OOTNYE and an LJ Question
emohst wrote in fatshionista
YAHHHH!  For once I have a picture of myself in an outfit! 


I had a comedy show fundraiser for pride on New Years!

Your Model is about 5'4" and size 26ish
Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Purchased from another Fat
Leggings: Avenue
Boots: Avenue
Tiara: Party Venue (probably the party store,eheh)

Also the question:

Anyone know why I got a message in my LJ inbox and it says "you're not authorized to view this comment"?  I've never seen it before. 

School uniforms
doctorjill wrote in fatshionista
Where can I find a plus sized white button down Peter Pan collar shirt? And I really asking for the world here? I'm an 18/20 on top.

Surely fat people need school uniforms. Help please!

Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben
schexyschteve wrote in fatshionista
I need help finding some shoes.

I'm going to Chicago in May, and New York City in June, so I'll be doing LOTS of walking. I want a very comfortable, very supportive walking shoe.  I'd also like a shoe that can look good with shorts, skirts and dresses (so no actual sneakers). My problem is that I have huge feet -- either 10W (haha trying to find that in stores) or 11. Ideally, I'd like a shoe that minimizes how big my feet look as well. Bonus points for a cute and comfy yet sleek sandal.

I used to have the Kosmo style from Privo by Clark's, which was perfectly suited to my needs. I guess they don't make that style anymore though.

I think my price range is $50-$80.


bonewhiteglory wrote in fatshionista
Hey Fats, 

I just popped by to share my NYE dress and some cute holiday looks I sported on my Christmas trip to Las Vegas.  Here's to a sexy New Year! 

Dress L'amourette y Igigi 
Shoes: Avenue 
Many more after the cut...Collapse )

Check out a fun post I recently made on my LJ of some outfits I wore throughout the year that I never got around to posting!  Better late than never... 


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