OOTD Punk Rock Sunday
tura wrote in fatshionista
I finally got up the nerve to wear a short skirt in public - and the world did not come to an end!


Pretty much everything in this outfit is thrifted, except for the Ramones T. Shirt which I picked up from a street vendor in New York, and the tights which I have had for so long I forgot where I got them!

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Spirited Away, Chihiro rain
can_be_cruel wrote in fatshionista
Has anyone else had major trouble with the quality of Torrid's clothing? Less than two months ago, I dropped $200+ on clothes (during their BOGO sale). I bought four pairs of pants, two shirts, and underwear. I also recently ordered a dress, more underwear, and some jewelry. As of today, only one pair of the pants is wearable, and the underwear are heading down the same road. All the pants are "skinny" style, but the leg openings are so huge and loose that they look like relaxed-fit jeans (which I HATE). The zipper on one pair broke the first time I tried it on. All of the pants have shrunk in the waist but remained floppy in the legs since washing (in cold water, hanging dry). The shirts are stretched out (and they were NOT tight-fitting), and the underwear seams are falling apart.

I'm so frustrated with this, I could cry. I don't often spend a lot of money on clothes, and to spend such a large chunk only to be disappointed is just....ugh. I've been promised a solution by Torrid's customer service, but I'm not hopeful (I don't have the receipt anymore, plus all the clothes have been worn and washed). Anyone else have experience with this issue, and can give me some advice? I don't have the money to replace these clothes 

short sleeved cardigans?
icon from I don't know where
sweeny_todd wrote in fatshionista
I am after some sort of arm coverings that I can wear with my sleeveless dresses/tops.

I don't love the look of the shrugs (ie just the arms) but if you know some nice ones, please tell me! I need to increase the workability of my wardrobe.

I am in Japan, so being able to order online is ideal.


Comfort short woe!
little_cthulu wrote in fatshionista
My beloved comfort shorts from Yours Clothing have vanished and it seems that they no longer stock them. I'm absolutely gutted as they were perfect. Lightweight, comfy, didn't roll up and most of all they were cheap.
Can you lovely folks recommend any? Evans only have one pair and naturally none in my size.
I'm not looking for shapewear, just something light and comfortable to wear under skirts and dresses.

I'm a UK26.

Favorite skinnies?
get balsamic vinegar quick you fool!
razethecity wrote in fatshionista
Help! I've been a loyal wearer of Gap Long & Lean jeans for several years but the quality has declined pretty steadily and I'd like to find a new standby. Ideally skinnies. I've tried Torrid and Levis today, but didn't love either pair. Torrid's felt kind of cheap and the Levis were kind of short on me (I'm about 5'11 and a size 20-24, fwiw). Has anyone tried the Lucky Plus line? I'm not against dropping $100 on a pair of jeans if they're incredible and don't stretch out within an hour of putting them on. Please help! What brands do you love/swear by?


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