source for moderately priced snowpants for short fat folks?
gosling wrote in fatshionista
I'm looking for a pair of moderately priced snowpants of reasonable quality. (I probably need them only a few times a year, but I will be outside for long stretches of time being fairly active when I do use them.) I'm hoping to only pay around $100 for them, ideally less (but I doubt that is realistic). They don't need to be super high quality, but I do want them to last for a while and keep me dry even in when I'm in wet snow for a few hours. Extra bonus points for the adjustable waist thing that lets them have the flexibility to be worn either over trousers or just over bare legs or tights.

I'm a US women's size 18/20/22, (US men's size 40 or 42) and pretty short. (I'm under five feet tall, and even petite trousers tend to be a bit long on me. I think my inseam is around 27 inches.) I am guessing I may have more luck with clothing marketed to women than that marketed to men, but I could be wrong if someone is doing custom lengths. (I often buy men's jeans for the larger pockets and then roll the cuffs, but that doesn't work well for snowpants, nor are they easy to shorten with my almost non-existent sewing skills.) Children's clothing often fits me well for height, but these days I am usually too fat for the upper end of that sizing.

Ideally I would want something either black or in the purple/pink/blue range of colors, but at this point I will absolutely settle for fitting me well.


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