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Happy to be fat!?
morphiagoddess wrote in fatshionista
So I was over on MTV.com because a co-worker of mine was yacking about the new Tila Tequila show, A Shot at Love, With Tila Tequila. That's a whole other story though! LoL

Anyhow, I was talking to her about the other show True Life. So I mosey-ed on over to the casting calls for the show. Ya know where they post what upcoming topics will be and you can apply with your photo and story to be on the show. Let's see what I found...

True Life: I Need Anger Management

True Life: I'm Schizophrenic

True Life: I'm a Southern Belle

True Life: I'm Happy to be Fat...

What? So they're going to do a show on Fat Acceptance? Somehow I don't see this thing being positive. I mean, granted the description below sounds like it might have a positive ring to it. But something about this just seems wrong. Something sounds like it's going to just mock a fat person. I dont know.

True Life: I'm Happy to be Fat

Are you overweight but comfortable with your body type? Do friends and family urge you to lose weight but you don't listen? Do you appreciate the feeling or appearance of being fat or do you like to date men or women who are overweight? Do you want to increase your weight? Have you set a goal in bodyweight or size that you're trying to reach? Have you encountered health problems or risks while trying to reach your goal?

If you appear to be between the ages of 18 and 28, and are happy to be fat, email us at: fat@mtvstaff.com with all of the details.

Please be sure to include your name, location, phone number and a photo, if possible.

What do you guys think? Are any of you going to email this staff to try out? Or do you think that it's all just fun and insults?

Oh, and you know.. I know how this show ends up. My highschool was the one in True Life: Prom Night. They butcher everything you say and turn it into whatever they want to hear. I dont know about this. Any comments, arguments.. etc??

I feel fat, but not happy today.

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I definitely understand your anxiety over the issue. But it seems like these folks have a bunch of pre-conceived notions about how fat people are (like everyone does) that need some serious smashing. The whole description that they listed is rife with problems. For example: "Do you want to increase your weight?" No, I just make an effort to be happy with my body regardless of how much I weigh. "Have you encountered health problems or risks while trying to reach your goal?" WTF? This shows that they clearly think that all fat people are fat on purpose, and that they actively strive to be fat.

No, I actively strive to be happy.

Sounds like they need a good kick in the butt. If you think you can handle their word-twisting ways, go for it. Someone needs to do it!

Yeah they definitely twist words. When my highschool was on the show, there was this junior class girl that was heading up the Prom committee and they followed her around for a few months. She ended up saying some nasty things but they just emphasized them and replayed them repeatedly. Like, stuff she said but shouldnt have been aired. I know that two faced people are screwed up and should be shoved in the head and all, but I really felt bad because after it aired the following summer, she moved away and transfered schools after all the hate mail and crap she got. She couldn't even go to her Senior Prom because so many people made it difficult to attend school there anymore.

it was pretty shitty, even if she was pretty shitty to begin with

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