Joe Rocket has a few jackets in bigger sizes. I love this one...
This goes up to a 20. Its brand new so I haven't seen it real life but its on my list for a new jacket.

If you want to head to the track, Femmoto has a one piece suit that goes up to an 18. I tried it and its almost workable for me I'd consider it if I dropped about 10-15 pounds. I can get in it and zip it up but I can't move. Plus, that much white is a little much.

As you can see, I'm a gear junkie. Its so hard to fit that I pretty much know whats available everywhere. Oh, and the white jacket is hot! FYI If its the Fieldsheer one, they tend to run a bit on the small size so check the size chart. One more thing, if you didn't know there is a huge difference between fashion motorcycle-styled leather and real motorcycle gear.

Thanks for this-- totally informative. All the specifics are hugely appreciated. Especially love the Cortech in baby blue.

I found that most jackets run SMALL!!! I tried a 3x on in one and it fit like an XL. I ended up going with a mens jacket also for the length. I wear an 18/20 in most everything else.

Haha, oh wow. I did see some sizing charts that seemed completely bonkers... I think a straight 14 is an XXL or XXXL in Field Sheer jackets.

oh. i want it to have my children. that jacket is the sex.

first, http://community.livejournal.com/fatshionista/3272473.html

second, i get my gear at these sites: newenough.com, corazzo.net, and motorcyclecloseouts.com

i am thinking about getting a harley davidson jacket...they also carry plus sizes. of course, it's easier finding big/tall men's than it is finding plus sized women's gear. the problem with men's jackets is the sleeves are generally too long.

motorcycle gear fits generally two sizes too small. it's frustrating, to be sure. what size are you? unless you have a HUGE store near you, be prepared to order the majority of your gear online. most shops only carry XS, S, M, L in women's gear, and you're lucky if there's any larges left!

that jacket is gorgeous, but be prepared to clean it often. light-colored gear shows road grime after just a few days, which is why black is the go-to color. are you looking for abrasion protection, impact protection, or both? fall/winter? all seasons?

Thanks for the site links-- I hadn't visited any of them yet.

I'm not sure what size I need... I'm a pretty exaggerated pear shape, so the size of my top is often dictated by where it hits my hips. My best fitting shirts are petite 16/XLs... So I gather I am looking for something like a 3xl in a jacket?

Sorry this response is late... I had poorly timed computer trouble.

Oh, and I am probably looking for a fall/spring jacket, to start... Something for less extreme temperatures.

I met the gal who runs this site: http://gearchic.com/

She told me there are a bunch of links on there clothes/motorcycle gear. If you contact her, i'm sure she'll know of where to point you too!

That jacket is lurvely. I have a custom made vanson. Too spendy.

www.leatherup.com has jackets that run in plus size. they're really affordable too for leather :)

I ordered a leather jacket and riding boots from leatherup - the service was HORRIBLE. I had to return the jacket as it didn't fit (no biggie) but they sent the wrong boots. I returned the boots as well and they sent me yet another wrong pair...then by that time the ones I wanted sold out...it was a big hassle and they did not handle it all with grace, that's for sure. I doubt I'll order from them again...

That jacket is all kinds of hot.

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