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Links and resources online

~~Last updated 06 February 2010~~

Please comment with your additions so we can keep this list growing!
Please also comment if any links are broken or have incorrect information and I'll be happy to make the corrections.

Size Acceptance
Big Fat Blog - A weblog focusing on fat acceptance articles, links, and issues.
Don't Tell Me What Size I Must B - Size acceptance community.
ISAA - The mission of the International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA) is to promote size acceptance and fight size discrimination throughout the world by means of advocacy and visible, lawful actions.
NAAFA - Non-profit human rights organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people.
No Lose - NOLOSE* is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to ending the oppression of fat people and creating vibrant fat queer culture.
Shapely Prose - Kate Harding's smart web log of size acceptance.
The F Word - Size acceptance blog with an enlightening perspective.
The Rotund - Great blog centering around size acceptance.

Health & the Active Life
A Big Attitude - Plus size active wear for sizes 12-38.
Ad In Tennis - Tennis and active wear to size 24.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition - Trade journal for nutritional information.
Anti Monkey Butt - The most humorously named chub rub prevention powder on Earth.
Big Moves - Every body can dance...but not everybody is ready to get out on the dance floor and do it. That's where Big Moves steps in, opening the world of dance to people of all sizes!
Body Glide - Helps prevent chafing from rubbing - no more chub rub.
Body Positive - Looks at ways we can feel good in the bodies we have.
Bodysuit.com - Plus size active wear to sizes 24.
Chajonshim - Martial Arts Wear.
Danskin - Active wear and tights to size 4x.
Edancewear - Active wear and tights to size 4x.
Moondance - Belly dance accessories and clothing.  Sold by waist size.
Netsweat - Active wear to size 6x.
Obesity Research - Journal published by The Obesity Society.
Soothing Care - Fighting chub rub without bike shorts.
Terry Bicycles - Bicycles, gear, and women's active wear up to 4x.
Tools for Yoga - Yoga gear and clothing up to 4x.

All Plus Size - Tons of links to tons of things
Beauty Plus Power - Wide range of resources.  Shopping to literature to editorials.
ChunkeBusiness.com - Fat-friendly gifts for your curvy friends (or yourself!).
Fat Chic - Awesome Blog about all things plus sized and an amazing link list. (huge thanks to theperfumer    for sharing this!)
Fat Fu - Great blog with lots of links and resources.
Life Tips - Info on body types and how to best fit/compliment your shape with your clothes.
Living XL - Lifestyle needs for the larger person from towels to chairs to camping gear to personal hygiene products.
Mr. Big XL - Wider hangers for the wider shouldered clothing and wide necked clothing.  No more poofy shoulders or falling off the hangers.
Plus Size USA - Link heaven for all sorts of plus size related stuff.
Plus Size Yellow Pages - Another resource of links out the wazoo.
Retailer Links - From our own Fatshionista, firecat .  This is her web page of gazillions of retailers.
So What If - Links to plus size retailers.

LBW Eyewear - Get your pretty specs online!
Zenni Optical - Lots of glasses with great prices.  Posted here.


General Clothing
Addtion Elle - Latest women's fashions from sizes 12-26.
Adini Plus - Wardrobe basics to 4x.
Alien Skin - UK  based retailer with awesome Cyber, Goth, Kawaii, and Faerie clothing from Small to XXXL/30.
Alight - Fresh women's clothing sizes 14-34.
Alloy - Teen fashions sizes 0-25.
Always for Me - Stylish swim wear, cover ups, lingerie, and active wear up to 4x with some to 6x.
Anastasia's Fashions - UK based eBay seller with women's clothing to size 28.
Apple Bottoms - Hip, sexy clothes for ladies to 3x.
Ashley Stewart - Fashion forward brick and mortar store.
Ashro - Great selection of clothing including an Afro-centric section of their site.  Women's sizes to 3x.
Astarte Woman - Very feminine clothing in plus sizes!  Sizes 14-32.
Avenue - Great women's fashions in sizes 14-32.
B & LU - Beautiful plus size fashions sizes 14-30.
B. Coole Designs - Custom sewn clothing and costumes for men, women, and children.  Ladies sizes to 3x.
Babs - "Real sizes for Real women" sizes 2-26.
Baby Phat - Trendy fashions for ladies to 3x for tops and to size 24 for bottoms.
Barrie Pace - Wide range of clothing and shoes for ladies to size 24.
BBW Boutique - Goth, club, Victorian, renaissance and summer wear for ladies size 1-7x.
Bealls Florida - Women's clothing to size 28.  Also sells shoes and clothing for men and kids.
Bedford Fair - Women's clothing sizes up to 4x.
Belle Avenue - Hot trends in fashion sizes 14-24
Big at Heart - T-shirts and sweat shirts from 4x-10x.
Big Dogs - Casual wear for men and women to size 5x.
Big Girl Gear - "Flirty fashions" for women with bust sizes 42"-78" and hip sizes 48"-96".
Big Girls United - Site under construction.
Big Girls Wardrobe - UK based eBay seller with fashions to size 32 (UK).
Big Idea: Full Figured Fashion - Scotland brick and mortar women's clothing store.
Big on Batik - Tops, dresses, pant sets, swimwear, cover-ups and even larger sized jewelry for the plus and super sized woman, with sizes ranging from 1X-8X.
Bigger Trendy Fashions - UK based eBay seller with women's clothing in sizes 14-26.
Blair - Smaller sizes up to 3x in women's clothing.  Also has a men's line.
Bloomingdales - Bloomies' fashions in plus sizes 14-24.
Bodacious Boutique - Smaller online store, women's sizes 14-34.
Boden USA - Women's clothing to size 18.
Born Too Late Vintage - Vintage clothing.  Sizes vary as does selection.
Boscovs - Women's fashions to size 24.
Bosomy - Site under construction as of 06 Jan 2009.  UK based retailer with pretty women's fashions sizes 16-32.
Brylane Catalog Outlet - Has women's (up to 6x) and men's (up to 10x) plus size clothing. True outlet prices!
Buxom Babe - UK based eBay seller for women's clothing sizes 8-28.
By Ro! - Specializing in plus sized swim wear, and adding club wear and lingerie.  Sizes 18-40.
Carabella - Varied women's fashions and swim wear with a few styles extending to size 20.
Casual Plus - Nice casual clothes for ladies 1-5x.
Catherines - Women's fashions 16-34.
Cathouse Clothing -
Cato Plus - Brick and mortar store with fashion previews on their web site.
Chadwicks - Classic women's fashions to size 26.
Champion Sports - Sports wear and sports bras to 4x.
Cherished Woman - Chic women's clothing sizes 14-24, each item has it's own size chart.  A little on the pricy side.
City Chic - "Fashion forward retailer bringing the latest trends to the size 14-24 market in Australia"
Coldwater Creek - Quality, stylish women's clothing to size 26.
Crimson Empress - Beautiful Goth clothing to size 30.  Custom sizing and fabrics offered.
Curvation - Queen Latifah's line of women's clothing.  To size 24.
Curvety - UK based retailer with classy clothing in sizes extending to 36.
Curves Style - German site with posh clothes (and posh prices) to women's US size 12-26
Curvy Girl Clothing - Beautiful women's clothing sizes 18-32.  Also on eBay.
Curvy Kitten Loot - eBay retailer with clothes and hosiery up to about a 7X for those who like the ladies clothing. A bunch of Torrid stuff some decent deals but like new-ish prices.
Daddyos - Awesome dresses with a 50s vintage feel.  Some styles to 3x.
Daisy Maze - Junior plus clothing to size 3x.
Daphne - Pricy but stylish women's clothing to size 5x.  Looks like quality fabrics and construction.
DatGurl - On hiatus until Spring 2009.
Deb Shops - Junior plus from casual to formal.  Brick and mortar store with fashion previews online, and you can buy gift certificates online.
Dellamondo - Trendy women's fashions.  Sizing is a little confusing.  The size chart goes up to size 20, but jeans are available in sizes 30-34 - not sure if that is actual waist measurement or the size of the jean.
Deva Lifewear - Natural fiber clothing for men and women to size 3x.
Diesel Femme - "Diesel Femme Wear combines industrial & boudoir, recycled & new, costume & practicality. It comes in sizes XS-8X, in both feminine and masculine flavors."
Dillards - Good range of styles for ladies to size 4x.
Dion Jones - Custom women's clothing.  Size chart goes to 7x, but I think she'd do larger as well.
Distinction Plus - Varied women's fashions from size 12-30.
Dots - Brick and mortar store with plus size clothing (no sizing on site). 
Draper's and Damon's - Classic and more mature fashions to size 3x.
Dress Barn - Brick and mortar store with fashion preview online.  Sizes 14-24.
Eddie Bauer - Women's clothing up to size 26.
Elisa's Bodacious House of Style - eBay seller with a varying selection of women's clothing to size 8x and sometimes above.
Elizabeth Townley Designs - UK based retailer for the same line of clothing as Holy Clothing, but slightly pricier.  Also has a few items that Holy Clothing does not (and vice versa).
Embody Denim - Jeans in sizes 8-24 with some "interesting" care instructions (don't wash 'em if you don't need to, and don't put them in the drier!)
Entitled - Australian retailer
eshakti - Custom clothing from India
Evans - UK based retailer with a glorious selection of women's clothing sizes 14-32.
Evision Arts - T-shirts to size 32/34.
Exel for Men and Women - Custom clothing made to order.
Express Urway Boutique - A lot of church suits.  Sizes 4-36.
Extra Fresh Produce - Casual women's clothing in sizes 1-3x
FairyFairyland - eBay seller with interesting tops and sweaters up to a 3X.
Fallen Angel Fashions and Brute Force Leather - Corsets in fabric or leather to size 50 (up to waist size of 54")
Fashion Bug - Fun and classic plus size fashions.
Fashion Overdose - An edgy, fem, street, couture line for women to size 5x (looks junior sized tho).
Fashion to Figure - Women's fashions sizes 14-26.
Fat Fancy - Portland Brick and Mortar.
Gallery Serpentine - Australia based retailer for goth clothing to size 20 and corsets to size 40 (waist size 44")
garinvaplus - eBay retailer with some nice clothing to 5x.
Gayla Bentley - Stylish, timeless clothing to size 28.
Generous Fashions - Great variety of women's clothing in sizes 16-36.
Go Figure Clothing Shop - Brick and mortar store in San Francisco carrying women's clothing at least to 3x.
Goldie's Boutique - eBay seller with a selection of women's clothing to 7x (selection will vary).
Gothic Haven - UK based retailer offering a unique selection of clothing in a range of gothic styles including corsets in satin, brocades, velvet and leather, sultry PVC wear, underwear and romantic Victorian designs for Men and Women.
Grandsizes - eBay seller with lots of plus sized clothing, but seems a bit over priced.
Grand Style - Shopping site that links to other sellers.
Groovyware - Tie-dye short and long sleeve t-shirts to 6x.
Gurley Gear - Casual (and a little sporty) women's clothing to 5x.
Gypsy Moon - features romantic fantasy styles and sumptuous fabrics, many in "Bountiful" size (probably around size 24).
Haband - A lot of casual wear for men and women
Harper Greer - has original designs in sizes up to 26W.
Hollywood Diva - eBay seller with nice trendy clothing size 14-30.
Holy Clothing - Gothy gypsy dresses, skirts, and tops up to 5x.  Also on eBay.
Hot Topic - Men's and women's gothy & punk fashions to 4x for guys/unisex and size 26 for ladies.
Hourglass Fashions - has a wild collection of clubwear, costumes, lingerie, and other racy outfits, in sizes up to 12X.
How Cool - Makes me think of Hot Topic but with trashy lingerie too.  Sizes to 3x for ladies.
Igigi - Trendy and classic clothing in sizes 14-32.
Jag Apparel - Variety of plus sized fashions with some up to size 34.
JC Penney - Women's plus fashions in sizes 16-24.
Jeannie Nitro Voluptuous Vamps - Goth clothing up to a bust measurement of 46" and waist of 38".
Jessica London - Timeless women's fashions from sizes 14-34.
JJill - Quality ladies clothing up to size 28.
Jujonia - Casual and active wear in sizes 14-40.
Just My Size - Women's clothing with extended sizes up to 6x.
Kathleen Sommers - Women's clothing to size 16.  A bit on the pricey side.
Kathy's Treasures - Women's fashions in sizes 14-32.
Kismet Bazaar - Tunics and kaftans in "plus size" (one size).  Most items have bust and length measurements.
Kiyonna - Lovely line of stylish contemporary clothes sizes 10-32.
Kmart - Junior plus, women's plus, and men's plus sizes.  Women's sizes 16-26, men's 2x-4x.
Kohl's - Plus sized ladies fashions sizes 16-24.
La Pink - Trendy fashions to size 26/3x.
La Redout - UK based site with trendy, pretty clothes in sizes up to 36.
Lands End - Casual wear and outer wear to size 3x.
Lane Bryant - Women's fashions sizes 14-28 focusing on current trends.
Lane Bryant Catalog - Sizes 14 to 44 in women's clothing.
Laraine's.com - Novelty, holiday, and swim wear to size 3x.
Large Ladies Clothing - UK based retailer with a variety of dresses, tops, and pants to size 38 (UK).
Laura Plus - Canada based Brick and Mortar store with women's fashions sizes 14-24.
lily0808168 - China based eBay seller with 4x and 5x women's clothing.
Lip Service - Goth/punk clothing to XXL for ladies.
Liv'n Out Loud - Lifestyle slogan t-shirts and sweat shirts to XXL.
Liz Claiborne - Plus size clothing sizes 14-24.
LL Bean
- Casual and active wear to size 26, great wide width hiking boots too!
Long Elegant Legs - Clothing for tall ladies to size 22.  Some inseams as long as 39".
Love Your Peaches - Ladies' clothing and swim wear in 1-6x.
Lulu's - eBay retailer.  Up to 6X. Tops, lingerie, lots of stuff from Roaman's. Lots of really good prices.
Macy's - It's Macy's!  General women's fashions with plus sizes ranging from 14-24.
Make Your Own Jeans - Jeans and dress pants custom to your measurements and preferences!  Look to spend between $70 and $100 per pair.
Making It Big - Well made women's clothing in quality fabrics for sizes 2x-7x.
Mateusse - Casual, active, and lounge wear in sizes 14-38.
Maximum Woman - Current women's fashions sizes 12-32.
Mechanical Bunny - Gothy (and some not so goth) fashions for plus size.  They go by inch measurements rather than sizes on each of their items.  Looks like bust measurements 42"-50" with waist measurements 32"-54".
Midnight Velvet - Classic and current women's fashions in sizes 6 to 26.
Mimi's Curvy Corner - Trendy women's clothing sizes 14-36.
Mirror Image Boutique - Auction site selling loads of stuff, and clothing too.
Miss Plus - Younger fashions sizes 12-28.
MissPhit - Sizes 14-24 - beautiful trendy clothing
Monif C - Fantastic dresses, tops and bottoms (and shoes) for sizes 14-24.
Monterey Bay - Classic women's clothes in sizes 4-26.
More to Hug - More conservative styles in sizes 14-60.
Moroccan Magic - eBay seller with flowy, romantic clothing in small to 6x!
MXM - Trendy lady's clothing from sizes 12-28.
My Size - Australia based retailer selling beautiful women's clothing (basics, career, trendy).  Check their sizing here.
Myles Ahead - They have their own sizes, but fit super-sized ladies!  Career, casual, and evening clothing.  Lots of flowy designs.
Neel Gagan - Site is "under construction and will be relaunching soon."
Newport News - Classic and trendy fashions in sizes 2-26.
Nordstrom - Yes, the Nordstrom, complete with high prices, BUT it's everything from career, to wardrobe basics, trendy, and conservative and expect high quality.  Sizes 14-24.
Norm Thompson - Women's career and casual clothing up to 3x.
Nygard - Beautiful women's fashions in sizes 4-24.
Old Navy - Women's clothing sizes 16-30.
Old Pueblo Traders - Casual, conservative clothing up to size 38.
One Stop Plus - Central shopping site for Woman Within®, Roaman's ®, Jessica London ®, KingSize®, Chadwicks ®, metrostyle™, BrylaneHome ®, and Brylane Catalog Outlet ®.
Pacific Plex - eBay retailer with junior clothing to 5x.
Pago Pago - UK based retailer with women's fashions sizes 12-30 (UK).
Paradise on a Hanger - Men's and women's Hawaiian shirts and dresses.
Peggy Lutz Plus - Pricey, but their clothes are sexy and gorgeous!  Sizes 12-40.
Pendleton Woolen Mills - Basics and career wear sizes 14-24.
Pennington's - Classic to trendy women's clothing in sizes 14-32
Perfect Fit Plus Size Fashions - eBay retailer with women's plus and plus maternity to size 3x.
Plus by Design - Pricey but beautiful classic pieces for women.  Sizes 12-30.
Plus Size Clothing UK - UK based eBay seller with clothing sizes 16-30.
Plus Size Sarongs - Sarongs measuring 88" x 46".
Plus Woman - Wardrobe basics and lounge wear sizes 1x to 10x.
QVC - Wide range of women's fashions to 3x, and limited men's fashions to size XXXL.
RadFatties.com - Unisex fat angst, political statement, size acceptance t-shirts and other apparel to 4x.
Rainbow - Brick and mortar store with fashion previews online.
Rainbow Jo - Lots of batiks in dresses, tops, skirts, etc.  Up to size 36.
Ralph Lauren - Plus line goes up to size 22.
Ravishing Women - "We are proud to carry a wide variety of unique and well known brands including Baby Phat, Seven7 Jeans, LOL Clothing, Point Zero, Tommy Hilfiger, Levis, Anonymous, Lana Lee, Ingenuity, B & Lu, Kiyonna, Size Appeal, Nine West, Jones of New York Sport, and Ki-Ke."
Real Bodies - All batiks - lots of different patterns.  Sizes 4-30.
Road Rash Apparel - Biker gear, t-shirts, lingerie to size 3x.
Roamans - Wide range of women's apparel in sizes 12-32 with selected fashions to size 44.
RocaWear - Mens trendy casual wear to size 6x in shirts and 56 in pants.  Women's to size 3x in tops and 24 in pants.
Rosalee Womansize Apparel - Wide range of women's fashions from casual to formal.  Sizes 1x-9x.
Rubenesque - Flowy women's clothing.  Couldn't find sizing info.
Sanctuarie Designs - Flowing fashions from Large to 9x.
Sarah Michelles - Online store appears to be empty?
Sari Safari - Sarees and other glorious Indian dress for women and men.
Savvy Plus - Portland Brick and Mortar
Says Who? - Flowy clothes for sizes 12-28.
Sears - Wide range of plus fashions in sizes 16-26.
Shattered Glass Designs - Gothic, Punk, Wiccan & Japan fashions to size 28.
Shop Chop Suey - eBay seller with a selection of clothing to 4x.
Shukr Online - Islamic clothing for men (to size 5x) and women (to size 4x).
Signature Girl Fashion - eBay retailer with links for up to 5x/30, but with no items in the plus size categories currently.
Silhouettes - Wide selection in sizes 12-26 with some selection up to size 42.
Sixteen 47 - UK based retailer.  Clothing line by Dawn French and Helen Teague.  Click for sizing.
Size Appeal - Trendy women's clothing sizes 14-28.
Size Queen Clothing -
Soft Surroundings - Pretty lady's clothing up to size 24.
Spiegel's - Sleek and stylish women's fashions to size 26.
Steel Toe Studios - Unique leather belts (& buckles) in standard and custom sizing.
Strange Monster - Rock 'n Roll, Goth, trendy printed t-shirts to 3x.  They will accept custom orders for larger sizes too.
Suzanne Bell's Fashions - Canada (BC) based retailer with flowing womens clothes from 1x to 6x.
Svoboda - Premium denim for ladies up to 4x (22/24).
SWAK Designs - Trendy fashions sizes 14-26 with some going up to 28.
Tabi - Brick and mortar store in Canada with fashion previews online and limited online shopping.  To size 24.
Taking Shape - Australian Brick and Mortar and online store with trendy and classic clothes in sizes up to 24.
Talbots - Big selection of career and casual wear up to size 24.
Tarantula Clothing Company - Awesome vintage feel.  Ladies clothing to size 2x.
Target - Target's plus sizes are 16-30.
tfdfireman2002 - eBay seller with lots of pretty dresses in a variety of sizes and styles.
The Clothing Whore - Robes, kimonos, corsets, goth and renaissance-ish clothing up to size 24, but will do custom sizing for $50 more.
The Gracia Collection - Basic women's fashions and lingerie in sizes 18-40.
The Modern Goddess - Tops, dresses, gowns, costumes - some ready made and will do custom work.
The Shiny Blouse - eBay seller with a variety of sizes and styles.
Toni Plus - Brick and mortar store in Canada (Ontario) with designer fashions sizes 14-22.
Torrid - Stylish, sexy, young, adventurous styles in sizes 12-28.
Travel Smith - Travel, casual, and career wear up to size 26.
Trentacosta - Brick and mortar.  Lovely fashions, trendy, fitted.  Up to size 26.
Two Sisters - Features formal and cruise/resort clothing up to size 3x.
Ulla Popken - Classic styles and wardrobe staples in womens' sizes 12-38.
Utilikilts - Kilts from casual to business for waists to 60".
Va Va Va Voom Clothing - Dresses for plus-size and super-size women sizes 2x-6x.
Venus Clothes - Sexy & a bit gothy clothing sizes 14-32
Vive La Femme - Brick and Mortar store in Chicago "Offering the latest looks & trends exclusively in sizes 12-24 for Chicago’s stylish women of size."
Voluptuous Woman - From classy to urban, casual to career, they've managed to include it in their smallish collection.  Up to 4x.
Walmart - Women's clothing up to size 32 (5x).
Whirling Turban - Delicious vintage custom clothing up to 3x.
Wild Women Are All Sizes - "Wild Woman" logo shirts up to size 4x.
Winter Couture - A small but nice selection of women's clothing with a classic feel (some with a hint of goth) in Slinky Knit and stretch velvet to 4x.
Woman Within - Huge selection of women's clothing covering the complete range of styles in sizes 12 to 44.
Women of Substance - Variety of styles to size 6x.
Women's Suits - Mother of the bride and church suit collection.  Sizing varies and is listed beneath each picture.
Zaftique - Beautiful range of women's clothing up to size 6Z (36/38).
Zafu - Spiffy search engine that you answer some questions about fit for bras or pants, size and measurement info, and they give you matching results.
Zapelle - Beautiful custom clothing from India with standard sizes to 3x.

Formals & Bridals
Absolute Woman - Evening and formal wear sizes 18-32.
Anna Brooks - Special occasion clothing sizes 12-28.
Coco Myles - Custom, well priced evening gowns to size 32.
CyberGown - Formal wear up to 8x.
David's Bridal - Bridal and formal wear to size 26.
Discount Dresses - Formal wear to size 30 (which they call 8x).
Fit Rite Fashions - Womens formal fashions and church suits to size 26.
Peggy Lutz Plus - Pricey, but their clothes are sexy and gorgeous!  Has bridal and formal wear. Sizes 12-40.
Plus Size Bridal - Beautiful bridal and formal gowns sizes 16 to 32.
Prom Girl - Collection of gowns from several retailers in a range of plus sizes (at least to 32).
Sequin Queen - Sequined and beaded gowns from sizes 2 to 36 for the glam girl or drag queen in all of us!
Sidney's Closet - Special occasion & bridal dresses sizes 14-44.

Lingerie and Underthings
Alectra - Plus size lingerie designed to lavish the curves of full figured women, sizes 0x to 5x.
Amble Bosom - Bras to size 58J
Ample Pleasure - Lingerie to size 28, 50D.
Baby Girl Boutique - Sexy clothing and lingerie to size 3x.
Bare Necessities - Bras to size 58C.
BeaBea - UK based retailer, can search for bras by band size OR cup size, not both at the same time.
Beautiful Essentials - Lingerie and some bras.  Size chart page loads blank.
Big Boxers of Brooklyn - Boxers, robes, and fashions to size 8x.
Big Gal's Lingerie - Plus size lingerie to 4x.
Bigger Bras - Bras to size 56K.  Also carries swim wear.
Bra Experience - Bras to size 56K.  Site is broken down by bra manufacturer and it details the size range for each of them.
Bra Smyth - AA to H cups, but doesn't have an easy way to search for their band size range.  Can search for specific bra size easily.
Breakout Bras - Holy carp ... free shipping to USA and CANADA!
Dainties - Lingerie to 6x.
Dor-Ne Corset Shoppe - Brick and mortar shop in Silver Spring, MD.
Fantasia Wear - Sexy to trashy lingerie to 6x.
Feel Pretty Lingerie - Lingerie to 6x.
FigLeaves - Bras to size 56FF.  Shapewear to 5x.
Flirty Lingerie - Lingerie to 5x.
Foot Traffic - Carries leg and arm warmers along with "queen size" tights.
Fresh Pair - Bras to size 56FF - great customer service.
Gigi's Closet - Bras to 48I.
Glamour Boutique - Lingerie and fantasy wear to size 4x.
Goddess Bra - Goddess brand bras.  Band widths to 56, and cup sizes to J.
Her Room - Decent selection of bras and undergarments.  Can search by keyed in size, no easy way to find size range on site though.
Hips and Curves - Lingerie from tame to naughty in lots of plus sizes.
Katie Rose Intimates - Lingerie, fantasy wear.
Lady Grace - Bra sizes 32-58, and cup sizes AA to L.
Lady K Delights - Lingerie, fantasy wear, and formal wear to 9x.
Large Size Lingerie - Bras (Glamorise brand only), undergarments, and day wear.
Lauren Silva - Bras to size 56JJ, also sells lingerie.
Le Curve Lingerie - Lingerie - lots of PVC/patent.  To size 3x.
Leather and Lace - Lingerie & fetish to sizes 3 & 4X.
Lingerie at Large - Lingerie to 6x, leather to 3x.
Misalli Lingerie - Sexy to trashy lingerie up to 6x.
My Plus Size Bra - Bras to 56K, lingerie to 5x.
My Tights - Tights, shapewear, and hose.  Separate sizing for each item; also includes a section for extra tall.
Planet Silk - Plus size (to 52" waist) silk boxers.
Plus Size Boutique - Bras, lingerie, shapeware, etc.  Sizing info is here.
Plus Size Plum - Lingerie to 6x.
Secrets in Lace - "Secrets In Lace is the worlds premier supplier of authentic 100% nylon stockings, elegant lingerie, garter belts, girdles and bullet bras."  See site for sizing info.
Sheer and Sultry - Bras, corsets, fantasy wear, lingerie.  Size Chart.
Sock Dreams - Fun, sexy, pretty, goofy socks.  Also has arm and leg warmers.
That'sHot Plus - All sorts of lingerie.  Sizing Info.
Trousseau - Brick and mortar store in Vienna, VA.  Staff does professional sizing for their bras.  They have a great selection and will take custom orders.  They also do alterations as well as offering bridal undergarments as well as lingerie.
Unbelievabra - Cami style bra to eliminate back fat ... complete with before and after pics that are fairly realistic.  They have their own measuring and sizing scale, so go here to see it.
Underworks - Underthings for men and women including shapeware, bras, and maternity items.
We Love Colors - The infamous tight site.  Their sizing seems to run a bit small.
Yandy - Lingerie from classy to trashy.

6PM.com - Clearance site for Zappos that has some killer deals!
BA Mason - "You´ll be able to make your selection from more than 500 styles in sizes 4 to 17 and widths AAAA to EEEEEE"
Crocs - Yeah, they're ugly.  But if you have to be on your feet a lot, they're great!
Designer Shoes - Great shoe selection with sizes from 6 to 16 and widths AAAA to WWW (though not available in all combinations.)
Duo - UK based shoe store selling boots with calf widths in 2cm increments (30-50cm)
Evans - UK based retailer with snazzy shoes to size 10.
Fluevog - Chic, modern, and quirky shoes to woman's size 11.
Foot Action - Athletic shoes for men and women.
Hitchcock - Wide shoes for men.
Masseys - Masseys carries sizes 4 - 20 and has extended widths from AAAAA - EEEEEE (though not available in all combinations.)
Shoe Click - eBay seller with designer shoes to size 13.
Shoefly - No easy way to search for size range, but you can enter your size in the search field.  Offers a big selection of brand name shoes.
Shoeline - Fantastic selection of fashionable shoes as well as being the premiere online retailer of Sofft shoes.
Shoes.com - Wide range of shoe styles and sizes.
Shoe Mall - Huge selection of shoes in a variety of sizes and widths.
Shoe Trader - Large selection of shoes up to size 14 and widths up to WWWW.
We Love Your Feet - UK based shoe store specializing in women's wide width shoes.
WideWidths - Boots in sizes to 13WW and extra wide calf widths!
Zappos - Large selection of shoes for men, women, and children.

Swim Wear
Alicia Simone - Sizes 8 - 24.  "All our swimsuits are constructed with molded foam cup and powernet tummy control"
Cossie's R Us - Australia based Brick and Mortar store.
Cwear -
Exelnt Swimwear -
Plus Shop - Bathing suits, sarongs, cover ups, and accessories for the beach.
Shorefit Sunwear - "an extensive collection of sun fashions for REAL WOMEN, sizes 8 to 32
where style is not a matter of size!"

Simply Beach - "Flattering plus size swimwear that help make you look a size or two smaller. Tummy control swimwear helps control areas that may not be as controlled as we would like! Bra sized and large cup swimwears offers more support."  Men's and woman's swimwear.  Woman's sizes to size 40.
Sue Rice.com - Woman's swimwear to size 18.
Sun Grubbies -
Swim and Sweat -
SwimOutlet.com - Woman's swimwear to size 24.
Swimsuits for All - Woman's swimwear to size 34.

Annies Costumes - Standard and plus sized costumes up to size 20
B. Coole Designs - Custom sewn clothing and costumes for men, women, and children.  Ladies sizes to 3x.
Big Costumes - Plus size costumes for men and women.
Big Gals Lingerie - Plus size sexy costumes in stock to 4x, custom costumes to 12x.
Fallen Angel Fashions and Brute Force Leather - Corsets and costume pieces up to waist size of 54.
Plus-Size Costume Shop - Costumes up to 5x.
Sanctuarie Designs - Gothy costumes from Large to 9x.
The Renaissance Store - Costuming for men and women up to 3x for both.  Clear notation on fit (tight, relaxed, etc).
Torrid - Offering sexy costumes around Halloween.
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