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[Mod] Small changes to sales post rules.
under pressure
theoryofgravity wrote in fatshionista
The sales post rules have a new addition - as of this Friday, sales posts should ONLY contain items fitting a size XL/US14 and up (non-US items should be comparable sizes). Posts containing items smaller than these sizes will be rejected from the queue with instructions to edit the inappropriate items out. If you have an item that's marked a L or whatever but would actually fit an XL+, just note that in your post. Furthermore, sales posts should only contain wearable items: clothes, shoes, accessories, and so forth.

We've made these decisions in response to member feedback, and as an attempt at keeping sales posts on topic.

Why are we no longer including size 12? I thought "plus-sized" meant 12 and up.

That's a really hotly contested issue, I find. 14 is the mark I hear most people use, but lots of plus stores (Torrid, etc) carry 12s as well, so not everyone agrees.

We choose XL/14 primarily because that's our (semi-flexible) minimum guideline for folks who post OOTDs, and thus adding it to the sales post rules is at least consistent.

sales posts should only contain wearable items: clothes, shoes, accessories, and so forth

yay! thank you.

(Deleted comment)

vhs tapes will not be missed.

i thought i was the only one who noticed that corrina corrina video!

I have to say, I'll really miss the 12s.

what about sizes for men's items?

Good question! I'll bring that to the mod group and get back to you.

yay! I've been avoiding sales posts because of the vast amounts of cell phones and dvds.

It's blowing my mind because I had no idea this was happening so often - I never read sales posts except for the ones I approve.

I know that all of the mods most likely spent a lot of time coming to a decision about what sizes to limit the sales posts to and I very much respect that... but I would also like to vote for you to include size 12's in your acceptable ranges. I'm not a 12 myself, but considering that Torrid sizes go that low, it might be fair to consider allowing for that size as well...

Not trying to stir the pot, and not trying to say Torrid should dictate the community, just my opinion... :)

(Deleted comment)
I have noticed this as well - I think it is a convention of juniors sizing colliding with the whole vanity sizing thing.

(Deleted comment)
As theoryofgravity mentioned to someone else - it's rather hotly contested. We definitely considered it from the beginning and are revisiting that now.

I agree that the size range in the title is uber-helpful. I browse the sales posts from my phone a lot and don't even bother with the ones that don't include the sizes just because I don't have the time!

How about the clothes that are just horribly outdated and ugly that no one would buy? That is just aggravating me to seeing a lot of crap on here week after week.

Ditto. There's one sales post week after week with a t-shirt I bought at Old Navy 4 years ago, or more. (I had it in college, so at least 3 years.)

(Deleted comment)
What about things that are MARKED XL...but end up fitting a S/M.

Can we PLEASE do something about that?


You might want to clarify what is considered an accessory. For example, could someone sell a purse? That's not exactly wearable, but it's still an accessory.


you do technically wear a purse on your arm. but that's just my point of view, which could be wrong.

i do know that you can't wear a copy of corrina, corrina on your body, no matter how awesome it is.


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