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Coat style suggestions?
starzz wrote in fatshionista
It's that time of year to shop for a winter jacket, I can never seem to find one I like that fits properly because of my uh.. ample bosom... I have put a picture behind a cut, anyone have a suggestion of a type of jacket that might look ok? I also wanted some suggestions of where to shop, I have checked Target, nothing, Fashion Bug, nothing.. I was thinking of going to Lane Bryant and Old Navy...


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I have the same problem and I got a nice wool coat a few years ago at Sears.

I always seem to find the best selection and nicest coat styles in my size at Burlington Coat Factory of all places! I am 5ft3 and about 285 and hands down that's the best fit and selection.

Every few years I shop for a new coat at all the places you've mentioned and always ended up disappointed.

That is a good suggestion!! The last time I shopped there I was ohhh 8 months pregnant so ended up with this huge monster of a green jacket! Thanks so much!

Wait! You forgot the two most important things for coat advice: how tall are you, and how cold does it get in your winter?

Now, the conventional wisdom for someone with an apple shape like you is to get a long, belted coat that creates a waist and elongates you. However, if you're on the shorter side, (which I'm guessing from the computer you're standing next to...) this is especially dumb advice, in my opinion. What you have, my friend, are great gams. Long, lovely legs. So I think the most flattering look on you would be a hip-length coat. I'm guessing from what you're wearing that you usually favor neutrals, so I'd encourage you to look at reds, blues, and greens, if you can find any - at least for your hat and scarf, if you can't find a colorful coat.

A peacoat would probably be great on you, and those come in more colors. If you need something warmer, I think you could even pull off a snow-bunny style puffy coat - just make sure it's cut straight or hourglassy, and doesn't go beyond the hip. Have you looked at the trends in so-called "motorcycle" coats?

I'm lazy, so all those links come from Nordstrom, but I just wanted to give you some quick visuals. I think the most important thing is to not let the length of the coat go beyond the t-shirt you have on in the photo, and even shorter might be okay, if you dare. Go to a store and try some on! Good luck, and I hope you post again when you find a fab coat.

I love your reply!! I am 5'6 and I am in ohio so it gets fairly cold! lets see... I do like neutrals earthy tones, I love peacoats and those motorcycle jackets look interesting!! I think I just need to hit up the mall and check out a bunch of stores at once, what I should do is try it on, take a pic, dont buy it right away unless I love love love it then post the pictures and decide!

First of all, have you looked at the outerwear tag? There's a lot of resources there.

And if you need a coat for cold weather that you're going to keep for years, it's definitely worth taking to a good tailor.

Other than that, I'd say trenches are the go-to coat that would look adorable on you. Make sure there's a belt, and buy it to fit the largest area of your body and then, if needed, have the tailor fit it. It's a lot easier to remove fabric than to add it!

Good luck!

I have the same issue, and on top of that, my arms are really long.

Read the comments to my post, there are some VERY good suggestions!!

anadamous's suggestions are good. I agree that a shorter coat might look good. How about a swing coat, though? They're so elegant.

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