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Torrid: Problematic Marketing?
blasfemmey wrote in fatshionista


I am feeling conflicted about Torrid having a "Cinco De Mayo" section. I have to think about this, but I just wanted to make note of it. I mean, there are SO many reasons why it is problematic. First off: Cinco De Mayo is NOT Mexican independence Day. Jesus Christ.

I don't get it. Where does it say Mexican independence day?

I'm confused. Does it say anywhere on that page that Cinco De Mayo IS Mexican independence day? I'm missing something.

I posted prematurely, and omitted that I called and asked what they meant by Cinco De Mayo. "In celebration and honor of Cinco De Mayo, you know, Mexican Independence Day". This was the Customer Service line. Not an official marketing person, though. Nonetheless, if I am to go with that most people are in the know, now, that Cinco De Mayo is actually not Mexican Independence Day, and is more about a celebration of heritage, why is there a line of clothes for this?

To the average American, cinco de mayo is a day to drink margaritas.

Yes, that, too. Scary.

I was just talking to my friend about it and he said he blames Cheny's. But like wtf....It makes me think of a play party that recently happened here in the Bay Area, with a Mardi Gras/New Orleans theme where people were encouraged to dress in costume. The examples given were : Choctaw, Creole and Antebellum (I hope I spelled that right).

I think they are just marketing to the closest "holiday" which actually has something of a theme in attire. They did the same thing for St. Patty's and Easter, they did it last year for the Fourth as well. I wouldn't be shocked if they market something for Bastille Day as well. It's just a way of pushing sales around a low period by catering to a holiday/day some people celebrate in whatever way they can.

I don't think there's anything else behind it.

As someone of Irish descent, though, I was personally offended by their St. Patty's Day line.

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What "offends" me about it is the fact that I don't see the relation to ANY of this clothing to Cinco de Mayo (yeah Battle of Puebla!) or even MEXICO at all, aside from the fact that there are some reds and greens and some peasant blouses.

I mean... denim capris? cha-cha wedges? a blue tube top?

That's what I was thinking when I was looking at the line.

the only offensive thing is they think we would want to wear those hideous capris..

It's just product suggestions for any Cinco de Mayo parties you may be going to. I don't think there's anything insulting at all... Infact, I think they've done this for other social "You're bound to be going out with friends" type days...

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to echo what some people have said, i don't think it was intended by Torrid to be a problem; in fact, perhaps that's exactly the problem: a complete lack of understanding that this kind of cultural appropriation by a money-making company is irresponsible and problematic. whether the clothes *look* like they have a relationship with Mexican culture or not, its a marketing scheme to make money off of someone else's cultural heritage.

you have every right to be pissed; I am and I'm white. (I say this b/c I do think white people should take some responsibility for seeing their privilege and their place in fostering such cultural appropriations in a capitalistic market).

Hear, hear. Well said.

Hehehe, an image just popped into my head...I want to see their sale for paczki day.

Somewhat of a tangent along these lines...a few years ago I got a catalog in the mail, I think it was Roman's. They had a black off the shoulder "peasant" blouse in there, captioned proudly

"La Cucaracha blouse"

OMG...I was laughing so hard I about fell off my chair.

I was quite relieved to see the clue fairy had paid them a visit sometime before the next issue came out, and it was now re-labeled "peasant blouse".

Oh man.

Cockroach blouse. That's priceless.

it really saddens me that so many members of this community are like "wah wah get over it." this marketing IS stupid, stereotypical, offensive nonsense and as a political community we should think about that. ugh.

iawtc. I think people are that way because they like the store.

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It looks like they've just pulled out a bunch of the new clothes they were offering for spring/summer anyway as suggestions for what people could wear to Cinco De Mayo parties, which a lot of people will be going to in a couple of weeks. I doubt any of this stuff was specifically made for the occasion per se, its just a way for them to try to increase sales by connecting these clothes to something people might be worrying about what they were going to wear to.

I think everyone gets that it is just trying to sell clothes. The problem is that they didn't think about what using this method to try and sell clothes might mean in a larger way.

A person of color has concerns about an American company exploiting a cultural celebration for retail kicks.
And a bunch of white folks tell her its no big deal/not purposeful (so get over it!).
I'm sure that made it all better. Let's all have a margarita!!!

Anyway, I'm tired of cultural appropriation being such a big gag. I rarely see POC talking about how much we need to lighten up about race issues. Ignoring racism doesn't make it disappear. I'm "sorry" if this shit is inconvienient or boring.


Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico kicking out the French, who were, you know, white people.

When retailers "exploit" Memorial Day, an American holiday that honors the men and women (mostly men) who fought and died to preserve your freedom to bitch about how awful the U.S. is, I expect you all to be offended right along with me.

Oh yeah, exploiting memorial day with American flags, American flag embellished t-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, and blah blah blah?

Because the United States is just so oppressed....

And there isn't a fucken holiday to celebrate the womyn and men who really fought to give ME and MINE freedom. This isn't some daughters of the revolution bullshit.