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Curves Style
me! by the_white_girl
emanuelle wrote in fatshionista
This is almost completely irrelevant for most of you, forgive me. I'm posting it because there are a few members from central Europe here who might be really excited about it.

A posh plus size designer store has opened in Düsseldorf, Germany, Curves und Co. This is the first of it's kind that I'm aware of, in our region. Real fashion, cut for real curves, sizes 40-56 (US 12-26).
The even have an online store, Curvesstyle, that ships to all EU countries. Most of us won't be able to afford even a hair clip of theirs, but I still love looking at it, it's some serious inspiration on how to interpret current fashion for a curvy shape.

And it gives me hope! Maybe this means some kind of change is underway! Maybe, one day, in... a hundred years, a continental European will just have to go around the corner and into a shop if she craves a paper-thin, sparkly Torrid top, instead of having to order one from overseas, with $25 added for shipping and $55 for taxes!

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I will be in Duesseldorf in a few weeks - I can't afford to drop over $300 on a dress right now, but I want to go into the store and check it out. Finally! I really want to try on this dress:


gorgeous! now if only i had a reason to be in cannes, or some similar jet-setting place, then those clothes would be perfect! :)

That looks awesome! I totally would have made a trip to Duesseldorf from Prague if that had been open when I was living there. The prices are pretty frightening, though.

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