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Metallic Gold Tops
scotch_and_sofa wrote in fatshionista
I have been looking for a bikini or tank top that will fit my 2x upper body in metallic, shiny gold.

I have big plans to rock something like this under a low cut shirt for the M.I.A. show I'm going to next week.

I haven't been able to find anything like this in a "plus size". Does anyone have any suggestions where I could get something like this?


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This probably doesn't answer your question unless you are perky and/or small-chested, but I am SO MAD that Old Navy's HOT new metallic bathing suit line is soooo fat unfriendly.

See these awesome gold metallic bikinis?

The triangle top actually comes in gold lame, silver lame, and sparkly hot pink, but they are teeny tiny, and offer no support. Seriously, they would maybe cover a nipple and a half!

Anyway, I just had to rant about that because like you, I really want a gold bikini!

I don't get swimsuits. There are none for big chested women at all. This is why I won't even attempt to learn how to swim.

Well, if you spend a fortune, you can get custom bathing suits made, but I certainly don't have that kind of $ to drop!

I saw those and almost ordered them cause I have ON string bikini tops and they work just fine for my itty bitty titties. My problem is with the string bottoms cause lord knows my ass would not fit into those.

Well, you could probably technically "fit" into them. I tried them on and still had plenty of string with which to tie, but:

1. It showed a whole lot of skin, and
2. The front of it just barely covered my pubic mound.

So if you want to rock the nearly-showing-your-nethers look, you could totally work it!

Good to know, but I think I'll pass. I really don't mind skimpy bathing suits and rock out in string bikini tops a lot, but I don't feel comfortable with the string bottom. I need sides. I figure if my top gets knocked off it'd be fine, but if my bottoms came off I'd be seriously embarrassed.

Understandable! I'd be afraid of the same exact thing.

Blah...the first one is what I had in mind!

I came across bathing suits similar to these at H&M yesterday and they were just too small. I'm not looking for it to hold up my rack like a bra would, but yes, something that covered more than my nipple would be ideal.

Thanks for the comment. I know I'm not the only fat gurl wanting metallic gold clothing!

I also know that American Apparel has been selling metallic bikinis and hot shorts for the past few years, but again, they are little more than pasties for me and my awesome rack.

Also, I tried on the first one, and if you need zero support and don't mind some of your rack hanging out, (though I'm a DDD, so it might be different for you) it's worth at least trying on.

Monif C has a gold (or is it bronze?) one piece with a deep deep plunge.

Its kinda hot.

I love love love the deep plunge look, but I wouldn't feel comfortable in it because I'd constantly have to hoist up the girls.

*wistful sigh*

ugh, this is exactly what i thought of when i saw this thread! i don't even have *very* large breasts (like a c cup) and i was still having problems when i tried on the adorable hot pink one :(

MIA? soooo jealous *pouting*

Yes yes yes!!!

I saw her last time she was in Chicago at a sold out show and it was a big sweaty, awesome dance party.

This time she's playing a bigger venue, but I'm hoping for a dancey good time again!

That is an amazingly hot suit.

naughty, but so pricey.

I adore this!

So expensive and I'm looking for less of a bathing suit and more of a top.

Thanks for the suggestion though. If I could wear that as an outfit on a regular basis, I probably would. does custom bikini tops (and bottoms, of course) up to around a 44 bra-brand size.

But that won't help the OP for next week.

Any of these?

If you're crafty and can't order something like that in time, you could also get some yardage of gold lycra and make a simple tube top. I'd even go so far as to suggest painting something with fabric paint if you want something *really* shiny.
American Apparel has their collective head up their collective ass. I've emailed them several times about producing more plus sizes (particularly the lame--I *knew* I wasn't the only fat girl who wanted a gold bikini or leggings) and all I get is the usual excuses of design, cost, and demand. Le boo-hoo!


Um, now I want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on gold lame clothing.

Thank you!

And damn you, too! :)

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