Anyone know where I can find Plus Size Thermal/Long Underwear
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out_of_focus wrote in fatshionista
I've lived in Florida most of my life and have had no need for clothing like that. I'm going on a short trip to Wisconsin at the end of this month though and I'm miserable when I'm cold. It seams the only brand anyone carries in a 2x is Cuddli Duds Softwear.... which I once tried when I went on a winter trip 3 years ago and I didn't find them to help with warmth in the slightest (they're not really thermal.... they feel more like thin silky leggings). Walmart has some, but going by reviews it sounds like the sizing runs very small and I don't think any size will fit me.

I'm looking for both the bottoms (full length) and the tops in any color. Size 2x or 3x. Somewhat reasonably priced (I found some at Land's End, but I don't wanna spend a total of $69 for a 4 day trip)

On a similar topic, does anyone else live in a tropical climate and continue to purchase pretty sweaters they're never gonna wear? My area has had maybe 2 days of cold(ish) weather this year so far and it doesn't really look like they'll be any more coming. Yet somehow, I just had to buy more sweaters this year when I never did get a chance to wear half the sweaters I bought last year.

but where have the teggings gone?
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and_suddenly wrote in fatshionista
so, RIP re/dress online (for now - anyone have any scoop as to what's going on? they said they might relaunch?) and also teggings maybe? does anyone who's worn/loved teggings have any suggestions as to re/dress tegging alternatives? i bought some last year and loved them but i didn't have the money to pick some up this year until after re/dress closed, sadly. :[


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