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First OOTD and a question about wellies.
manga, me
diseased_inside wrote in fatshionista
This is one of my favorite outfits for still kind of cold but okay weather. One outfit and one query about wellies under the cut. Probably not dial up friendly.

For reference I'm almost 5'3" or so. Have no idea how much I weigh. Wear anywhere from a 12-18 depending.


Boots- Really old Nana Climber boots from Hot Topic probably purchased almost 9 years ago.
Torrid military capri pants (link opens in a new tab or window) purchased last year right here on Fatshionista and reviewed here. I didn't have a digital camera back then. I'll add to my review I'm not 5'2". They have held up very well to a lot of wear and washing. The black hasn't faded too badly. I am still lacking in buttoxial roundness so they are a tad saggy right under the butt cheeks now.
Top- Sweater Vest dug out of the clearance rack at Target for 5$. XXL Issac Mizrahi line. Under that is a plain mens black A shirt.

Also while at work I wear a big black hoody because it's air conditioned 24/7 and I freeze. I'll spare you that photo and the obscene gesture in it.

Closer up of the boots. And sadly you can't see my awesome black athletic style tube socks with red stripes at the top.


And a close up of my first attempt at rainbow make up. Please ignore where my primer was all crazy I fixed it a little later.


While I'm posting does anyone have these wellies? If so how is the calf fit? I think I have to have a pair.

Comment as you like. And for anybody in the Fatshionista flickr pool thing, feel free to add me as a contact. I like looking at awesome pictures.


Cute! I'm always jealous of girls who do the sleeveless thing. I'm a 3/4 all the way!

Thanks :) I used to be a 3/4 sleeve girl too. I still have my moments. But it's usually because I have skin going insane issues sometimes.

They are my favorites aside from my docs. I love them poor old things are starting to get beat.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks Yay for boot lovers.

Dude, I love your eye makeup! I actually just bought some bright pink eyeshadow last week and I have been partnering it with orangey rose and light green, so I think we are doing similarly awesome things.

And those capris are definitely cute. They are screaming for a little jacket of some sort once it gets cool again.

I have insane with the color this year. I am really into lots of brights.

OH I have one. I bought a Torrid little bolero jacket thing on Ebay not too long ago with these neat gold buckle pockets that I want to wear with those. But it's Washington and it's not been near warm enough yet. It's really cute but tends to sit weirdly around my boobs. I'm not sure how I feel about the DD boob frame.

You are a smexy mofo. :)

Oh man, I love the eye makeup. I can never pull off fun colors like that, so I'm always so envious of those who can!

OH your icon looks exactly like one of my favorite pigments/loose shadows. I went crazy with the purples the other day. Thanks.

(Deleted comment)
Oh I'm hoping so. I've been trying to avoid buying them but I saw some leopard print ones at Target last week and despite my Man Unit's hatred of all things animal print I am SO buying them.

those boots are KILLING ME!
i so love nanas but they dont make such cute styles anymore,
theyre most all more like corky heels & strappy 70s looking which just isnt me.

thats a great outfit AND it looks comfy AND you look AWESOME in it!

Thanks :D

I don't like a lot of the newer Nana shoes in general. The new version of the Climber boot isn't bad. I kind of dig the big grommets for the lacing.

Thanks :D The outfit is WAY better with my super stompy buckle queen boots but they are a tad too big in the foot and a tad too small in the calf to be comfy anymore.

I covet those boots. All the wide-calf boots I see aren't lace-ups, and if I'm going to get boots I want black lace-ups just like those. I don't know if yours are wide-calf, but that's what I'd need.

Those aren't wide calf but with lace up boots like that depending on how wide your calves are you can unlace them all the way to the bottom and relace them while wearing big thick socks.

I also (you can't see it in the picture) but I loosen the area of laces right where the big part of the curve of my calf muscle is because that's the part of my calf that's widest. Then the laces are tighter at the top.

Of if you're really really wanting lace ups invest in a good sturdy pair then take them to a cobbler to have an elastic gore put on the inside top of the calf. That can be expensive but it's worth it for a fabulous pair of boots.

If you're crafty and patient you can do it yourself too with some practice. I have been practicing on crappy boots from the thrift store so I can DIY fix another pair of Demonia boots I have with a too small calf.

I have a wee bit of a boot fixation ;)

Love those boots!

Rock that makeup!

You look beautiful!

soooooooo jealous of the boots :P

You look gorgeous!

I think we have capris from Torrid in the same line - I bought mine two summers ago, and they're pinstriped, but seem to be a similar cut. I never thought the 'skinny' pants cut would look good on me until I tried them. They look like they're brand new even after repeated summer wearing and washings. Love!

Also, those boots are damn sexy and I'm envious of them!

Are your pinstriped ones denim? I have the denim ones from Tripp I think it is but they are a tad too small in the thigh area.

I love your icon too :)

I love the capri thingamies and the shoes together. Looks fantastic! The top is ok, not sure really what to say, I'm atm trying to deal with my own apple belly - I think it looks good though.

Thanks :) When I first got that sweater I was kinda :/ but in the end I still love it. You'll get there.

Seriously seriously hot boots...