Simply Be Biker Jacket Fit Question
pandrikuma wrote in fatshionista

Hi all!

So I'm planning to make my first purchase with Simply Be and it's going to include this jacket.

I recently purchased this jacket from ASOS in a US22 and it fits fine around my tummy (apple shaped) but it's a little baggy around my shoulders and chest. I could have sized down since I hardly ever zip/button up any jacket so it wouldn't have been a problem if it didn't zip.

So I wanted to know how the sizing is with Simply Be since I've heard they run kind of generous. Generous as in ASOS generous? According to their size chart I'm a size 24/26- upper part more of a 24 but due to my apple-ness I'm guessing 26. I was hoping they run generous so I can probably do a 22 (again, since I never zip jackets). I don't have enough money to buy 2 and return the other. I really want to get it right the first go.

Eliza Parker Sizing
abie wrote in fatshionista
I'm really interested in a final sale piece from Eliza Parker. In your experience is the size chart accurate?

I am 46 bust, 50 hip. I typically fall into the 18/20 range in many places but according to their size chart I would need 14/16. It recommends for this dress to go by bust measurements because it's a wrap dress. My bust and hips both fall in their 14/16.

lots of ootds!
pashteit wrote in fatshionista
Hi everyone!

It's been a while since my last post, hasn't it? I've been a bit busier than usual lately, but I did manage to take a few pictures of my outfits and finally got around to posting them here ^-^ ... hope you like!

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Old Navy dress pants
spookycat04 wrote in fatshionista
Hi everyone!

I have a few questions about these pants:

Have any of you tried these? I know people here have said that Old Navy sizing is pretty inconsistent.  If you've tried these, how would you say they run?

Also, did you find the material to be a good quality, or something that could pass for an interview?  I have a grad school interview coming up in a couple weeks and Lane Bryant doesn't make my favorite "lafayette" material dress pants anymore.  The ones I have are not good enough for an interview.  So, I have to find something else. 

I am a US size 24ish on bottom, if that helps.


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