christinenc (christinenc) wrote in fatshionista,

Has anyone had any experiences, good or bad, with

I'm tempted, because their clothing seems almost too good to be true.  They claim they'll custom-size and let you choose custom options (neckline, sleeve, or garment length) for an additional fee of only $10 - and most of their prices seem pretty reasonable to begin with.  I'm hesitan because my clothing budget is so limited right now I'm afraid to try anywhere new and untested.  Also because their styles are so elaborate that they look like the kind of stuff I'd have to try on to know whether it fit and flattered.  Not just T's and capris, KWIM?

I'm seriously coveting the following:

Blue Dress  Although I'd customize it and add sleeves cuz I'm shy about going sleeveless. 

Input is appreciated!



Tags: alternative retailers
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