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Fatshionista was mentioned in BUST Magazine!

Hello out there in internet land!

I got my Dec/Jan 08 issue of BUST Magazine in the mail today.

Not only does it have a lovely photo of Beth Ditto and her kitty cat, Rhoda, on the cover complete with a full interview inside but on page 18 they have a whole article entitled Wide Girl Web.

It lists a small list of the "best plus-sized sites" on the internet.

My scanner is on the fritz so I can't share it as I wish but the places listed were:

Joy Nash's "A Fat Rant" on YouTube

Nation of Size (

Big Fat Deal (


Shapely Prose (

and last but certainly not least...

LJ Community Fatshionista!

I'll transcribe what was said about the community.

So those jeans make you look fat? So What? Talk it out at Fatshionista, a Livejournal community devoted to plus-sized style. Filled with links, recommendations, sales, and swaps, it's like a fashion show, a slumber party, and a fat-girl flea market all in one.

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