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Sale post: goth wedding dress, Victorian velvet coat, Steampunk corset and skirt and gypsy skirts
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blackrayne wrote in fatshionista

I am going through major life changes - divorce, relocation, reconnecting with my high-school sweetheart, and more, and need to clear out as many of my possessions as possible. Today's sale items are all from my personal closet of goodies, and though I love each piece here, I just don't wear them enough to justify holding onto them.

Items come from a smoke-free home with one cat (hence the hair all over my backdrop in some of the photos - he stays away from the merchandise, though). Shipping to be determined based on weight and location (please include your zip/country in the comments), I accept PayPal of all forms.

Due to the higher prices of a few of the items, I am willing to take payment arrangements for anything over $100. Something like half now, the rest in a week or two, but details can be worked out as needed.

As these are all items that fit me (save for the wedding dress, my waist has expanded a bit in the last 7.5+ years), I am 45" bust, 38.5" waist, 44" hips and 5'3" tall. Measurements are provided as well.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 (sorry, the last photo is the only one I have of it worn that actually shows off any of the dress at all)

1 - First, the ultimate goth wedding dress. Three pieces here - the cloak was not made by me, but purchased at the PA Renaissance Faire back in 2000. I paid close to $200 for it alone. The dress pieces themselves were made by me. The bodice is black leather (recycled from an old trench coat), lightly boned (I do believe it's plastic boning, it was ages ago that I made it and I forget), satin ribbon lacing up the back. NOT suitable for more than light cinching, it fit me perfectly about 8 years ago when I was 44" bust, 36" waist, 44" hips. The skirt... starting from the inside out, there's a layer of black sheer chiffon fabric, then a layer of red tulle, a layer of black tulle, red tulle, black tulle, red tulle, black tulle, red tulle, and the top layer is a spiderweb mesh that matches the cloak. Yes, 9 layers total in the skirt, which has an elastic waistband (made of black crushed velvet) that will fit from 34" to 38" or so, and is approx. 36" long.

Though I loved my wedding and my dress, it is time to move on, and that includes finding it a new home. I am asking $250.00 total for all three pieces, which is a steal when I think of all the hours I put into this dress plus the cost of the cloak.

velvetcoat1 velvetcoat2 velvetcoat3 rayne

2 - Based on a no-longer-available Simplicity pattern, this black velvet Victorian riding coat is fully lined, has side seam pockets, satin trim at the collar and cuffs, and I am even including a pretty burnt-out velvet and silk scarf with it. Only worn once for the photo of me modeling it. The velvet is a bit flattened at the center front due to my iron having been turned up too high, but I think a dry cleaner would be able to restore it easily.

This coat took me several months to complete (not all at once, mind you), and it pains me to sell it, but I cannot justify holding onto it since I never wear it. I might remake it in a more wearable fabric one day though. Measurements - 46" bust, 40" waist, 50" hips max, approx. 52" long from the shoulder.

I am asking $100.00 for this lovely piece, which barely covers the cost of the materials I bought for it.

3 - BlackRayne original design SteamPunk inspired underbust corset. I made this for myself this past January and have only worn it one time.

Details... two layers of ivory canvas, outer layer of cotton, tea-dyed and paint-splattered casings and binding, antiqued D-rings, brass grommets, double boning (there's a total of 26 pieces of 1/2" wide boning in this one) waist tape, two-part grommets, front busk.

Fully closed, measurements are 37" underbust, 33.5" waist, 40" high hip (about 3" below the waist), 11.75" center front length, 12.5" center back length. I make my corsets to have a 1.5" to 2" gap at the back when laced properly, so your measurements should be larger than the provided closed measurements. As stated above, I have a 38.5" waist (it was 39" when I drafted the pattern), and I can easily cinch this down to 35" with no problem. It should comfortably fit someone with up to a 40" waist depending on whether you have experience corseting and whether you are squishy or not (me, I've got the squishy belly going on here!).

If I were taking custom corset orders right now, I would be selling this style for around $250.00, but my asking price for this piece is $150.00. Ooh... I almost forgot, I do have one photo of it being worn with accessories (and the skirt that is for sale below) here at Flickr.

steampunkskirt steampunkskirt1 steampunkskirt2

4 - SteamPunk skirt - another BlackRayne original design, this skirt is currently a one-of-a-kind piece. It is made with a satin-backed ultrasuede type fabric in an unusual rusty brown shade. Simple A-line shape with a side zipper and adjustable buckle and straps that can either be left down or fastened to show off another skirt (or leg!) underneath (see the last linked photo in #3 above for it with an ivory skirt underneath). Worn only one time. Waist is 40", hips are up to 50", length form waist is 33". Asking $30.00.

5 - BlackRayne Cargo Wrap skirt - the original prototype piece! Olive green crinkle nylon, front wrap with velcro at waist and three side-release buckles, two athletic mesh covered cargo pockets at the sides and two athletic mesh side-seam pockets (as it was the prototype, the side-seam pockets aren't perfect, but they work). Only worn once for the original photos. Waist is 38", hips are up to 45", length from waist 38.5". Asking $30.00 (sells for $50 on my website).


6 - Olive green crushed velvet crinkly tier gypsy skirt by Uniform/John Paul Richard. This is a 72% rayon, 28% nylon blend, non-stretch crushed velvet with a side zipper. Size XL. Worn one time only. Waist is 38", hips are up to 49", length from waist is 34". Asking $10.00.


7 - Olive green lightweight cotton tiered gypsy skirt with beading along the lace hem. Size 1X with an elastic waist by Mlle Gabrielle, worn only one time. Waist is 33" to 42" comfortably, hips to 52", length from waist is 35". Asking $10.00


8 - Sheer lined black rayon crinkle tiered gypsy skirt by NeoNostalgia. Worn no more than 3-4 times. Size L, waist is 30" to 38" comfortably, hips up to 54", length from waist is 35.5". Asking $10.00.


9 - Black lace over sheer cotton tiered gypsy skirt by Sudden Impact, size 18W. Worn only a few times. Waist is 31" to 40" comfortably, hips are up to 54", length from waist is 37.5". Asking $10.00


10 - Black crushed panne velvet tiered gypsy skirt by Accent on You, size large. Worn only a few times. Waist is 30" to 40" comfortably, hips are 50" max, length from waist is 36". Asking $10.00.

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Darn, its really too bad we aren't closer in size, some of this stuff is gorgeous!

Thank you. I love my wardrobe, even if I never wear it and instead live in jeans, shorts and tees. I should change that along with all these other life changes I am going through I think.

i just wanted to say your work is beautiful even if none of it suits my needs right now!

love the brown suede skirt - wish it was my size - if you ever start custom making those do let us know!

Once I get relocated and get way past due orders caught up my website will be getting a complete overhaul with many new designs - it will be one of them.

Ack! That steampunk corset might be just the thing that I'm wanting for this year's ren faire costume. much room is there for hips? (I was thinking a bridal inspired steampunk fairy.) My waist is about your size, but my hips are somewhere around 50.5".

Since it is fairly high on the hips, as long as your measurement about 3" below the waist is around 40" to 42", it should work with a larger hip.

That sounds like an awesome costume idea!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! I do it for a living and have a website at (I normally link to the current homepage, but you can't actually see much from there, this will give you access to my catalog to see what I offer)... I've not been taking orders for far too long, but hopefully that will change by the end of the year.

Oh gosh I am so bummed you're not taking orders at the moment, because I have money and I want some of your pieces! I wish either of those skirts fit me because I'd snap them up quick smart!

If I wasn't swamped with sorting through boxes and repacking my entire life up, I'd consider taking on one or two orders, but with everything going on right now, and all the past-due orders I need to get caught up on, I can't at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to get my website reopened by the end of the year though.

5 please?

Invoice sent (I estimated shipping, chances are it'll be a bit more than that).

Thank you!

9 - Black lace over sheer cotton tiered gypsy skirt by Sudden Impact, size 18W. Worn only a few times. Waist is 31" to 40" comfortably, hips are up to 54", length from waist is 37.5". Asking $10.00

What would the shipping to England be on this?



First Class International would be $10.10, Priority International would be $24.00.

Let me know if either of those sounds acceptable, ok?

Thanks darling!

(Deleted comment)
The cargo skirt is taken, but I will email you about the other two, ok?


Would you be willing to ship some of the skirts to England? Btw, your stuff is beautiful. I wish I could make clothes.

I sure can - let me know what you are interested in and I will do some shipping calculations for you, ok?

Your clothes are beautiful! I wish my hips were smaller.

your stuff is absolutely gorgeous. i love your style. and i love the pa faire! hehe :)

it's a shame we aren't closer in shape and size or i'd be dropping a paycheck about now.

Ive not been to the Pa Faire in years... hopefully that will change this fall since we will be living in the area again.

You just made me realize I completely forgot to list a peasant shirt and reversible bodice too. Perhaps next week I will be able to list them.

Man, if that jacket was closer to my size, I would be so after it.

You have some killer talent, and gorgeous clothes.

let us all know when your site will be up again! I love the steampunk and cargo skirts!!

I will... most likely I will have a bit of a re-opening sale and will announce it in various communities.

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