November 16th, 2007

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Fatshionista was mentioned in BUST Magazine!

Hello out there in internet land!

I got my Dec/Jan 08 issue of BUST Magazine in the mail today.

Not only does it have a lovely photo of Beth Ditto and her kitty cat, Rhoda, on the cover complete with a full interview inside but on page 18 they have a whole article entitled Wide Girl Web.

It lists a small list of the "best plus-sized sites" on the internet.

My scanner is on the fritz so I can't share it as I wish but the places listed were:

Joy Nash's "A Fat Rant" on YouTube

Nation of Size (

Big Fat Deal (


Shapely Prose (

and last but certainly not least...

LJ Community Fatshionista!

I'll transcribe what was said about the community.

So those jeans make you look fat? So What? Talk it out at Fatshionista, a Livejournal community devoted to plus-sized style. Filled with links, recommendations, sales, and swaps, it's like a fashion show, a slumber party, and a fat-girl flea market all in one.
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 Hey, I just wanted to say hello.  I found this community thanks to BUST Magazine, which I just got in the mail yesterday.  My name is Crystal, I just turned 28 and I live in Northern Illinois.  I am engaged and getting married next March and I have been on a tireless hunt for bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses for the plus size gal.  Thanks to this community I checked out and and they have both been WONDERFUL.  The only downside is that now I have too many to choose from!!  As a matter of fact, up til about 3 hours ago I thought I had my wedding dress all picked out (if your curious, it was this dress) but after going to zaftique I am torn between three dresses.  Ugh!    But that's quite alright.  So thanks for broadening my horizons and I look forward to reading more!
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Sales Post- 2x/3x; sz 22,24,26 skirts, even shoes and jackets!

Here goes my first sales post! Some graphic tees from Hot Topic/Torrid (Harry Potter, Chipmunks, etc) and some skirts. Mostly 2x's and 24's and 26's! Comment with your paypal email and I'll send the invoice to you :) Buy today and I'll make a post office run tomorrow- maybe you can get it in the mail before  Thanksgiving?

Feel free to make offers on anything that doesn't have a price listed. Feel free to ask any questions about anything.  I'm dead tired, so I'm sure I've messed something up along the way!

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Chub rub for boobs and accessory help

Yep, just what the title says. Is that what I have? All of a sudden the very inner top portion of my cleavage is getting chafed. I don't know why this suddenly started just now, as I've had a huge rack for as long as I can remember.

Has anyone else run into this, and does anything help? I can't very well separate them and wear something like bike shorts like you can with thigh chub rub... for now I put some Bodyglide on there and hope it will help.

Also, I have a reunion coming up soon and wonder what I can do for accessories. I plan to go simple but cute, with a pair of dark jeans, some killer cowboy boots and a charcoal colored thin turtleneck sweater, but other than some cute earrings I have no idea what to use to pep it up. Do all necklaces look stupid on the outside of turtlenecks? I would wear a corduroy jean-esque jacket on top, but I worry that it would get too hot.

Thank you!

Somewhere Inbetween Mid-Rise and High-Rise

Is there anything between mid-rise and high-rise? 

My work environment is very casual so I wear jeans and t-shirts. The problem is that though standing my jeans and shirts overlap a bit at the waist, when I sit down, about half an inch of my butt crack will peek out past the top of my jeans and my shirt will ride up enough in the back to show it unless I'm wearing an oversized shirt or a hoodie (which I always do, no one ever sees anything!). My problem is that high-rise jeans are 1) unattractive and 2) kinda painful to sit in because the waist band cuts into my belly. So are there any suggestions other than just covering it up every time? Any jeans with a low high-rise or a high mid-rise?

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What's with places like Timberland and Overstock dot com selling leather jackets up to size 14 and then just stopping?  I don't get it. 

I'm searching for a leather jacket, preferably hipster or scuba style sans belt & hood.  I need it to have a zip-in lining and be able to handle very cold and very warm weather.  I want it to be plum or purple or red or crimson or cranberry or some variation.  I want it to fit my 18/20 tummy and giant baby-eating titties.

Any suggestions on reputable places? 

I also don't want to spend 230498454345.22 dollars.

I'm in the United States.
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Just discovered this place tonight!

I have tons of clothes just posted over at my sales journal. I also am taking requests, as I have lots of clothes and shoes I need to post! Tell me what you are looking for and I may have it! I am a 22/24 on top and a 28 on the bottom!

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Things sitting in my closet: Size 10 and 11 shoes, size 3x coats, size 30 jeans. Just ask and I'll take photos and price!

Check out my other items here: jhaightsales
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Fat Lingerie

Sorry to interrupt the sales posts for a bit of a brainstorm!

I'm looking for some lingerie advice for fat women, and what I can find is mostly not very helpful, just the usual "stay away from anything tight, shiny, lacy or sexy at all costs". Something I keep reading everywhere, for example, is that hipster or boy shorts are tailor-made for women with slim, waifish hips, and will make me look short and stocky. While big maxi briefs are supposed to be the ultimate lingerie item to make my legs look long, slender and my tummy flat and sexy. HUH??

Am I utterly deluding myself if I think that full-figured women look smokin hot in hipster briefs, and maxi briefs flatter no one, ever?

What's your opinion on lingerie for fat women of various shapes? Not that anyone needs to ask permission to wear whatever they feel sexy in. I'd just love to know your honest opinion on what looks flattering and what doesn't, on a fat body!