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orange shirt
hoppyone wrote in fatshionista

A friend of mine gave me this website and the deals are unbelievable!!!!! I am going to order several pairs of glasses. With these prices how could you not???


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nope...they are fashion glasses though.

I've ordered from them. I was quite happy with everything about the process except the fact that I mis-measured my pupillary distance, and the glasses give me a headache after a while.

Order one pair before you go hog wild.

I had my eye doctor do a PD measurement- they didn't charge me and it took them like 15 seconds.

(Deleted comment)
the glasses are cheaply made...theyre not high quality or anything. but its legit.

Just curious: How are fashion glasses spam in a fashion community? I mean if soemone posts shoes, standard not wide/bigger calf/designed for someone larger, that isn't spam but glasses to you are...?

ooh! I've been wanting some cute retro glasses, and this may just be the place to get them from! :-) Thanks for posting the link!

A friend of mine ordered from them and she was quite happy. I started to order but then realized I don't have my pupillary distance. I'm going to have my eye doc measure them. I'll probably get one pair of really good glasses from my regular place and then order some fun ones from there.

Ditto. I'm going to the eye doc on Saturday, ordering a pair from her and getting the darn PD. Two times I've mis-measured and totally wonked up my glasses. At least they were only $30! And I was able to donate them, so hopefully someone else made use of them.

I thought Zenni was really low quality. I went to LBW and was *very* happy. http://www.lbweyewear.com/ Also, if you check reviews, Zenni doesn't have the greatest customer service: http://glassyeyes.blogspot.com/ (this blog is suuuuper helpful if you're interested in ordering eyeglasses online.)

Thanks for the LB Eyewear link. I'm going in for new glasses this month and this will give me some options if I don't find anything at my new eye doctor.

i bought 2 pairs from them a few months ago and couldn't be happier. it's true that they aren't top quality, but i'm really rough on my glasses anyway, so spending 24 bucks on two cheaper made pairs is a way better deal than 250 dollars on one as they'll probably last me the same amount of time. i'm planning on getting a pair of prescription sunglasses next, which has always seemed like a major luxury item till now. yay!

ps. it's true that customer service isn't the greatest, but it's not the worst either. they were very friendly when i called to inquire about my shipment, which was a few days late.

i am SO excited by this! i feel the urge to match my glasses to the color i'm wearing that day (really bad habit that results in me not wearing glasses if my outfit isn't primarily black...) and i can finally get a pair of brown ones without breaking the bank :D

My husband just got a pair from Zenni Optical and they are nice.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading through some of the archives and I saw a photo someone posted of their new glasses and the glasses were awesome. They had a twist in the side part (the part that is on like the side of your head) to that you could see the frame front color (black, I think) and the under color too (white, I think). I meant to send that person a message asking what brand they were and I didn't. Now I can't find the post. Does anyone have ANY idea what I am talking about?

i think you might be talking about poli_gone, she has amazing frames that are black and white with a square pattern on the temples. if its not her she has the best glasses i've seen so you should ask her anyway

Hot damn that's amazing. I can tell I need to change my prescription for my glasses, but I've been putting it off for six months because I knew a new pair of glasses was probably going to cost at least $200. Now I can get multiple pairs for way cheaper!! This is so excellent! Thanks so much for sharing the link.

why, oh why couldn't this have been posted two days earlier? I just shelled out 52 bucks for new frames because I broke mine. well, in any case, I'm getting new ones :D thanks!

Ok, so I know this is kinda ghetto of me, but the last time my frames got broken I took the lenses with me to the dollar store, matched the overall shape to a pair of cheap reading glasses, and bought them. When I got home I took out the reading glass lenses, popped mine in, and they fit almost perfect. (But that could be because my brother's an expert at random cheap fixes and stuff like that. xD) Considering I was broke at the time, it was a great solution for someone like me, who's rough with their glasses anyway. So I don't know, your comment made me think of that, and there's a possible tip for you in case you break your frames and don't have any cash for new ones at the moment..

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