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Fat Women of Color Carnival: Call for Submissions
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maerhys wrote in fatshionista
The inaugural Fat Women of Color Carnival will be held over at saskaia on July 23. The theme is general and open to anything pertaining to being a fat woman of color and our experiences in our communities, experiences on how our fat and bodies are racialized, myths about fat women of color, and so on. Please link all entries here by July 20. Please promote as applicable and appropriate.

Information on carnivals.

i really must be out of it, but am i missing info on the location? geographical location?

It's all virtual, links to essays on the topic, in one large essay I will post on July 23. Does that help?

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This might open a can of worms that I don't feel like dealing with, but I'm white. White is a color. I'm also fat. Why would my experiences as a fat woman be marginalized simply because I'm not black or hispanic or native american?

Hosting an internet carnival is hardly marginalizing you as as a white woman.

Further, I will not be engaging with these type of comments, especially in a space that purports to be anti-racist.

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Thank you for sharing! I'll be reading. :)

Excellent! I will post a link to the final project in July.

I thought it would take at least a page of comments before someone whipped out the dictionary.. :(

Hey, saskaia--this looks great! Thanks for the heads-up here.

I'd like to x-post this to nolose if you don't mind, but wanted to see if you'd rather post under your own username to help promote your lj i.d.

Whichever you prefer--thanks!

Feel free to do so! My journal is merely the homeplace for the event.

This brings up an interesting (to me at least) question: am I colored or not?

I'm from Panama, which makes me Hispanic here in the US. I look and am considered white in my home country, yet have both Afro-Caribbean and Maya ancestry (which show up in my sense of dance/rhythm and wide face, respectively).

Culturally, I suppose I would be both US and Latin American, as I grew up watching Armed Forces Television in Panama. My work ethic is definitely of the Anglo-Saxon variety, while my sense of play is pure Latina. My sense of humor partakes of both.

Dammit... why did I have to think about all this? Now I'm confused again!

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I will absolutely be participating from my regular blog. Thanks for hosting this.

Yay! And thanks for participating. XD

And I can't edit my comment but do you mind if I repost this on my blog? I have a few people on my list who aren't on the lj.

Please do! Spread the word!

Hey darlin, just wanted to make sure it's ok with you if I cross-post this to fatshionista.com?

Please do! The more the merrier!

Sounds interesting. And considering the comments its alreday garnered, I while stay tuned in the future definitely :).

This is amazing and I am totally excited about it.

Edited at 2008-06-16 11:42 pm (UTC)

Thank you!

And bacon grease FTW!

This is great! I look very much forward to reading the submissions!

Dude, saying it's "prejudiced" or "racist" to exclude you from submitting to this is waaaaay out of line. As you can see from my picture, although it's very old, that's me and I'm white. I don't mean to speak for the POC here but this kind of thing really frosts my ovaries.

If this were a carnival for people with disabilities, would you be complaining that you were being left out because you were able-bodied? (Kinda reminds me of Whitley in A Different World early in the series, parking her car in a handicapped-reserved space and then when caught whining, "Why should I be punished because I can walk?") Surely you know that "white" confers a lot more social advantage in this world than "not white."

I am very excited to see these entries. Thanks for putting the carnival together.

Thank you! It looks like it will be a good project.

What a great idea! Thanks for letting us know. I can't wait!

Thank you. I think it will end up being an interesting (and fun!) project.