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Roundup Post of Tights Options

Last Updated 10/6/08
New 2008 version here
Winter is coming up and lady identified fatshionistas start looking for tights. Or at least I do. In an attempt to stave off repeated "where can I find fat girl tights?" posts, I'm making a big round up of all the places I've found them. I'm noting price, size range and color options. Some of these tights are only going to fit inbetweenies/smaller fat. Options for taller fat and larger fat are limited (thought I did find some). Additions to this post are welcome. I'm focusing on tights, and mostly looked for online ordering options. For panty hose, fishnets or socks you need another post.

Checking the the hoisery/tights tag will get you tons of reviews from fatshionistas.

The fattastic theoryofgravity posted information about converting regular size tights into thigh highs that fit fat legs.

The elegant notprada wrote to Deva Life Wear to get more information about how wide their tights and socks are.

The sasstastic originalenid wrote the first review of We Love Colors tights, and plenty more have followed (mostly negative). BUT WAIT in response to the criticism, We Love Colors has brought out *new* plus size tights with nylon/lycra in them. These are getting rave reviews for everything but their price ($15/pair). Positive review from a 300lbs+ person and another review here from someone about 250 lbs.

The swoon-worthy hhholiday posted tons of info about garter belts, girdles and other things to hold up either thigh high stockings, or tights cut into thigh highs, and some general comments on places to get plus tights (sadly none of them have funky colors that I can tell).

The glorious kaligrrrl listed her reviews of some tights she has tried (she is 5'10, 340 pounds, and wears a size 28 on the bottom)

Target stores have plus size tights from Merona (review, review) and ASSETS by Sara Blakely (cheaper version of Spanx). K-Mart carries Queen Latifah branded tights, and Sears has some plus tights.

I've put an asterix (*) by tights which come in extended sizes.

*Opaque tights from Jessica London $16. Thru 5x (34W). Cedar, chocolate, vanilla, graphite.

*Old school cable tights. $18.00 Old school cabled tights. Black, dark brown, graphite, dark red. Thru 5x. review

*Plus opaque tights from Roamans. $13.99 Thru 8x. Grape, wine, black, navy, beige, cream.

*Comfort opaque tights in a 3pack from Roamans $13.99 Thru 5x. Navy, white, burgundy, hunter green.

Control top tights from Lane Bryant Steel grey $14. Thru C/D (300 lbs)

Super opaque tights from Lane Bryant $14. Black. Thru 300lbs. review

Body shaper tights from Lane Bryant $14. Black. Thru 300lbs

Classic tights from Lane Bryant $14. black thru 300lbs.

Control top tights from Lane Bryant $14. Black, cedar brown, charcoal, eggplant, rosebush. Thru 300lbs

Spanx Extra Control 'Tight End' tights $26. Black and chocolate. Thru "G" (325lbs) (also from Torrid here $26)

*Spanx high waisted body shaping tights $38. Black, chocolate. Thru 350 lbs.

Spanx tights from Spanx $38. Thru 325 pounds. Brown, black, smoke and nude. review, review.

Just My Size silky tights, 3 pack $13.88/4pr. Thru 4x (300 lbs). Ivory, black, grey, very navy, brown

*Just My Size nylon tights 1x-6x (thru 400 lbs). $6.99. Chocolate, linen, navy, black

Just My Size cotton blend tights $7.99 (cotton w/ nylon/spandex). Thru 4x (300lbs). Black, grey, very navy, brown. review

Torrid black tights $12. Black. Thru size 26. review

Torrid pink tights $12. Pink. Thru size 26.

Leg Avenue Plus Stripey tights. $7. A variety of colors. Fit up to 250 lbs, and less than 5'9".

*Cotton tights $32 through a 4x (about a size 26/28). review

Nordstrom opaque control top tights $10. black, brown, navy, red, purple. Thru 295 lbs.

*Avenue tights $12.00 Thru 375 lbs. Black and brown, various styles review.

*Opaque tights from Catherine's $6.99 Thru 7x. black,brown, navy.

*Opaque control top tights from Catherine's $6.99 Thru 5x Black.

HUE opaque control top tights $11. Size 1-5 (thru 300 lbs). black, navy, brown, loden, sapphire, grey.

HUE opaque tights $11 Size 1-5 (thru 300 lbs) Black, brown, port. review

Chock catalog also carries HUE tights (but sizes 4 & 5 come in limited colors), but read the reviews (mostly negative).

*Old Style tights from We Love Colors $9.00 45 colors. 2x-4x (330 lbs), but read the reviews (mostly negative)

update 9/10/08
* NEW Plus tights w/ lycra from We Love Colors $15 45 colors. Sizing thru 375 pounds, and there is a positive review from someone who weighs over 300lbs, as well as other positive reviews for the NEW lycra blend tights.

*Oldy style black/color striped tights from We Love Colors $12. 45 colors 1x-4x (max 330 lbs), but read the reviews (mostly negative).

Tights for 200lbs or less (ish)
Eddie Bauer control top tights $12.50. Thru XXL (size 22, 39.5" waist, 49.5" hips). Black, java, merlot, navy.

Eddie Bauer control top heathered tights $12.50. Thru XXL (size 22, 39.5" waist, 49.5" hips). Charcoal.

Eddie Bauer mini cable control top tights $12.50. Thru XXL (size 22, 39.5" waist, 49.5" hips). Black, dark brown.

Opaque tights from Foot Traffic. $10. Variety of colors. thru 200lbs

Wool tights $36 thru an XL (220 lbs). Black, charcoal, chocolate, ecru, nocturno.

Tracy Reese Polka Dot tights $28. Polka dots. Thru 200lbs.

DKNY rib tights $16.00 Tall thru 195 Black, Iron Melange.

DKNY control top opaque tights $12.50 Tall thru 195. Black, chocolate, ruby.

HUE cable knit tights $18.00 Black cable knit. Thru 200 lbs.

HUE flat knit sweater tights $18.00 black and brown. Thru 200lbs.

E.G. Smith 'bigger and better' tights $22. No sizing guidelines except "roomier stretch." Black, navy, red, wheat. review, review

Opaque tights from Sock Dreams $10.00 Black, brown, fuchsia, natural, olive. Plus through 200lbs
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