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Help me keep 'em covered Fatshionista.
My eye
diseased_inside wrote in fatshionista
Okay folks I need your help.

I need a plain black semi-fitted(as in not princess seamed or cut like a mens button up) button up shirt that maybe stretches a little. You would not think that is an impossible thing to ask for but I have been thwarted at every turn.

I have been so far to Macys, Ross, Torrid (Torrid and I are breaking up sadly), Hot Topic (my boobs laughed), LB, JCPenny, Onestopplus.com, and I am starting to think I will never find it.

I don't want sparklies, ruffles, lace, bell sleeves, ribbons or any other shiny fluttery crap on it.

I am wide shouldered, big boobed, short waisted. I probably need anywhere from a Torrid-ish size 12 to an average 16? 40 D type bust. Long or three quarter sleeves is disco. Hip length or a little longer is fine I can tuck it in. I don't want to pop off buttons or have to wear four layers of stuff under it so I don't have a tit falling out everywhere. I can probably spend up to about 45$ but I would prefer to spend less. However I am willing to squeeze the wallet so I can have a staple in my closet of doom.

Apparently my shopping fu for clothes that don't come from the thrift store is just broken and I am really frustrated.

Also, point me towards plain (no fancy stitching, no shiny, no sequins no butterflies, etc) black boot cut jeans/other warmish pants and I might come through your computer and hump your leg in sheer joy. 30 in inseam size 14 (or can accomdate 34" waist) i will really seriously love you forever. I can't really afford over 50$ for one pair sadly.--Edit..pants have been found at Old Navy. when they arrive I'll do a little review.

http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=5465&pid=501615 it's those for reference.

<x-posted to my regular blog) OH (sorry almost forgot) if you can point me at a pattern for the mythical plain black button up I could probably make one myself. But I am not an experienced pattern buyer yet so I wouldn't know what to look for. Now really thanks.

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Have you tried Fashion Bug or Avenue? Maybe Target or Kohl's? Catharines or Dress Barn?

Edited at 2008-01-19 12:29 am (UTC)

The Target near me has been made of fail lately. I'll check Fashion Bug I always forget about that one. Dress barn had some that were close but not black sadly. Thanks I will check Catharines and Avenue.

have you tried the gap? that is where i get my plain with some stretch button downs and i love them. i have 3/4 sleeves from them and they are wonderful. i will throw in the disclaimer that i live 15 minutes from an amazing gap outlet, so i do most of my shopping from the outlet, but have had great luck at the regular stores as well. on line the sizes go up a to 20/xxl, but at a 38f i am in a l/xl in the shirts, but ymmv.

and, i will say that i love their jeans. especially if you can find their black ones. again- i have had great luck at the outlet with that- finding them for about $25 a pair, so again, ymmv.

good luck.

The Gap I honestly haven't set foot in one in probably like 7 years or so. I hadn't considered them at all thanks.

I bought two at Avenue for $39 or $49, but I can't find them on their site right now. Sorry, but I think if you have an Avenue near you they should have it (maybe call first). They have some stretch, but no other fanciness. I'm with you...I don't need the frills and glitter! I just needed something for interviews/career wear. Good luck and happy shopping! =0)

Avenue seconded I will absolutely check them out. I will be so happy not to have ruffly things flying off of my boobs.

re: pants

Old Navy has jeans in that style, color, and size.

Hot damn.

When I went into the store they didn't have any of these.


Thanks I had put them out of the running entirely.

Old Navy usually has plain black button downs as well.

Yep, that's where I get all of mine for work. I've also found them at Target.

couldnt you look for any shirt pattern and then make a black one?

I think I am going to try. I'll probably get a couple of cheap patterns I can screw up until I get decent at it.

I have a similar body shape, and I just got a fantastic one at Target. Merona brand.

I think the Target I go to must just suck or I am not searching right. I asked someone walking by me today and she said Target too.

Butterick and Simplicity tend to be easier patterns to follow, but also can be on the boxy side. These are the best of those. Remember to check the measurements, since pattern sizes tend to run small (ie, I wear a 16 and cut a 20)-
Simplicity 4487

Butterick 4609

Butterick 6085

Vogue patterns are a higher quality, but the instructions can be less friendly.

<A HREF="http://www.voguepatterns.com/item/V7903.htm?tab=todays_fit_by_sandra_betzina&page=3> Vogue 7903</a>

Gods help me, but I have picked up a couple of decent blouses at WalMart. Kind of an emergency thing....here's the website


They are nothing special, but served in a pinch.

I tried on a few there they fit me kind of weird. Although I think I might buy one to try and make myself a knock off of a Lip Service shirt I've been ogling for a few months.

I am also wide-shouldered, big-boobed, and short-waisted, and I've found button down tops in Maurices, New York and Co., and the occasional one at Express. However, the express ones seem to be a little too low cut for me to feel comfortable wearing at work.

I haven't heard of Maurices or New York and co. I will check Express. They have/had some really nice plain shirts I got quite awhile back.


Charmingshoppes really needs to up their game. Their links are never available when I try to refer someone else to them.

Hi there! Other responses mentioned Avenue, where I got some cheap, excellent jeans not too long ago, but they were selling out quickly as they were on sale. For some other options, I went to look at my 'old stand-bys' for simple classic shirts and pants. This is what I found.

Eddie Bauer's got a shirt that might work but it's way pricey. This one is a little cheaper, but has waist darts -- dunno if that's OK.

This one says it has seams, but I can't see them in the picture (there are bust darts, though, and a wing collar). Nevertheless, it's $14.99!
In regular or plus!

I did a little bit better on pants. The three websites below also have thinner chinos, etc in black, but I stuck to the warmer-weight fabrics.

Lands End reg sizes go up to 18 in pants, and they have women's sizes in most things:
Lands End Bootcut Corduroy, $19.99 reg, $24.99 women's
Lands End Bootcut Velveteen, $24.99 reg, $29.99 women's (There's also a 'curvy fit' on the site if you have more hips/butt)
Lands End 5-pocket Bootcut Twills, $24.99 reg, no women's

L.L. Bean reg sizes go up to 20 in pants:
L.L. Bean Boot Cut Stretch Jeans, $39.50
L.L. Bean Stretch Velveteen Bootcut Jeans, $49.00

Eddie Bauer pants go up to 20 in reg sizes (I think they run small -- YMMV). They have a lots of women's sizes as well. Note that their standard inseam is slightly longer:
EB Classic Bootcut Cords, $23.99 reg)
EB Corduroy Trousers, $28.99 reg, $31.99 women's
EB Velveteen Classic Fit Bootcut Jeans, $39.99 reg, $44.99 women's

BAH! I just saw your edit -- you already have pants. Oops.

I'll leave them in there for furture reference, or in case someone else comes by looking for suggestions.

Sorry! Hope the shirt links help anyway.

i got a plain button down black shirt at lane bryant around october. it was semi stretchy and had this thing so the buttons wouldn't gape, i actually like it a lot.

My sister just got a shirt exactly like this from Fashion Bug.

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