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Every Friday, fatshionista mods get bombarded with sales posts from well meaning folks whose posts get rejected for any number of reasons.

So, even though this is clearly stated in our user info, these are the rules that one must follow on Sales Post Fridays. If you don't follow the rules, your post will get rejected. In fact, you may be reading this post right now because a mod rejected your post and sent you here. And if you read this handy-dandy guide and correct your errors, we welcome you to resubmit your sales post!

fatshionista Rules for Sales & Promotional Posts:

1. Sales posts and Wanted/In Search Of posts are only approved on Fridays.
2. Members are allowed ONE sales post per Friday.
3. The ENTIRE sales or promotional post must appear behind a single lj-cut. Information about how to create an lj-cut can be found here.
4. Clothing for sale should be for items fitting a US women's size L/12 AND UP or a US men's size L/34 AND UP only. Also, sales posts should be for wearable items exclusively (i.e., clothing, shoes, and accessories, including jewelry and purses, etc.).
5. The titles of sales posts should read as follows: SALES POST: (Description of sales post, with a size range indicated). This will enable people who want to skip sales posts or find them more easily to do so more rapidly. [NOTE: After this post, the mods intend to get a lot tougher with enforcing this rule. If you don't follow this titling guideline, your post will be rejected!]
6. It is also encouraged that members mention whether the items are coming from a smoking household, or one with pets, though this is not required. Furthermore, members are asked to not simply repost the same items week after week after week if they fail to sell.

The most common error that we see in sales post submissions is that people can't seem to understand that EVERYTHING, *all text included*, MUST GO BEHIND A CUT. We don't allow: proclamations that this is your first sale, a teaser about what items you have, an apology about the quality of your photos, a sentence about your shipping costs, or an enticing sentence about how your stuff is the best of the batch *before* a cut. You are welcome to include any and all of these things behind your lj cut.

And speaking of, for folks who are less lj savvy and who don't know how to use an lj cut or post photos to lj, you can read more information here on lj cuts and here on adding pictures to your post.

A few notes, especially for those of you newer to livejournal and/or sales posts:

1. Us moderators cannot edit your sales post. If you violate one of the rules, we do not have the capability to edit what you've written. All we can do is delete it after it's been approved.
2. Therefore, it is a good idea to save the text/code of your sales post in case it's rejected and you need to make changes. When you get a rejection email, the code of your post is at the bottom of that post, so you should be able to copy & paste it into a new post window. However, it's always good to be doubly sure, especially if you've just spent hours crafting your post!
3. The moderators are imperfect! Some people have complained that certain posts get approved with errors, but others are rejected. While all of us mods try to adhere to the same rules, we may accidentally miss something, or the code may look right at the time in the queue, so we approve posts that other mods might have rejected. Additionally, if your posts gets approved with errors, mods will probably comment and request that you fix the error.
4. Which brings me to #4. Don't take rejection of your post personally. We promise you that if your post sits in the queue for a little longer than you'd like (Moderators sleep and have day jobs, too!), or if we reject it based on what you consider to be nitpicky standards, that it is NOT PERSONAL. fatshionista has over 3500 members, and dozens of sales posts get lobbed our way every Friday. So, we create these rules to have some sense of order, to minimize the frustration that some members have with the fact that we allow sales posts at all (and to those members, we encourage liberal use of friends list filters or the good old-fashioned scroll down function), and maximize the expediency with which shoppers can browse through the glut of sales on Fridays.

Awhile back, we also gathered suggestions and tips from other members on what they'd like to see in sales posts to make them better. To see a helpful list, please see this post.

Members who participate in the sales posts are invited to comment to the permanent sales-feedback post with their recent buying/selling experiences, positive and negative, to let other members know which sellers have shown themselves to be trustworthy, and which may be unreliable. To make finding a certain user easier, please include their LJ username in the comment's subject line.

Finally, if you're having trouble with the code for your sales post, we've created a handy-dandy template for your sales post!

All you need to do is copy and paste the text below into your HTML (not Rich Text) posting window, and replace with the specifics of your post as needed.

<lj-cut text="Pithy line to attract customers goes here">

Intro text describing your thoughts on shipping and how your cats play dress up when you are not at home goes here.

1. <img src="URL of your first image goes here" width="size in pixels at which you want to display image like 500">

Item description, price, etc.

2. <img src="URL of your second image goes here" width="size in pixels at which you want to display image like 500">

Item description, price, etc.

3. <img src="URL of your third image goes here" width="size in pixels at which you want to display image like 500">

Item description, price, etc.

And so on!
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