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Yacht Club Attire?
SoR Tacky
saintawesome wrote in fatshionista
I need your guys' wise advice.

My sister is getting married next month, and I need a dress for the rehearsal dinner. No problem, right? Well, the problem is her inlaws-to-be are having the rehearsal dinner at a yacht club, and the invitation specifies "Yacht Club Attire". What is yacht club attire, and where can I find it in bigger sizes?

I'm 5'11, usually wear a size 18 or 20 (closer to a 20 lately :/ ), and I really can't afford to spend more than about $100. Any ideas? I really don't have any plus-size stores close by, so it would have to be on the internet. Thanks in advance!

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A life vest and a martini?

I am stumped. :)

However, you definitely need to post pics with whatever you decide to go with! Hee...

ROFL... same thought here...

It would be so awesome if someone showed up in a life vest. One of those old-school orange ones that pulls over your head.

ooh, just make sure you hold your pinky up!!!

I found this:

I'm so not a yacht club person that I have no idea if it's any good though. :-/

I think any dress or outfit that's a little more than casual (but not necessarily formal) would suffice. You might also want to consult with your sister on what her idea of Yacht Club Attire is to be sure.

I'd aim for relatively conservative and ladylike. Nothing terribly bare, aggressive, or funky.

From Chadwicks:

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I'd aim for relatively conservative and ladylike. Nothing terribly bare, aggressive, or funky.

From Chadwicks:

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From Alight:

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Sorry! Mods, please feel free to fix!

I'm thinking something like this...

... plus a cardigan, cute shoes and some snappy jewelry. Maybe?

I second this. Not to mention, it's pretty cheap, and I'd wear it again!

OP, why don't you ask your sister what she's wearing too?

i third's simple and seem appropriate, and the price is okay too. with a cute cropped cardi it would be perfect

I'm thinking maybe LL bean, Gap, Banana Republic type stuff. super prepster. unfortunately, i think the point of this style is that it IS expensive. ew.

Spot on!

Yacht Club Attire:
Men navy blazers and khaki, or bright green or red pants
Ladies summer tea dresses or summer suits
Lilly Pulitzer dresses and red white and blue is always a good choice

Yacht club attire sounds fairly preppy to me, but the level of formality could definitely vary. I would ask your sister, but think Ralph Lauren type of look.

I would probably wear:

but maybe not because of the amount of white

title or description

or this with a cute white button-down:
title or description

Oh, and those are all Lauren by Ralph Lsuren, which they usually have a fair amount of at Macy's and Nordies, so maybe sale racks for a similar look? Anne Klein clothes would also have the sort of preppy look I envision.


All under $100 unless I've included a price:

jjill, $129
Chicos, $118. Only if it doesn't show massive cleavage.
Nordstrom, $138
Nordstrom, $118
Macys, $109

, Macys $158

For a rule of thumb, think about what Charlotte from Sex and the City would wear.

The very idea of "yacht club attire" simultaneously makes me laugh AND makes my skin crawl! But I wanted to say that your icon is the greatest icon I have seen in weeks!

I have no real experience with this but it seems like the perfect occasion for a great shirt dress. Or, maybe a great-fitting and gorgeous jersey dress. Something like this from Kiyonna (too expensive, I know but they always have coupons: Other options:

I'd stay away from black dresses or anything too shiny or frilly. Go for simple, classic, and flattering.

And have fun!

As far as I know, phrases like "yacht club attire" apply more to men than women. Many clubs only allow casual dress in certain areas during certain times. In the evening or in more formal locations of the club, men are required to wear slacks, collared shirts, sometimes ties and jackets depending on the club and event.

That said, any conservative, nice dress that you would normally wear to a rehearsal dinner should be appropriate.

If you're still unsure, I agree with the comments to ask your sister. If you're not comfortable doing that, I would also consider calling the club and asking to review their dress code for private events.

Honestly, I'd just go with a nice pair of dress pants and a blouse. Be comfy and who you are. Don't get all prepped out if you're not comfortable with it.

Smart casual. Not tennis club preppy, more, after work drinks at a nice place sort of look.

no flip flops, no piercings, no baggy old men's plaid golf pants... ;)

i'm thinking back to the summer my best friend worked at a fancy yacht club and i went to visit her (coincidentally on the nights the fireworks were on - they had an awesome view!). those were the things i got glared at for wearing. (luckily, i didn't care, and neither did she)

more seriously, her uniforms were tommy hilfiger - so yes, very preppy, even while teaching sailing. a nice summer dress would be fine, as would a summery skirt (think floral) with a solid top, such as a dressier knit tank or a sweater set. heels, or dressy flats would be standard. the old navy dress is nice if you'd prefer a solid, or else go with one like the lily pulitzer dresses that were linked.

i can't be the only one who immediately thought this:

Oh please please let someone wear this. And let there be pictures.

NOONAN! Noooooooooooooooooooooonannnn....CONCENTRATE!

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