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Oh, Torrid...
justuschickens wrote in fatshionista
As if there weren't enough reasons to dislike Torrid.

In my email inbox, a few minutes ago, they sent a "casting call" for an MTV "boot-camp style reality show."

In other words -- weight loss, shame-o-rama style, I'd bet any amount of money on it.

Thanks, Torrid. Just what I needed: a "plus size" retailer telling me I need to go to boot camp to be hawt.

I am never, ever, EVER buying anything from there again. This was the last straw.

And by the way, short girls? You're not even good enough for boot camp, if you ask MTV and Torrid. You need to be at least 5'7 to even try out.

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I wrote an email and got two responses:

Thanks for your email. We did debate long and hard on the topic of Model Maker and our initial reaction was the same as yours until we were assured that the goal was not to starve girls to a size 2 but to get them "agency ready" which can include girls up to a size 16. The idea for Model Maker came up in large part as a result of an episode of the MTV show "Made" in which a young woman from Ohio fulfilled her dream of becoming a plus size model by participating in the 2007 Torrid Model Search. She actually made it to our top 8. MTV prepared her for the episode with nutrition counseling, boot camp fitness instructor, runway coach, fashion consultant, etc. All of this was documented for the show. During the process Christine went from a size 18-20 to a size 14-16, gained tremendous self confidence, and was absolutely beaming when she walked that runway. As it turns out this particular episode has been one of the most watched, hence the creation of a new show, Model Maker. Torrid absolutely does stand behind all of our customers rights to be happy and beautiful whatever size they are. We also believe that our divas deserve to see their dreams come true and many of our customers do dream about becoming a model. Our own model search (photos of the winners are in our windows now) draws thousands of gorgeous plus women to our stores every summer. So, at the end of the day, we decided to support the right to dream big. The contestant selection will be our only affiliation with Model Maker and we are not a sponsor of the show.

Thanks so much for your email. We do appreciate the feedback and We thank you for your business and your support. We hope you will reconsider shopping at Torrid.

Have a nice weekend.

And one from the president!

Thanks for your email. I'm sorry that you feel we have let you down. We did think this over for a long time before agreeing to let MTV cast their show at Torrid locations. Just to be clear, we are not a sponsor of the show. Of all the emails we get from customers the number one inquiry by far is from young women who want to know how to become a model for Torrid. Each summer we have over 3000 customers show up for our model search. Likewise the MTV "Made" episode featuring a young woman from Ohio who had a dream of becoming a plus model for Torrid had incredible response. Clearly the world of modeling is of great interest to many Torrid customers. We support all of our customers whether you are happy as you are or dream about making changes in your life. Our core philosophy is that any size can be beautiful. Model Maker is a show about health, fitness, and beauty....all of which are important to many of our customers. It is not about starving the contestants down to a size 2. I am very sorry that you are offended and I hope you will still feel comfortable shopping with us. We stand behind you and your dreams, too!

Best regards,

Chris Daniel
President, Torrid

I want to see "christine" in five years, and see if she's still a 14/16 or if she's rebounded to or beyond her former 18/20. So many of us go that route, over and over, which makes me incredibly sad. Took me 46 years to figure out that I deserve love and self-respect no matter what my size, if I had figured that out at an 18/20, I'd probably still be one instead of a 26/28. So yeah, torrid, bite me. Not that you make clothes I'd ever wear...

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