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Safety gear for scooter/motorcycle riders?
Weebles wobble but they don't fall down
opn wrote in fatshionista
Does anyone have any links for protective gear -- specifically lightweight shirts and/or lightweight jackets -- in something close to size 30/32 or 4X+? I'm having a hard time finding something that is big enough for my 60"+ hips/belly. Right now I'm not looking for anything heavyweight or leather.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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I don't know for certain but I'd suggest looking in men's sections. Like I just looked at the Harley Davidson website, their mens jackets go up to 5x, which are a 62-64" hip, I believe. Sorry for being much assistance!

I honestly would shop men's extended sizes. I wear a Joe Rocket Cleo in an XL (normally take a 1X shirt these days), and would prefer more room in the jacket, though it does zip comfortably even with a sweatshirt. They make it up to a 3X, but I don't think that's going to size up properly for you. OTOH, my husband's Alpinestars is generously sized and should size up pretty well.

Since sizing is so unpredictable sometimes, I would recommend finding a motorcycle shop with a really extensive selection of gear.

I do heartily recommend the Joe Rocket mesh jacket, though. I have been extremely happy with it.

My belly/hips are 57" or so and I on a vanson mesh mens jacket that rocks. The beauty about vanson also is that they do alterations if you need them.

The folks at motorcycles might have some good ideas. And yeah, I think you're totally going to have to look to men's sizes. Suck.

there's NOT much out there for fat women, which is ridiculous since the men's stuff goes up to 5X tall. i currently wear the tourmaster "intake" armored mesh jacket (for long rides) or the cortech hoodie in the summer, and i wear a fashion leather jacket in the winter. the problem with fashion leather is that it only offers a moderate amount of abrasion protection and NO impact protection. grr!

if you're willing to spend the money, the folks at Corazzo will custom make a jacket for you. i happily own a bunch of their accessories, and they are amazingly supportive of the national scooter scene. i plan on ordering a custom jacket from them ASAP.

I was really frustrated while shopping for gear this past spring so I could ride with my husband on his motorcycle because there was virtually nothing for plus size women so I ended up looking at a lot of men's stuff. We are both very concerned with safety so we always wear jacket, motorcycle pants, helmet and gloves.

I ended up finding a Cortech armored mesh jacket with a zip out liner on clearance and it has worked really well for me. It has vents I can open for increased air flow and has been very seasonally appropriate this summer. It seemed very heavy and constricting at first (I was totally new to motorcycle safety gear) but once I got used to it I had no problems.

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