January 6th, 2010


so, after lurking for like an entire year... i've decided to finally post an outfit of the day!!!!
also- these are photobooth pictures so the quality isnt too fantastic, but they'll do i suppose! 

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OOTD - or, the chubby mime.

I know this outfit will probably get some detractors, because it's baggy and sorta shapeless. but let me say what what, mmkay? #1 i'm pregnant and i should get get a pass for every thing, even the cheese stained pajamas i swear i was not wearing for two days. all anyone should ever say is oh my god you're beautiful and just the perfect size and you look smashing! ok, not really but i am living in my little fantasy world today where money grows on trees, cheese appears suddenly on my desk, and my son sleeps in his own bed all night, every night. welcome!

ooookay, sorry about that. and #2 this shit is comfortable! I love this top, it's ON maternity and as XXL and as you can see it's freaking huge, but it's super soft tissue weight and i lurve it. oh also, #3 i actually got dressed and put on accessories today. big step.

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Wedding Help!!


Hey all!

It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm recently engaged and am looking to start the wedding planning process. Even though I don't know when the date is as of yet, I would like to start looking into dresses and designers.

What I would like to know is: Does anyone have any resources/sites specific to plus size bridal? Who are some Plus size bridal designers? And does anyone have any tips for plus size weddings/bridal gowns?

I did check the memories and found a few helpful links, but I'm still looking for a little more help :-)

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boots question

okay, here's the deal. i've been wanting to get some boots, but i can't find any that will fit a 6.5W foot and a 21" calf. fluorescing suggested 1) getting some and trying to stretch them out, 2) going to a cobbler and having them add a gusset, or 3) having some custom-made.

i've looked at a bunch of websites (lane bryant, torrid, avenue, 6pm) but wasn't sure about the quality of the products there. i want some that will last a while. i've heard good things about duo boots, but those are so expensive. does anyone know when the best time is to look for sales there? and if you have ordered from there and live in the u.s., have there been any outrageous customs fees?

i'm interested in mid-calf or knee-high boots, but ankle boots would be okay too. i prefer something either flat or with a low, chunky heel (less than 2 inches). i don't have a lot of money too spend on this and am hoping to keep it under $200.

Outfits of summer

I just arrived in Australia last month. Two immediate observations:
1. Prices are dearer. I sorely miss the Old Navy clearance rack already.
2. That big gray inbetweenie zone seems to be drastically reduced in Australia. Granted, I don't know what all runs large or extends beyond a 14 (American 12), but I'm noticing a lower, much sharper line between the cute things and FAT FAT FATTY FAT clothes. The amount of polyester also increases dramatically.

Needless to say: I have a renewed respect for the fatshionistas out here. Blogs like Axis of Fat and Frocks and Frou Frou are fantastic resources, and if anyone has any other advice - particularly about bras and underthings and shoes - I'd gladly welcome it. :)

Anyhow, it was stupid hot on New Year's Eve and I live in the kind of town with more boats than A/C units, so I had to wear the most breezy, lightweight thing I own.

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stats: 5'3", nearly 200 pounds and mostly wear a 14/16.
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Dutch Fatshionistas

I've recently noticed that there are a few Fatshionista's who live in the Netherlands and I wanted to see if everyone wanted to get together sometime in February or March for the fun of it? Time, place, anything else to be discussed closer to time?

**Edited to add- Seems like it is a good idea with all of us :) Where would we hold the clothing swap? What place is the most central for all of us?
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Louisville, KY?

My boyfriend and I randomly decided that we want to go Louisville, KY on Friday. We have a 2.5 hour drive each way so we probably won't want to drive around a ton (or stay out late), but we think it could be fun.

I want to check out the Zappos outlet store (reviews would be appreciated!) but does anyone know of any great plus-size shopping in the city? I just came from a few weeks in Chicago so I've been to most of the big chains recently but I am always looking for fun stuff and great deals!