May 28th, 2008

frumpy or no?

maybe its just me and the years of being not confident with myself i dunno, i always seem to feel like i am a lil kid playing dress up and that i look frumpy next to other women. i am 31,definatley not a kid anymore but sometimes i just feel like i dont look grown up. like for work (when i was workin) having to wear buisness suits and hte like, it just felt weird, i usually wear long skirts & fitted tops, i only ever wear pants if im on my motorcycyle (and believe me ive tried to ride in skirts, lol) my shape doesnt look well in jeans cause if i get them to fit my waist i cant get them on my legs and if i get them to fit my legs they are huge on my usually is skirts & a pretty top, sometimes a tee but not usually..i think sometimes it might be too that i dont really "do" my hair, its waist length & super curly which means it tends to just be frizzy so i dont want to deal with it and just wrap it all up in a bun or something like that, i should probably take the time to make the curls nice or something
for reference i am 5 ft and about 195, usually a 14/16 on top (unless it has buttons cause then it pulls on my boobs) and a 18/20 on bottom
so is this just me having mental issues or what?
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Gothic lolita?

Me again! I've just gotten a package in the mail (this skirt here) and it made me wonder. Any fatshionistas into Gothic Lolita style clothing? I'm trying to rock the skirt, which needs to be covered at the waistband (it's elastic waisted, fits fabulously but I wouldn't wear it over the top of anything) without looking like a big spotty marshmallow!
Show me photos of loli-goth fatshionistes!!

A Response to Hate

This is my response to a recent incident. I want to share it here because it took me a long time to be able to say these things. And because the fat community is one of the reasons I have the strength now to use my voice to be positive.

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I have been very impressed with the response from the con goers. It's nice to have allies in this fight.
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fat-positive tshirts

I bought a couple of shirts from radfatties, which sells on cafe press.  The Eff-You Haiku is my all time favorite.

So I thought I would share the link.  I know t-shirts aren't the height of fashion, but these do have a fat-positive message.  And while their sizing can be frustrating, I think it is a cafe-press issue, not radfatties.

Purty Shinies!

Somebody took what turned out to be a very nice pic of me in my Inara costume at Baycon.

I generally don't like having my photo taken, but this actually turned out very well.

That's my purty new shiny Turkish vest and choli top from Moondance Bellydance, which I heartily recommend for all manner of plus-sized pretties.

(No, the paper umbrella is NOT part of the costume. Himself, being the whimsical sort, took that out of his drink and stuck it in my hair).