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tights review: Assets, cheaper version of Spanx
panda_bandita wrote in fatshionista
Hi all.

Because I have been following everyone's tights reviews very closely, I am de-lurking to share my impressions of the black Assets Terrific Tights that I picked up at Target last weekend. They looked promising at the store, but you can only tell so much when you stretch them against your arm.

The verdict: These are really really good tights. They're not the super-luxury tights-of-my-dreams, but I'll give them an A- in appearance, comfort, and fit.

Appearance: Almost totally opaque, and almost totally matte. No shininess or slipperiness, and no sheerness on the calves or thighs. They also didn't scream "WE'RE MADE OF NYLON!," which is another point in their favor.

Comfort: I wore them all day on Friday and had no significant falling down, bunching, or bite-y waistband problems. They were, however, a real pain to pull up after I went to the bathroom.

Size/Fit: I'm about 5'6", wear a 20-or-so in pants, and weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 230 lbs. The height/weight measurements told me that I should wear a 4 (the second largest size), but because I hate control-top tights I went with the 5 instead. They still squish things in, but it's a nuisance, not a battle, to put them on. I'm short-waisted and large-busted, so I could comfortably pull them waaaaay up. If you are longer waisted, or if you get your "correct" size, this may not be an option.

They're only available in brown or black, but they do offer several different textures. In my perfect world they'd at least have them in gray, too.

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Great review!! I've been a big fan of Asset's for a while- much cheaper than Spanx and they do just as good a job (IMO)

they do have gray as an option on the target website

but the gray only go up to 4*

No, they go up to size 5 - for some reason, the dropdown size menu is in this order: 5 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4.

Thanks for the in-depth review! I love reading stuff like this. I'm really close to your measurements and I tend to size up in Spanx-type things, and I had been eyeing those tights, so now I know precisely what size to order :)

i love assests. but i swear i have gray and colors other than brown and black in a drawer that i bought a year or so ago. that might have just been in our area, though- we get tights that no one else gets, same for socks, pajamas, and all that. so- it could be one of those things.

Hm. I'm in Minneapolis, and it looks like you're also in MN-- home of the finest Target stores in the country. The tights department did look pretty picked-over while I was there, so maybe I'll find gray (at least) if I go during the week.

yeah- the buffalo store seems to have the oddest selection of thins- it's like we get stuff before anyone else. i got a huge amount of assests on clearance last fall in at least five colors for about $6 a pair on three(?) styles. i love them, and i know i got nude or white because i wear them instead of slip under some of my vinatage dresses and adore them.

Wow, you are my height/weight twin! Have you posted any pictures of yourself? Thanks for the review; perhaps I will try out a pair of these.

When I actually remember to take a picture, I do try to post to the Flickr group. But I almost never remember to take a picture. Like, ever.

I hate to be the voice of dissent, but it's only fair. I got the Assets equivalent of the Higher Power Panties, and found them to be itchy and ill-fitting. And the legs rolled up. Yuck.

Yeah, I don't like 'em either. They just don't fit my legs properly (I've got thunder thighs like WHOA!).

On the other hand, the fishnets that I picked up from Target are full on win! At 6 bones a pair, I plan to pick up a few pairs to get me through the winter.

Edited at 2008-10-12 05:58 am (UTC)

Fishnets, you say? I've been too gun-shy to try 'em because of *my* thunder thighs. Fishnets usually cause worse chub-rub than no tights/hose at all. I might have to check them out.

Yeah, I can only speak to the one type of tights that I actually purchased. I have no expertise in the Power Pantie department.

i tried them and they turned out SUPER sheer. maybe i ordered the wrong type.

Pretty sure they have tights-tights and then they have "opaque" nylons, which are a whole 'nother story. Or maybe they're just super-inconsistent.

Thank you so much for the review, dear! <3 They're always so helpful and appreciated. I adore review posts.

Bleh. I have a pair of Assets footless tights, and I am really confused about the sizing. I inherited a pair of size 5's from a friend who bought them and then realized they were footless.
I am 5' 6" 220, which they say is right in range for size 5. Well the top part squishes me like mad (no way it would fit anyone larger, like they say they would), and the legs are *way* too long. I like my footless tights to hit my ankle, but these are insanely long. They could go over my feet and still have extra length bunched up on my legs.
What gives??

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