August 15th, 2015

birch woods

Back Again

Hey everyone, I'm back with another blog with OOTDs and some thoughts on fast fashion and shopping ethically as a plus sized person.  I'm compiling a list of various ethical and/or sustainable plus sized clothing brands too.  So if you folks know of any let me know and I'll add them to the list.  Also there's some final bits of my Gwynnie Bee review.  Here's the blog post -

And here's one of my recent outfits (more on my blog!):

Kimono - ASOS, top - City Chic, Necklace - Amber Goulet (friend of mine with a marvelous Etsy shop!), Shorts - Lane Bryant, and Sandals - Modcloth.
My measurements are as follows 49in bust, 43in waist, and 54in hips.  Mostly I fit into around sizes 20-24 wearing a smaller size on top than on bottom.

Thanks for reading!
gus gus

woven dresses?

hi fats!

i have relocated to hot climes and my unifom of jersey dresses has proven too hot. so, i'm looking for places i can acquire woven cotton dresses (or linen, i guess), which tends to be harder than it sounds. i'm a 26US in wovens, i think. eshakti, obviously, but do any of you have any ideas?

i would also be interested in buying used woven dresses, potentially, as we are broke and new is expensive - messaqge me a picture or point me to your exchange post if you have something in my size!