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review: Torrid's "Mariah Fur and Buckle Wedge Boot"
renireligion wrote in fatshionista
as promised, i am reviewing the boots that were asked about in another thread.

a little about me and my feet:

i love love love heels and wedges! i wear a size 9.5 shoe and often shy away from anything taller than an ankle boot as i most definitely have a plus calf at just under 20" around. my feet are abnormally thin and bony compared to the rest of my 5'4", size 26/28, 46DDD-46G frame.

about the boots:

in the foot, i almost wish i'd gone down to a 9. they're very roomy, but not uncomfortably so. they lace up and have an inside zipper as well. the boot closes over my calves with no problem and doesn't gap at all. my only complaint is that i had to move the buckle to the furthest hole, and even then it barely makes it across (the buckles are purely decorative and are Velcro'ed into place). for someone who lives for shoes, i'm ecstatic with my purchase. they're extraordinarily comfortable! they've a little thickness to them, but not so much that i feel like my feet are sweating to death.

all in all, i definitely recommend these! i wish they came in brown - i'd break down and own brown shoes, goth scene points be damned!

pictures soon! i'm late for a dinner date as it is and i couldn't tell you where my camera is if my very soul depended upon it...

EDIT: the boots are definitely suited to a wider foot than mine. not uncomfortable per se, but definitely something that i need to adjust to. and sorry to those of you who asked which boots - when i originally made the post, the word "boots" in the first line was supposed to go to the link. in my haste (even though i was still late), i completely put in the code for image instead of a link.

and now, instead of doing my homework in a timely manner, i shall respond to the replies...

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Which boots were these? And I can't wait to see pics.

Nevermind I figured it out. This is why I shouldn't read before I have coffee.

nothing wrong with's steampunk :-)

Steampunk this, steampunk that! Oh my freakin' goodness! Please, explain to me what's so punk about going around wearing goggles and applying gears to everything that moves? Most people don't even know what it is to simply be punk in general, let alone this steampunk crap! I want this fad to die already!

I'm sorry, I don't mean to be all "RARGH", it's just that I'm tired of seeing this pop up all over the place, when it seems like most people aren't actually grasping on the ideology of punk, or steampunk, more so just the look of it.

for someone who is into steampunk, i don't object to your being all "RARGH" (sorry, that made me laugh!). i say the same thing quite a bit. the name is a bit misleading.

i tend to refer to it as "neoVictorianism" - the "steam" is the Victorian aesthetic (the historical basis and such), and the "punk" (although far overlooked and i have a constant bee in my proverbial bonnet about it) is the DIY of it all, the individualization/personalization, the fact that it's not the 19th century. sadly, people are so concerned with historical accuracy that the entire concept of "anything goes" is completely lost.

the goggles are a nod to the futurization, as are the gears when you really think about it. and yes, i agree that they're overdone but i think part of the problem isn't the fact that the world is just discovering it but the fact that it's being watered down for sale in the mall. and that's the point at which it's being done badly...

for me, i've always been into the concept of steampunk from a fashion and aesthetic viewpoint (comes from growing up obsessed with the 19th century and the idea of the future as seen in such outlandish forms as things like The Jetsons and the like) and marrying them together. i just never had a name for it until recently. yes, i own goggles - they're actually a throwback to my cyberpunk days complete with good, old-fashioned, Rexlace ponyfalls. yes, i own a pocketwatch - because i've always loved the idea of it (and i can't be bothered to wear a wristwatch), and yes, i even own one of the silly little fascinators (but then again, i am a sometime burlesque performer). i'm a little odd though. my boyfriend just returned to me my only pair of jeans (no lie). i am trying to talk myself into wearing a skirt to school tomorrow. i never leave the house without my face on (unless i'm seriously ill), i wear heels for fun, i wear hot pink and bows in my hair to go to metal shows along with a one-inch spike in my lip. i'm all for anything goes...

the fad has morphed into its own beast, and I don't think it (the fad itself, not the actual steampunk movement) will last that long. I like some of it, and some of it just makes me say "wtf?" Honestly, I think some of it comes from a dissatisfaction with the way the goth movement has gone and folks are trying to get back to a more romanticized yet DIY movement. I do fail to see the "punk" in most of it :-)

Sorry if that's rambly or incoherent....I'm on my way to bed!

no worries! i was happy that i could finally give a little back! it was kismet - i had literally just ordered my boots a day or two before when i saw your post. i've read other reviews and it's always been for things that i'd lusted after and found out wouldn't work for me, so i was thrilled that my opinion would matter.

Perfect then :) :)
I ordered them earlier actually, after I saw you seemed to like them :) hehe

oh, i love them! the boy asked "are those the new boots, then?" i don't think he much cares for them (then again today they were obscured by wide-leg dress pants) - but he thinks i fuss too much over my clothing in general. he's a jeans-and-tee-shirt kind of guy. like i said before, he brought back my one and only pair of jeans (ones that fit, anyway) earlier this evening. i will do everything in my power to get an OOTD up tomorrow (a bit tricky in my current residence)...

I'll be looking forward to it :)
Boys are such weird creatures anyway ! I'll let you know when I get MY boots haha ;)

yay! we can be twins!

and i should probably stop referring to him as "the boy" as he's just turned thirty-five i suppose...

I just got my boots :D
They ROCK so hard :D:D:D

We're boots TRIPLETS! haha
One of my boots was missing the buckles (which as you know are only velcro-ed), so I wrote to Torrid asking if they could send me like 2 buckles in an envelope...

I GOT A WHOLE PAIR OF BOOTS! And I don't think I have to return the old ones... I'll check when I get back home, my mom's the one who opened the box... But probably not, since I shouldn't have to pay for their error !

Any pictures of yourself wearing them? I'm thinking about ordering them but I want to see them in action!

Unfortunately I don't, and I don't even have my boots OR my camera with me :(
You could look at renireligion's pictures though. Mine have yet to be "fitted" with good insoles (they're a size too big, which is better than too small!)...

(Deleted comment)
did you ever know, that you're my heeee-row?

seriously? i need these in my life...

Any pictures yet? I'm debating getting these and would love to see them on a real person!

crap! i'll have to check at home...sorry!

Sorry, I just joined this community. I found it because I was looking for reviews of these boots. I really want them, but I have one hang up. I live in Chicago. Do you think they can handle the snow? I mean, I guess they don't have to be totally waterproof, but I don't want my feet to be soaking wet everyday. What do you think?

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