October 5th, 2010


Thoughts on Levi's?

Hi fatshionistas!

I checked the tags but I didn't find much on Levi's plus jeans. My friend (size 16/18) swears by them but we're built differently so I'm looking for more input.

Do you all love them/hate them? Have you found the plus sizes in department stores, Levi stores, or just online? Are they a lower or higher rise? Do you find they fit tighter/looser in the waist? Stretch out easily or hold their shape?

I'm a 24/26 and I carry a lot of my weight in my stomach. I'm mostly interested in the 542s and the jeggings, although I'm open to bootcut since I can just bring them to a tailor if they're worth it. I'm worried the size 24 (which appears to be their highest size) in either of those cuts won't fit me because of my big ol' stomach. Can anyone school me on the fit of either of those styles?


Tips for Canadians who do online shopping with Torrid?

I am in shock- I just received my order from Torrid and had to pay $63 in duty and taxes when it arrived.  On its own, I might be ok with it, but I also paid $51 in shipping.  I bought 3 items- apair of jeans, a pair of boots and a camisole.  Anyone have suggestions for Canadians who shop online with Torrid? I can't believe I paid over $100 in fees just to get the items here.

I am happy with the boots- they fit my calves nicely.  I'm a size 8 and my calves are 17.5" with a smaller ankle.


King's Dominion, and an Outfit/Costume

Went to King's Dominion with friends for the Halloween Haunt. It was a blast. I had been going for a gothy look, but forgot something to wear *under* the velvet corset. I ended up wearing a long-underwear shirt borrowed from the spouse, which gave it kind of a neat steampunky look. I may need to get some gear jewelry to complete the look.

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The fat-friendliness of the park was kinda mixed. At a size 20, I fit on everything I went on but the wooden coaster, the Hurler. It was a little frustrating to wait in line, get all the way up there and discover that my butt wouldn't go into the seat. On the plus side, I'm not a fan of wooden roller coasters because of the jerkiness, and it was apparently not as smooth a ride as the friend who'd talked me into it remembered. Everyone else was sore from getting slammed around. So, yay for my ass for protecting me from that experience. Protective layer of padding for the win! :)

I did ride the Drop Tower, several roller coasters, including the Intimidator & the Backlot Stunt Coaster, and probably a ride or two that I'm forgetting.

Some rides had test seats, some didn't, without a whole lot of rhyme or reason. It was kind of annoying that the smaller, older coasters didn't, while rides I fit into did, but that's probably a function of test seats being a newer thing and the park not wanting to build a new seat for that purpose.

I wouldn't recommend the Flying Eagle ride for anyone over a size 18 or so. I fit, but not comfortably, and the pressure on my butt set my sciatica off like whoa. On the other hand, a friend who's bigger than me fit okay and didn't mention being uncomfortable.

The really crappy part about that particular ride was that one friend, despite fitting and being able to buckle the seatbelt, was told she had to get off. They also had her mom move to sit next to her boyfriend. Poor girl was embarrassed as all hell, and the kid was pretty brusque and not polite. No explanation of why, just "get off." And no explanation of why he had the mom move. I'm assuming, since she was sitting next to me, that the 2 of us were over the total weight for the car.

Her mom did complain at guest services & was told that that was totally unacceptable and she should've been able to ride. If the weight balance was off, she could've ridden by herself. Even having her wait til the next go-round and putting her at the front of the line for the next time would've been decent. She's supposed to be getting something in the mail from them. I hope it's a nice letter of apology, maybe some free tickets or a pony or something.

The hubby and I did buy season passes for next year, so I'm hoping we'll get to go a lot.

Seattle Fats Writing Group - Next Meeting!

Our next writing group meeting will be on October 14th (Thursday) from 7-9PM at The Night Kitchen in Seattle (Belltown). We are a welcoming group, so please come and share or just listen and participate. Please join us if you want feedback on something you have been working on, are interested in free-writes, just want to gather with other writers, or anoything else you can think of - we should have something of interest for everyone. The space is very relaxed and the food is great :)

AND...to spark your interest...here is a excerpt of a new poem I've been working on. If you are interested in hearing the whole piece, I hope to see you on the 14th!

"I've eaten myself to my limits
or maybe my world has shrunk around me
like wonkavision
and so, my revolution is this pen
and tube socks..."*

*Shout-out to Sock Dreams!

New hair!

I just wanted to say thanks to all you lovely folks who showed off your chic short cuts recently. Though I wasn't one of the OPs on those hair questions, you gave me the courage to go for it with a bold new style! It's shorter than I've ever had it since elementary school, and I totally love it. It definitely feels fatshionable!

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Special thanks to booty_garland, whose style I totally appropriated. My big fluffy hair isn't capable of being as sexy as her sleek blonde waves, but that's where I got the idea for the cut.
Totoro: is my neighbor

Fat in Japan

So, this may be an odd question, but I'm traveling to Japan in January, and I'm wondering what I can expect as a 5'11", 250 pound woman with a buzzcut. Does anyone have any helpful articles or books, or anecdotes? I'm just a little worried about what I should be prepared for, especially as I will be participating in a homestay as part of my university program. I'll be there from January through April, if that's relevant.

Attention Whore - Wedding dress progress!

I'll probably be sharing more pictures next week, after it's acually finished, but I'm excited that it's FINALLY starting to look like the dress I'd envisioned.  I hope you all don't mind.  Some of the pics suck, but it is what it is.  My mom was frustrating me, acting as if she'd never seen a camera before, much less used one.  lol  So I took the camera and just took some mirror pics.

So, some alterations still need to be done... it's not hemmed yet, the sleeves will be about an inch longer than they are here, and there are some other just general alterations (like the back needs to be taken in some more, etc).

Awkward arms are awkward  :-)

Approx 260lbs
Size 22-ish

Dress is made by Moe at Bridal Showroom in OKC
Shoes are Sofft brand, from 3 years ago (LOVE THEM, but never get to wear them)
Spanx underneath and plunge bra from Lane Bryant


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Need Moar Bodycon Dresses!

I realize this is a trend that rubs many the wrong way entirely and has long worn out its welcome, but I don't care, because I adore bandage dresses/bodycon dresses/whatever the hell you want to call them. Despite the fact that I love them- and have loved them for a while now- it ain't easy finding body con stuff when you're a fatty; I guess the difficulty probably stems from  the whole idea that fat should be covered up in big ol' sacks, not skin tight, roll showing fabric.  But hey, what can I say? I love skin tight, roll showing fabrics! :)

Yesterday, I popped into Off 5th (the Saks outlet) and tried on a size 12 (12!) Versace bandage dress. Now, I should point out that I'm a solid size 20 hourglass (250ish lbs, 5'3''), but this was a quality bandage dress- very thick fabric and possibly sewn together with Kevlar thread. The point is: I was able to wiggle my big butt in that dress with minimal effort and the result is under the cut: Collapse ) Can anyone share some retailers they have handy who have bandage/bodycon/whatever dresses? Even straight sizes that are quality enough that I can stretch the L or XL to the ends of their threads would be fine, too!  As far as colors-- I want them all! But I definitely want a black dress (versatile) and I sort of want a nice blue dress to wear with black or brown moto jackets and boots in the winter. Oh, skirts are good, too! Advise me, Fats! Please. :)