gong_show_hero wrote in fatshionista
Hey fats,

I've decided on the perfect vintage-style shoes for my vintage wedding - spectator shoes!

However, I have a few requirements: black and white (they are my wedding "colours"), no heel (ballet flat preferable, but a kitten heel is acceptable), and no lace-up detail.

For reference, I've included a picture of the perfect (sold-out) specimen:

Two-tone/spectator/wing-tip shoes

Can anyone find this style available online or in-store for me? I live in Canada, but I'd be willing to order from the US or overseas for the special occasion.

EDIT: I take a size 7-8/37ish depending on the shoe, and would be willing to pay around $100 - $150 if I found the perfect ones.

emilina23 wrote in fatshionista
I'm considering ordering rain boots from Simplybe. I've never bought anything from them before. I'd love to hear some reviews. Love 'em? Hate 'em? I just looked at some of their dresses and they have some cute stuff!


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