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Links and resources online

~~Last updated 06 February 2010~~

Please comment with your additions so we can keep this list growing!
Please also comment if any links are broken or have incorrect information and I'll be happy to make the corrections.

Size Acceptance
Big Fat Blog - A weblog focusing on fat acceptance articles, links, and issues.
Don't Tell Me What Size I Must B - Size acceptance community.
ISAA - The mission of the International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA) is to promote size acceptance and fight size discrimination throughout the world by means of advocacy and visible, lawful actions.
NAAFA - Non-profit human rights organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people.
No Lose - NOLOSE* is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to ending the oppression of fat people and creating vibrant fat queer culture.
Shapely Prose - Kate Harding's smart web log of size acceptance.
The F Word - Size acceptance blog with an enlightening perspective.
The Rotund - Great blog centering around size acceptance.

Health & the Active Life
A Big Attitude - Plus size active wear for sizes 12-38.
Ad In Tennis - Tennis and active wear to size 24.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition - Trade journal for nutritional information.
Anti Monkey Butt - The most humorously named chub rub prevention powder on Earth.
Big Moves - Every body can dance...but not everybody is ready to get out on the dance floor and do it. That's where Big Moves steps in, opening the world of dance to people of all sizes!
Body Glide - Helps prevent chafing from rubbing - no more chub rub.
Body Positive - Looks at ways we can feel good in the bodies we have.
Bodysuit.com - Plus size active wear to sizes 24.
Chajonshim - Martial Arts Wear.
Danskin - Active wear and tights to size 4x.
Edancewear - Active wear and tights to size 4x.
Moondance - Belly dance accessories and clothing.  Sold by waist size.
Netsweat - Active wear to size 6x.
Obesity Research - Journal published by The Obesity Society.
Soothing Care - Fighting chub rub without bike shorts.
Terry Bicycles - Bicycles, gear, and women's active wear up to 4x.
Tools for Yoga - Yoga gear and clothing up to 4x.

All Plus Size - Tons of links to tons of things
Beauty Plus Power - Wide range of resources.  Shopping to literature to editorials.
ChunkeBusiness.com - Fat-friendly gifts for your curvy friends (or yourself!).
Fat Chic - Awesome Blog about all things plus sized and an amazing link list. (huge thanks to theperfumer    for sharing this!)
Fat Fu - Great blog with lots of links and resources.
Life Tips - Info on body types and how to best fit/compliment your shape with your clothes.
Living XL - Lifestyle needs for the larger person from towels to chairs to camping gear to personal hygiene products.
Mr. Big XL - Wider hangers for the wider shouldered clothing and wide necked clothing.  No more poofy shoulders or falling off the hangers.
Plus Size USA - Link heaven for all sorts of plus size related stuff.
Plus Size Yellow Pages - Another resource of links out the wazoo.
Retailer Links - From our own Fatshionista, firecat .  This is her web page of gazillions of retailers.
So What If - Links to plus size retailers.

LBW Eyewear - Get your pretty specs online!
Zenni Optical - Lots of glasses with great prices.  Posted here.


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